Ask Steve - You Saw That I'm With A Negro

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for him hi Carmy Steve um so my boyfriend and I are getting pretty serious we've been planning a trip to Venezuela to visit my family and I told him he has to learn Spanish because none of my family speaks English um he's not taking it very seriously so how do I convince him to actually do it I mean when it when are you all going to Venice for September so he has some time he got to learn Spanish by September right that's right is that you yes yes oh man all night I'm 27 oh yeah you're gonna make it is what you do man Bob learn yourself just some phrases right right that you go need okay here first-rate okay I love your daughter I'm want item a to know via say I'm all right II know via did you just say did you just say to more I get to know you yes how do you say how do you say I'm very rich sorry we're Rico say yeah soy muy Rico what soy muy Rico Rico is rich what I thought you said oh yeah so I guess you saw him with a negro I find that what you said y'all have a nice time when I was pretty good right there lucky I'll tighten up on that racial humor I don't really give a damn no I really go you know it's just funny that's all it is it ain't no big deal I said it I'm one of them I can say it
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Published: Tue Feb 12 2013
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