Mathieu Bich Fooled Penn Teller

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bitch my name is matcha bitch I'm from Paris France 18 years ago I found a book that was explaining a few card tricks and I fall in love with that art I think magic also day all the night and I never stop my tricks are used by magicians all over the world my creativity processes over at night because around me everybody is sleeping I'm alone with all the ID and it's much much easier for me to regen and crap one tonight I'm going to perform a trick I created in 2000 it's going to be a real puzzle for Penn enter this is trying to be great I know his guru weddy because he's managed to make Penn's head disappear from your head and appear on the top of his knee please welcome Matt Chia bish now as far as well I would like to use that all of you you pick a card we want a random card so to get random God we're going to use this balloon straight in the audience to select people okay please pen you can grab the balloon up and throw it in the audience any way you want yeah first want to check it out yeah you're right yes you can stand up please stand up in a deck of cards I am red card and black card which one you want right red card okay can you throw the balloon somewhere else so in the red card I we have art and diamonds which one do you want diamonds diamonds okay so the ball entertainment we have a card and local which one do you want hi hi car threw the ball away okay and last one stand up please so between xikar let's say seven eight nine ten Jack Queen King which one you want Lloyd nine good if I remember everything that is a diamond red and it's a nine of diamond on the table I have a box and in this box I have a very special deck of card it's special because and I am only three printed cards in that deck and I hope they will be linked they will match with the nine of diamonds music please Shinx I got goosebumps at the end there did you get that feeling that was just about I think one of the most spectacular illusions I've ever seen thank you um do you think you will afford them with I'm not under it the Sun sure so are really tough guys yeah they are the top in the profession as always Penny's doing most of the talking tell us do most of the listening is this something you made or yeah so this is a yeah an illusion of our location yeah it's pretty original yeah yeah pretty original could you create the trick for me so I can come on here perhaps wearing a sombrero and a beard and a punch-up and fool them you need to I'm not gonna go that far more that desperate well that it's coming okay oh boy that's a good trick that's an astonishing trick and first thing we're going to look at is if there was any sort of force of the card once there's a force of the card that trick becomes trivial the most important part of this trick is for you to convince the audience that that was a free choice of the card the throwing the ball around absolutely did that you did not know what carb is going to be picked when this trick started yeah okay usually magicians even things they don't care about they actually do care about you didn't care at all that your cards were in that box to start that was just nice that was just fancy that was just beautiful the Box doesn't matter well we think the box does matter and we think the box has more than one decadent let's put it that way and we also think that one of the big secrets is how good you are at sleight of hand I'm going to ask you this question because if I'm honest to credit you're saying that he's using more than one Decker he's there's there's other stuff in the box besides the one that I can tell you can I show other possibility we have one of the possibilities on the boat why don't you call one more possibility okay you fool you know you won't even close you go to Vegas let your bitch
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Published: Sat Sep 24 2011
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