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I'm a comedian and a magician from Columbus Ohio when I was 19 I worked at a vaudeville variety theatre as a juggler and I went tomber College have a degree in comedy writing and performance I think I'm the only one on the show that can academically prove that I'm hilarious I wanted to prepare myself as best I could for what the show is so I printed off pictures of Penn & Teller I set up cameras and I played audio from some old shows that they've done so that Penn's voice wouldn't spook me he's full of us when I first created his trick it didn't see the light of day for five years every time I do it is always I don't know this is gonna work is a huge challenge for me I have been told that this is one of the more difficult card tricks that's ever been [Applause] the comedian and well everybody I am terrified to be here this is oh man this is great everyone please join me in giving a giant round of peer pressure too alyson hannigan as she joins me in the tango great so tonight I'm gonna teach you how to steal money specifically from those two are you on board sure don't we're gonna do that by playing a little game have you ever played three-card Monte before uh no it's a brilliant game tremendous you know love it it uses two black sevens and a Red Queen the idea is that the cards go facedown then they get mixed up and then people bet money to figure out if they can see which one is the Queen actually were you following yes which one's the Queen the middle one the middle one excellent guess your natural well you were slow Thanks the trouble with this game is that I keep saying it in quotes because it's actually more of a scam or a con like an M night Shyamalan movie the magician's have studied this game for years so they understand all of the little fiddly bits that transform it from a simple game into a crime so if you wanted to use this to ripoff magicians like Penn & Teller you would play three-card Monte but you would play it with invisible cards so Alison you've got two black sevens are you okay yeah you got a Red Queen hmm you mix them up and you were never gonna learn anything if I do it all for you get in there mix up those cards okay I did the sound effect so it felt like it was real that was totes perfect Alex would like you to do now that the boys $20 they can't find the Queen hey guys I bet you 20 of his dollars that you can't find the Queen do you not have $20 it's not on me that's okay I came prepared I'll bankroll you for round one here's the deal I append until we have to make a decision in just a moment but I'd like you to do is take this bill whenever they make a decision place it wherever they say um position one two or three go ahead and take the bill okay excellent pen tell her which one's the Queen the middle one middle one all right go ahead and place it down yep nice job still the sound effects there correct well you just lost me twenty dollars everything is going according to plan right what you just did is called setting the hook ah they want a little bit of money another gonna want to win a little bit more right so for round two all we're gonna do is switch the two black 7s go ahead get in there and switch the two black sevens all right Elsa this time raised the stakes a bit let them $50 they can't find a queen guys $50 of his money that you can't find the Queen yeah go ahead yeah I'll stay course you're for round two sounds good same deal as before they have to make a decision position one two or three wherever they say please place the bill and tell me which card should be the queen well I think it's the one on the left is left my life cherish left over there yeah gotcha now a lot of people were rooting for the first one a lot of people here thought it was in the center I know some people may have thought it's not the Queen it's a black 7 fortunately for pin who placed the bet here you would have placed the bet here because that is where the Queen is and I know you would have preferred this outcome but in each life a little rain must fall good news news right now we're up thirty bucks it's crazy mad at you because you cheated oh we're gonna go for round three now we're gonna do it a little bit differently we're gonna take the third card and put it right there right when you do so you put it down very aggressively so that ends up with a bend in the corner not gonna say anything just let them see it the pros call this throne of luck you turn the other card facedown there's only twos left and I'm gonna make them for you okay [Music] very high-end sleight of hand mm-hmm we're gonna go for all the cash oh boy bet them $100 they can't find acquaintance he says he has $100 to bet you guys Queen come on I'm out he doesn't have it are you sure you don't have any of that Buffy money laying around it's okay we'll go to my stash okay 20 40 60 80 100 don't bother place in the cache on any of the cars just keep an eye on it because we might have to run well pen until were focused on the cache there Allison got in and she switched it so now the Queen is sitting right here next to my left hand stellar work Allison nice job Penn tell her last round which one's the Queen I would say the one on your right hand corner works every time gentlemen that right there is the red queen these are the two black sevenths and that's the invisible three-card Monte [Music] [Applause] people think when they meet you like what do they think you do some people think I'm a comedian and other people think I'm a magician I'm just happy when they hire me into the checks clear in your company writers comedy and magic are kind of weird though because comedy I think there's a great magician who said something about how comedy is fundamentally about telling a truth and magic is about fundamentally about telling a lie and so they don't really work well together so it's really a delicate balance to try and figure out you know how to make things funny and magical yeah well I think you've done a really good job at that thank you very much all right well let's see what Penn & Teller thought Penn & Teller you know you're really funny and it's a really different style it's a really nice different style seeing that you know taking a gambling thing the premise that just taking it to another place and I loved you uppal and the money out of your beard wicked good what's the use of having an ironic beard you can't of an ironic magic trick to go with it right the choreography is just perfect although all the moves are just clean and wonderful and timed perfectly nothing's even slightly awkward but I want to do kind of a non sequitur here you seem very healthy you're healthy guy yeah I've been to a gym once or thrice any any medical work done like I was wondering maybe dr. Leonard green give any laparoscopic surgery any of that go on laterally a lot of times we talk in code it's not often people talk back to us in code that's really great it's really great you get to get an idea of the four one one I'm running on either oh yeah yeah I'm done I've done no and you may couldn't laugh very loudly that's really all I wanted [Music]
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