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hi Steve thought so last weekend me my girlfriends who went out downtown and we had a crazy wild night so I ended up sleeping over so the next morning when I went to go get my car it wasn't there it got towed so my mom knows that I was studying all weekend but I was really out partying my friends so I'm a broke college student I can't afford all those crazy fees so your mother thought you were studying yes but you were at a party correct and now the car is at the impound and it's still there is so cracking up them fees it's over a few hundred dollars it's over what a few hundred dollars how long has it been down it's probably close to a week now exactly so how do I tell my mom cuz like I can't tell her the truth but she kind of needs to know kinda whose car is it my it see my parents name so that they have to get it God dog this see this this one I don't like my kids right this this one I I can't stand my kids this not you lady I'm just this is what I can't stand my damn kids if you just told her when it happened we probably be at a hundred bucks here at 300 bucks and it's still there mm-hmm you don't want to tell her the truth oh I guess I should I feel like that's a good idea tada can you call my mom for me can I call your mom please let me show you how this would go come and give me a phone yo let me go let me go hello what's your mom name Anna Anna what's happening 80 Steve Steve Harvey I ain't talking to I'm just showing you how this ago that's what this this probably why you don't need me to call ya Steve Steve Harvey yes that's me yeah yeah that is my voice yeah what's your name girl Lily hey you baby down here Oh Lily Lily down here uh-huh she had to steal your RV show yeah she's dressed really nice yes ma'am yes she's by self yes ma'am well she's with another lady too then lady next to her she the other lady had to bring her down here cause she had a ride no no no no she don't have a car you gave her no more it got impounded you me remember with last two weeks ago is two weeks ago last week she was studying up all night when she wasn't steady she went to party want a girl for you oh they were drinking they got high high as hell ain't lying to you I'm smash to why she couldn't drive as she spent the night so then she woke up in a stranger's house and would like to get the car and the whole damn car was going we found your cars down at the light yeah they impounded it they had been down there bout a week now about 350 yes ma'am okay hold on she says she go you got to tell your mom today you got to call her right away and tell her I'll take your advice thank you baby thank you [Music] you
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