5 SHOCKING ANSWERS ON Family Feud USA! Bonus Round

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Kevin Steve tell me last thing you stuck your friends in here my wife Steve it's up there sleep I've had a lot of good answers my favorite ants of all time don't do that no if you were fixing a girl up on a blind date with Dracula name something positive you might say about him Cindy he loves women he loves women that's true he loves women good sucker he's a good sucker Cindy you're a passenger y'all go play okay we're trying to keep my job out all in front of her kids name something a man might have in his pants when he's going on a hot date condom condom this okay it's a hot date condom they don't Ramsey tell me something a man might have in his pants when he's going on a hot date it's gotta have money gotta have water I'm not walking so we better have some keys Heidi only one strike darling tell me something a man might have in his pants oh he's going on the hot breath mints but kids he darling um this may be inappropriate but it may be he's excited to go on his date I have to be more specific don't I yeah cuz last ain't no put no excitement in my pants go ahead McKenzie boner you can say that say that you said it and then you said you have to make you say it again I didn't make you sad in the first place let's get this clear let's get this clear this was Little Miss fast these answers are too showy gonna make it for you I'll be out there when richard dawson did this show I never heard stuff like that any of this now 2011-2012 y'all just say what you wanna say now I got a turnaround I've got to find a Christian wing to say what you just let's just say someone is saluting the truth let me tell y'all something look at the last when they just went off a pitch tent don't say that when you come out ready break all right Kathy Wow maybe something a man might have in his pants when he's going on a hot date I'm gonna say some Cologne Ramsey you got to be careful darling you got two strikes walkers have a chance to steal chapstick locus you don't have to come up with it here's your chance name something a man might have in his pants when he's going on a hot date we're gonna go with the hotel room key this poor guy it's a long walk yeah it is Oh Oh God look who I'm talking to oh this ought to be good right here name something people hope the houseguest doesn't do in bed edge Steve I had to quit inviting people to my house because they wouldn't stop masturbating I tried I told you at the beginning of the show that it was just of my opinion that your son was involved in drugs well we had a form of it is just this yeah you're alone I know Andrew just shut up okay we go we've got the top 7 answers on the board name something you put in your mouth but don't swallow man Megan tell me something you put in your mouth but you don't swallow walk up to somebody and solve the look on their face and you just know I walked up to her and I went whoa man you talk about the cat that ate the canary oh thank you I want you to think about the show and all the users and how many families have enjoyed this wonderful form of Christian entertainment so find a way to give me your answer and keep it where we can all be working you're done well I'm a pastor's wife but I will say this out loud their sperm you know what's up there Steve no I don't know a damn thing what you ain't gonna do is drag me into yoga last the world I don't know nothing is up there Oh Steve you know what's up there oh yeah I know what's up there I have kids yes yes we can all still probably go to heaven know what you get for sanding and a few 2000 years richard Dawson we love you mate you
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