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I've been in a relationship for about a year now but it seems like lately me and my boyfriend we have been arguing like a lot lately like maybe two or three times of day but a day like a day like two three times a day I mean it's mostly over petty arguments and everything but there's like for example there was a situation where like I was on his snapchat and I seen a girl messaged him and it was like like one of those filters with like the heart eyes and the kissy faces in everything so my question is like do you think like it's worth it to stay I mean I'm only 19 but it's like I mean y'all are good three times a day and you're 19 you don't even have nothing to argue about you you ain't got no kids y'all ain't trying to keep these discredits go up y'all they trying to make this house payment together you 19 he he's really not that good a guy just ask him okay let me ask you this if if a guy is sending me kissy faces and hearts would you be okay with that no and I did I flipped this situation on him and he said like he wouldn't be fine with it but it just seems like whenever like I don't know if it's just a guy thing but it's like every time I bring up a situation it gets flipped in the head yeah that's a guy thing it's a god thing that 19 you don't know that yet so you reacting to it see these grown-ass women will be in here soon as he flip it don't try to flip this now you're not fitting to do that but listen to me darling you're 19 years old why don't you just go enjoy your life yeah well I'm in school to become a PA physician's assistant yes the only thing like I'm like asking like why should I stay and stuff like or if it's worth it cuz like he's talking about like moving in two with each other hey hey hey hey listen to me the name of this segment is hasty their father knew y'all was coming out to change the name of it to Haiti audience so I believe you live young lady it's slow down just a little bit now I'm gonna talk to you like you're my daughter now listen to me I'm gonna talk to you like you're my daughter slow down you got to find out what these boys are made out of and you ain't gonna find it out at 19 because he's clueless as to who he is or what he gonna do but so I what I want you to do at 19 it's just focus on yourself just go be the best you you can be he is of non benefit to you right now he's not doing you no good now I want you to cry I want you I want you to listen to me now because I got four daughters I'm not letting my daughter move out my house I'm not crying cuz I'm sorry I'm just trying I don't have nobody to tell me anything like that like that well see that's wrong to steal this why uncle Steve is here because he listened to me I tell women the truth about us now now now we great people men are great people you can have a great guy he just might not be a great guy for you Hey so if I were you I would take this time to just do me you're beautiful girl going to work on your career get your life together tell him to quit calling you see being by yourself is the perfect time to get yourself together it's not a negative to be alone when I was homeless and lived in a car and I drove around this country for three years touring it was the best period of my life cuz I learned me it taught me a whole lot about myself now I'm here see back then you didn't want me now I'm hot they all loaded you gonna be alright alright now you got me we'll be right back hey you made it to the end of this video I got a lot more that you're going to enjoy so just click to watch the next one and make sure you subscribe to always know what's happening
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Published: Sat Dec 15 2018
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