Hey Steve: What Do Men Mean When They Say "It's Complicated"?

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[Applause] Autobody where's our Rachel where's Rachel hey Steve so I have this guy Fran I've been friends with for quite some time now so we're at the bar and he asks is well I asked him I'm like so well no first he asks me what's not relationship status I'm like I'm single so then I asked him the same question he says it's complicated so after that I'm like okay we're just gonna be friends but after that he starts hitting me up oh so you're hanging out with this guy Oh what's she doing at this guy's house why does it matter to you aren't you in a relationship so what I'm trying to figure out is what do you guys mean when they say it's complicated ladies if a man tells you he's in a relationship that's complicated that means he's involved with someone and getting out of this relationship could be problems Wow and this probably is probably all the way being over between them but he ain't quite figured out how to get out clean Wow and with her it may not be a clean now every woman is not a clean out every guy is not a clean out there are some guys ladies that you really had a tough time breaking up with you ever all of you he just stayed won't let go okay he could not stand to see you with somebody else he goes by my grandmother's famous words the finest woman in the world to you is your ex on the arms of another man so young lady it's worth hanging out just to see but if I were you just the way I'd play keep him out of distance let him see what he could get but force him to imagine what he can have how ain't is good dude you just feel what I see hey listen it's your man Steve Harvey you know we could go on like this forever I mean literally just press that subscribe button or click on this list and keep on watching man it's me come on Johnny right now do it Qi wait now
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Published: Thu Jun 07 2018
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