Finding Out If They’re More Than Friends

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- I'm gonna ask a series of questions, about being in a relationship, and if your answer to the question is yes, you move one step forward, out of the friend zone, and one step closer to being in the couple zone. So let's get started. I'm gonna give you this blindfold. Put the blindfolds on. Okay, so listen, I want you to step, step up, just a little bit. If your answer is yes, take one full step forward. If your answer's no, stay still. Okay, here's the first question. Do you think about the other person more than five hours a day? Are you a fan of PDA, public displays of affection? - I know he's not. - Okay, would you lie to protect the other from being hurt? - Uh, lying is not good. - Yeah, you ain't gonna have no man. (laughs) (applause) If you had the choice to choose between Coachella or church, would you choose Coachella? - I know he would. (audience laughs) - God is with me always. - Yeah. - Uh huh. - I ain't gonna lie to you though, I'm going to Coachella. (laughs) Church every Sunday, Coachella once a year. - Once a year. (laughs) - You get one chance, one. (laughs) (applause) - Ah, listen to this. Do you try to find ways to physically touch the other? - He sure as hell does. - Uh oh, this is all I need to know right here. When you're out with other people, do you wish the other person was there? - Oh, do I take another step? (laughs) (applause) - Take your blindfolds off. - Hey. (laughs) Now you all said, that you thought, that if you got into this relationship, it would ruin your friendship. - Yeah. - Yes, sir. But haven't you always heard, that if you could marry your best friend, that that is the best marriage you could possibly be in? (audience applauds) - Yeah. - That's true, that's true. (applause) - I think that you all should give it a shot, with the stipulation that, hey look, if we don't work out as a couple, let's make sure that we always remain friends. - That's right. - Alright. (applause) - Let me ask you this other question. In five years, do you see yourself married with kids? - Maybe one kid. - Yes, I do, three kids. - Three kids? (laughs) (applause) - Yeah, three kids. - In five years? - I just asked a question. He just said he want three kids. - In five years? - You don't have to-- See, right here, y'all talkin' like a couple already. (laughs) Yeah, y'all might as well go on and do it. I say, give it a shot. Let us keep up with you, see how's it workin', come back on the show and let's talk about it. - Okay. (laughs) - Hey, folks, best of luck to both of ya. - When we come back...
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