Ask Steve: Your Boy is Going to Run Away!

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hi Steve okay here's my issue I am completely terrified of dogs and I have my husband here he loves dogs he believes every household should have a dog and my three-year-old son is feeling the same way well I cannot deal with the dog at all because that's not me and I thought of a way to handle this would be to get a fake dog a toy dog and then that way I can satisfy their craving for a dog and keep my sanity in my household okay so Steve I have three dogs that I want you to take a look at and let me know which dog should be best for my three-year-old son and inevitably for my husband as well since he'll be there can I show you those dogs do a real dog cuz I'm nervous I'm afraid okay so this dog here come on Steve this is something wrong with your little boy no no he's perfectly fine he's asking for a dog you'll know boy want a real dog my son wants a real dog then you're gonna give him this dog yeah one of these three so you help me up now okay like this one here a little cute dog right there you know he can walk down the street look at that Pam look at him checking his little town Steve - damn dog boy [Applause] well get your little feet see he's all beat in he doesn't use the potty in the house you know he's doing it okay see well okay well that one might not be the one but this one right here is like 2015 dog you know look at his eyes they light up he makes noises you listen to him he's oh look at that and so him I my son can take him to the daycare he can take him to the park in my car I wouldn't even mind yellowboy gonna run away that's your husband he want a real dog he wasn't they both already got split Steve like this one right here is bothering me really bad I can't be really close to it too much and he breathes in all that but I would be willing to have that one laying in the house other that's all they do that's all it does you just sleep it sleeps so Steve which one should I get my son I'm not gonna be a part of this I'm not gonna deny a little boy a life of growing up with the dog no no I think you should get your little boy a dog and your husband you want a dog too sir yes Steve I do yes but you got to keep the wife happy so I think your only chance is the little boy the little boy has to want it so bad you know every time you see it on TV mommy mommy that's what I want you know she going to board we'll have to worry Adele just teach him to pressure moved a little kid he got a chance [Applause]
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Published: Fri Mar 06 2015
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