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mr. John Raksha Oh see you on it's gonna be here my name is Lee as you know it's John Archer I'm a comedy magician I tell you that all nice and early cuz you are looking at the moment thinking he looks more like a builder listen I am Lynn a few bricks at the moment we can magicians use their skills to their own advantage of course the answer is yes I'm gonna try and demonstrate that with a simple little trick it's simple little trick ladies gentlemen using five envelopes I'm gonna tell you a little bit about the envelopes before we start four of the envelopes are worthless they contain nothing apart from a John Archer commemorative zero dollar bill bring it on my own computer when it was learning that they are not very nice however one of the envelopes contains 100 pounds now a lot of people are doing more impressive tricks and this is a one in five people are doing amazing tricks here tonight this is just a one in five but they're having the only act who is wagering he's life savings we're gonna start with this gentleman I'm gonna tell you a little bit about the envelope sir what's your name sir Tarek wonderful Terry I'm gonna tell you about the envolves now they've all got something written on them that helps me play the little game it's what helps me mess with your head you see the first envelope has got something written on it now this is the only envelope that's got something written on it even though all of the other M logs do have something written on them but it's not something it's something else even though it's not something else okay don't try and work it out the question you gotta ask yourself Tarek is what I put the money in the envelope that says it's got something in it when we know for a fact that all envelopes have something in them even the ones that don't have there's something you want you think you too much if you don't go for envelope number one Tarek you might go for envelope number two ever look number two says nothing even though it says something but as I promise it's not something else the question you ask yourself is will nine put the money in the envelope that says he's got nothing in it that seems a little bit too obvious but maybe it's a double double bluff these aren't really questions I'm looking for answers for but thanks when I read the script I can't remember seeing your name so often limit to which has nothing on it you might go for envelope number three which says yours now everybody likes what is rightfully theirs but this isn't theirs it's yours the question is what I put the money in the envelope that says it's yours but of course you really you think it's mine but it's not mine it's yours says on the front now if you don't go for em block number three that says yours you might go for envelope number four which says man and you will notice the man is much bigger than yours edge genetics the question is that says it's mine when obviously that would be the obvious place to put it because you might read it and think it's yours but it's not yours cuz the other one was your so this must be mine maybe that's where the money is Tarek if you don't go for envelope number four you might go for the last envelope envelope number five envelope number five says sex the question is what I put the money in their blood that says sex who knows maybe I'm gambling that you're not the type of man who would ask for sex in an open public forum can't do me there to stand up wonderful Tarek here's what's gonna happen I'm gonna count to three I'm gonna ask you just to name one of the envelopes whichever and log you name that is the envelope you get one two three you want sex such a shame so many girls yet to choose a number tenet XX turn it on on the envelope inside you will find it John Archer commemorative zero dollar bill is that correct Paul do let me have a look give me a big round of applause cannae honey wonderful honey you're the same thing for you I don't have to explain the envelopes we've got we got something we've got nothing we've got yours and mine I'll count to three you choose one of the envelopes one two three I think you're nothing you sure sure in which case you will get nothing check nothing thank you open it up honey inside you will find the John Arch commemorative zero dollar bill is that correct yeah hold it let me have a look sorrel Zara wonderful Zara unfortunately sex is gone not necessary for you but for me but there are three three Lots left we've got that we've got something yours or mine I'll count to three you're too keen shame sex has gone one two three you want yours I can take yours wonderful open it up have a look inside inside you will find a John Arch commemorative zero dollar bill is that correct there it is give her a big round of applause leaves me with two envelopes mmm let me see this gentleman here you look keen stand up sir you've got a choice now between something and mine again I'm going to count with younger actually anymore but would you be surprised if I already knew the choice you were going to make have you made your mind up yes will not be correctly said that you are gonna choose something yes you see how easy this is give me the choice I can still tell you which one you're gonna choose but I'm gonna give you the chance to do something that nobody else could do and give me the chance if you wanted to change your mind you want to do that No you don't it's a shame it would have helped tell the other one'll inside you'll find at John Arch commemorative zero dollar bill is that correct nothing else in the envelope which leaves me LEDs gentleman with mine you see you could all have had what's mine but I know you wanted something of sex you just winged brave enough to ask for what was mine you would have got it later jammer the one envelope containing 100 pounds thank you very much Blaine you inside the envelope Linderman there is indeed 20 40 60 80 100 pounds I probably died there hello look genuinely mystified is this an illusion they might be well or is it a totally new thing but actually a new thing and I came up with it so whether they've seen somebody else to do my trick on my method um it's possible but um I whether have worked it out because you know the clever men have you ever performed in Vegas ah no I've got a good feeling about this alright cuz I love talking to the envelopes oh my word yes well I tell you but I can look at your lips come there you're not worried about that no I'm not sure yeah yeah they can do what the heck to like um let me just starts going live another have you ever pulled that way the whole sex line do you look at me look at me I've never pulled any one you see but this is a good sign this is a good sign because they're still talking about it and they're still looking at the envelope we should have a clock we should have a little thought we should time them out okay guys I'm gonna cut this show because I think we've given them long enough don't you miss the pain mr. teller have you got it you look a little bit confounded oh it's a funny routine it's just silly it's not really supposed to fool us give the envelopes into something else we go we will not go down without a fight that he must have been holding the hundreds of pounds you call it here yeah time among the envelope there was a little bit fishy the way he held the envelope but not much really not fishy to fully provide our nevermind don't give it to each other because I'm not gonna let you get away we're just saying we really I want the specifically used to say the method allow you I'll tell you that um we think you had a matching orange envelope that could fit in here that had the hundred pounds in it that you were manipulating the whole time and was there all the time whether they they were all done and then did to slide him like this and open it up and pulled it back out that's all we've got to shoot if get I can't call this this all works on the jelly suppose I don't slide anything inside to any of the envelope the most important thing about this is we are supposed to feel amazed and we're supposed to feel like we didn't know how it was done and the truth of the matter is we feel amazed and we really do not know how it's done I think in my heart foolish congratulation John Stockton ladies
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