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Sara's having trouble keeping her mom happy where is that hi Steve hi I'm in law school and I just moved back with my parents to save some money during the week I like to study and go to work and go to school on the weekends is when I like to have some free time but my mom she gets a little bit mad because she's saying I'm not spending enough time with her I'm just looking at the face - your mom right there yeah it is and she's saying that I only use her house as the hotel so I would like to make some type of compromise so that she won't feel left out but I can still hang out with my friends ma'am you let your daughter move in to save money well she's a wonderful wonderful wonderful daughter but she's like a ghost I mean I'll see a shadow sweep in from the geology school she goes to school and then she goes to school she's in law school she works a job on the weekend she gets a little free time she's young yes she wants to hang out with her friends you want her to spend time with you well [Applause] [Applause] boring boring [Applause] [Music] thank you thank you listen to me one night she's working she's in school listen to me how old is your daughter how old is your daughter 23 come on now you had you had 18 years of do all this what I'm doing did you she's gonna go let her live her man you Taleggio life what you having dinner to my my house when you were 23 no no you were not no you were not okay here's a solution be quiet lady [Applause] where is yo man he's so glad you after shell looking at the wall hey Frank what's going on shut up his quiet okay here's a solution you can't have a night at dinner she works and she goes to law school here's a solution once a week I hop that's it a little breakfast early in the morning hour and a half max but but listen to me if she ain't had sleep all week a girl's got to get their beauty rest and have you ever thought mama you are you boring she's not boring I just don't have time you don't have time for your exciting moment we can do we can take that I have suggestion but you know I'll agree to that what do you want to do mom [Applause] whatever I didn't come down here - should not know I don't really believe in a stay using myself she's still standing over there he laughs [Applause]
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