Hey Steve: My Boyfriend And I Live In An Apartment Complex With All Elderly People

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alright where's Mariah hi Steve okay so I just have a question for you okay so my husband and I are the youngest people living in our comp artment complex while the others are elderly and I feel like I'm living in a retirement community they always complain about these random things the littlest complaints just cause so much drama you even have this little woman in the in the neighborhood and she basically complains about where our dog uses a restroom like she monitors where he does his business so and I personally don't think that we're disruptive people were just two of us in the apartment with our dog so I guess my question is how do we get these people our elderly neighbors off of our backs and to keep their complaints through themselves no that's not you can forget that listen to me old people got time old people at the house yeah looking out the window yeah so she just gonna walk her damn dog over there they watch it old people have time they're home they're retired they got nothing to do you it you just gave them something to do you and your husband young y'all active you're going in and out you got friends coming over yeah yeah y'all get y'all get y'all on this show why did you move into the retirement home at that time we just needed a place to stay and it was perfect to fit within our budget and free [Applause] nobody your age wanna stay down you right you're walking to build and see all them old people you already know you can't make no noise they go to bed at 7:30 y'all gonna have to move I know yeah y'all has saved some money but now you ain't got no quality life you got to do everything quiet yeah do they have like a like a you know how apartments have like a utility room well we don't have a utility room but there is this table that they decided to put it right in front of our door so every Friday like five of them come together and have their little Friday night engagement and you know it's like you guys are talking about me being loud I mean what about you guys so I don't know we have that little area oh Friday night when they get together yeah right in front of your dough it's like bingo night yeah yeah yeah what time is it over Oh honestly it's over until they all decide to get up and leave so about what time is that maybe like yeah maybe like eight nine thirty you like that video there's more where that came from don't forget to subscribe and scroll down and hit that little bail while you're added to to get notified every new video
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Published: Thu Mar 01 2018
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