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just grab any crown off the street no we grab a clown from the Russian circus when I grew up in a Russian circus I originally was performing as an acrobat and then kind of transitioned into clowning because aerobatic is way too dangerous had way too many injuries the European Russian style of miming and clowning it's very theatrical you need to have a lot of different skills whether it's acrobatics and flexibility and juggling and balancing and mind being obviously when I first got into magic I realized that some of the most simplest magic tricks in the world like the sponge ball one gets such huge reactions to me that is what magic is about it's not necessarily something super technically so that reaction you get from people the smiles - laughs that's what it's about [Applause] [Music] [Music] I'm so sorry you know what I'm just so happy to be here wow I look good on TV you know what I wasn't always a magician it took me a while to get here you see when I grew up in the Russian circus both of my parents were famous clowns so I knew that I had really big shoes to fill yeah yeah you know they wanted me to be a juggler but I didn't have the balls so instead instead I decided to become a magician now it's not easy to be a magician there's lots of Secrets but luckily these days there's an app for that the SAP right here called Auto magic yeah there's all the magic for you there's all the instructions you get the magic in the mail so you know I'm all set to go you guys want to try one out [Applause] let's see this one it's like here master mind reader so yeah thank you for trying Otto magic you welcome the world's first artificial intelligence app for magicians intelligence it's perfect for magicians with low intelligence that's right well this trick you will need random country names in a bag got it a chalkboard and a volunteer okay well you know what there's no one better to perform magic with than alyson hannigan or stuff a little bit instructions here next ask the volunteer to randomly select a country from the bag okay that's easy you know what why don't you grab a couple grab a couple read them out to make sure that they're all different go ahead okay Canada that's where I'm from oh yeah Oh Sweden well mr. Shane did yeah okay this company is this training Shane over in there yes the Canadian spelling - okay yeah would you fold these up for me please and just throw them back in yeah so we're gonna give it a little shake okay over here go ahead reach in this time make sure you don't read it out don't let me see what it is just keep it in your mind all right you have a country yes you know what it is right yes all right so I'm gonna try to figure out what you're thinking all right now it's not easy but luckily there's these instructions here so now this is where the magic happens all right it's easy good grab the chalkboard and write down Egypt okay wait what really Egypt yes Egypt Wow that is easy right it's time to ask your volunteer to reveal the country they are thinking of okay now Alison you did not tell me what you're thinking of obviously it's just in your mind so for the first time can you please tell everybody what is the country that you thought of in your mind France I'm sorry frankly what I was thinking you know France I'm a play on phone say oui oui oui friends [Music] [Applause] here you know what the great thing about this app is that there's so many other magic tricks we can do let's see I brought all this right here some other props let's try this one here yes okay thank you for trying perfect for magicians with love flow intelligence for this trick you will need to prophesy one is a square of thin blue fabric and second yellow bandana [Music] that's right fold this in half now fold it one more time take the folded bandana and hide it in your left hand remember to keep your hand in a natural position this is called palming now that you've mastered calming open up the folded banding [Music] show the audience that it's a regular bandana by waving and up and down if an audience member doesn't believe it's a normal bandana allow him to wipe his face on it now pick up the square piece of fabric and gather the four corners together making a little makeshift bag using your free hand fold the bandana along the creases you've made earlier and drop it into the folder that makeshift bag from the outside of the makeshift bag squeeze the bandana into a small little ball what the audience didn't see is that you never put the bend down in the fabric at all you're in the kept it hidden in your left hand remember palming again remember to keep your left hand held naturally just relax and look natural and for the grand finish open the fabric and applause [Music] [Music] both your parents are clowns that's right that's so exciting yeah did you go through that phase where you're like embarrassed by them or did you just embrace it no I didn't know any different you know I grew up in a circus so that's not that is normal so what other skills did you learn in the circus skills I could walk in a tightrope I could walk on my hands I started off being a clown doing acrobatics this world had way too many injuries and realized that there's a better way to entertain people without having to break your bones do you do a backflip in every trip I actually just kind of thought of that this morning just might as well do a backflip and then when I dropped that banana I was a little bit worried about the backflip oh yeah yeah I mean we've all heard about the banana yeah that's right though that was an appeal people don't know is this actually the banana that's more slippery than the peel itself Oh fun fact all right well let's check in with our two clowns one of the things that's wonderful about sitting here and watching these acts is seeing classic bits being done so we are familiar with Tom Ogden's version of Buddy Anna vandana wonderful to bring it up to date with an app and everything was great at the top with the countries to see a clear bag for a change but I have an idea for you I think you should go back and petition the producers and say to the producers that you think that not only should we be able to explain every little thing in little bits of code words and so on but if we really know what trick is done we should be able to come up there and do it and then you just stand over to the side watch us do the France thing watch us through the banana bandana and then both watch us break our asses we tried the back flip used to go for it was such a great act battle of take their advice to make them go back look as much as I'd like to see that I don't want them injured so how kind of you but you do know that they figured out how you did the dress yes sir [Applause] including an amazing performance by Penn & Teller
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