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Elaine dates guys who disappear hi Lane hi Steve so I meet a guy and the same thing always happens we go on a date we have a great time they asked me out for a second date and then nothing no text no call they just disappeared and then they reappear like weeks or even months later acting like nothing had ever happened what should I say to them when they magically pop back into my life what this is happening all the time what okay to find all the time do you be like every man every no I mean but this happens a lot you don't go on ask this question national TV yes absolutely yes sorry my question has to be what's being said on this first date that is causing so many guys who you're an attractive girl they want to go out with you guys go out with you but they don't want to show up for the second date what's being seen on the first or done on the first no I read but I read the books I read your books I wasn't I wasn't no no I wasn't accusing you were sleeping with the guys something is happening on this first date okay anything to God it's the line of questioning it has to be what we're saying on this date okay I love you you love me no not that I'm very I'm a very driven woman so like I when I want something I go for it whether it means grad school my future so I don't I don't like we see issue yes because I wasted four years of my life in a relationship there we go and did what they wanted me to so now you get into what you want to do right off the dribble and if you don't like it won't exactly yes walking yes [Applause] but those same guys that walk like for the second date they show back up yeah because hey guess what what they're trying to see how have you come around yet see which we still like you we still like what we saw we still like going out with you but we just circle back around to see maybe you can say you're the same say what you said before and then go away again I've got to listen to me about my dating life okay like that faces their life I'm gonna have you back on the show I'm gonna have you all the show okay I'm gonna put you on a date and follow you on a date I'm gonna give you a guy period boy boy seriously your momma tries to get me a man everyone's like oh my cousin my son like for real you're gonna get me a man [Applause] so listen can you tell how nerve how like this is just it's been rough man it's in anywhere in the date do you stop talking No watch so I could get wordy mostly thank you so much darling please
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Published: Tue Oct 21 2014
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