Steve Harvey Confronts Man In Audience Who Is Unfaithful To His Girlfriend

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we're about to meet a couple who's dealing with the problem in their relationship that they're not quite sure can be fixed we're going to weigh in and sort it out so in the audience is Kathy and her boyfriend Jeffrey Oh Kathy welcome to the show so Kathy what's the issue Jeffrey and I have been in a committee relationship for about three years now and it was recently revealed that he had been having sex with various exes throughout our relationship he was in a previous long-term relationship with that behavior was acceptable so he brought that same behavior into our relationship and I want to know what advice can you give to Jeffrey to help him understand that when you're a committed relationship that is just unacceptable first of all I want to say thank you so much for being brave enough to come on national what is it that you can't be faithful to this one beautiful woman next to you why not I don't have a real answer for that Jeffrey do you want to be in a relationship would you like to have an open relationship is this just a matter that you guys didn't have a conversation we didn't have a conversation about it early on it was soon been that she was also in an open relationship that she was having sex with other men no so if she had would that have been something that bothered you yes [Applause] what what is it you expect from her from this point forward do you expect her to accept this is this I can't I'm not doing that anymore that's new I don't want to do that you've cut it all off you stopped the interactions and engaged well no well I still have there's still friends of mine but I explained to me how these friendships will work there's no there's no difference from a friend of a buddy of mine I mean that's what they become friends yes Greg Calhoun Manny L Lord John I've never slept with in here so Jeff let me ask you something knowing that that bothers her right why would you not just cut it all off just help right there honoring give me that Jeff knowing that Baldassare why would you not cut it off I can do that but one of the relationships well no no one of the relationships there's a lot more complicated than that the relationship that I was in there with before her was 15 years long and they know my kids they have a relationship with my kids separate from me I can't tell my kids you can't see her no more you know a schedule that you can work out with your fiance so that she's comfortable when that happens I could let her know what when it's going on I don't have to be there though he's got her mother no Cathy receivership with her mother her mother comes as well but Cathy I also feel like you have to love yourself no more than you love him yeah even happening at your 8 you are getting you've got a chin full of great beat too old for this listen to me listen to me listen to me if you over 45 years old you ask me to be heading into the barn because really you don't even look the same out in the field no stomach is on the ground yo your back got a dip in it once you close to be in the bar and let me tell you something it's real nice in the barn - its warming they bringing hay in now somebody wash you off y'all ass and definitely here's a deal you have three doors this example that you're showing built it is it gonna be okay when Lord Jeffries come along from somewhere and do your daughter's the way you doing huh what you should take out of just being here is you have two roads to travel on you're either gonna embrace the barn or you stay out in the field either way you gotta let Cathy know yeah [Applause] 59 yeah see I'm 61 why y'all shot I just told y'all his ass should have been in the bar look like what do I look like in the field I'm 61 years old I have children I have daughters who I've walked down the aisle I don't know if you thought about this but you have lived longer probably than you have left I think at this point of our life is very important how we leave this world I don't want to have to get up to the gate and explain all the women over here that's Mack they got their hands on their hips at the gate Jesus [Applause] I don't need the side of the gate argan with Jesus show-entry I don't need that I need that gate table man hey coach Steve you gotta set a bad example for your daughter and above all else you got to do it better for her we'll be right back thank you captain if you like that video there's more where that came from don't forget to subscribe and scroll down and hit that little bail while you're added to to get notified every new video
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