This act had my heart going ! Penn and Teller Fool Us Will Bradshaw [S05E09]

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] Theatre for Rio Hotel in Las Vegas here's our host [Applause] [Music] teller foolís from the silly to the astounding we find magicians of all kinds from all over the world and give them one challenge fool our Las Vegas legends you know who I'm talking about there - and only [Applause] [Music] [Applause] anyone who battles our bois gets a trip to Vegas to perform in Penn & Teller's magic show and a nice shiny foolís trophy let's meet our first potential fool er my father was a magician he started out performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival the same place where Penn & Teller got their start thanks to Harry Potter magic was a craze when I was growing up and people were really hungry for that I know teach at Jeff McBride's magic and mystery school which is like the real-life Hogwarts teaching magic one-on-one is what makes good magicians you get way deeper into the mysteries I think magic is a tradition and it needs to be preserved and passed on and undead ik ate it to being a part of it [Music] Bradshaw our lives are made up of a series of choices what to wear where to eat who to date sometimes we make the right choice and other times not so much I made the choice to come here tonight to try and fool two of the greatest magicians of all time hopefully that's not a decision I'm going to regret one of the most fascinating aspects of decision-making is the theory that as the stakes of a choice increase our senses become more acute I mean we've all heard stories of people in life-threatening situations perhaps to get into a car accident when all of a sudden everything slows down and they're able to navigate the situation safely well I would like to test that theory pen I need someone with great instincts and nerves of steel to help me and who better than Alison [Applause] now Allison you are about to be making some decisions but as I said we need the stakes of these decisions to be high so we're going to increase the stakes of the decisions you are about to make we are going to increase them dramatic [Music] these are animal traps Oh God they are stealing no no requiring less than a pound of pressure to set off and are strong enough now you are going to be making some decisions but we didn't want anything to be too terrifying for you so only one of it well only one of the remaining traps is actually set and will go off that something is put inside the other five are perfectly harmless that's still a one in six chance of being hanged all that I want you to do is imagine that these are your hands in danger now you can say stop whatever you want [Music] stop these two right here yeah both my hands are in danger Oh or perhaps neither of them are okay but if you could choose one hand to be safe which hand would you like to be safe the left or the right hand I want the right hand to be safe you want the right hand to be safe on the count of three we test the right hand oh gosh one okay two three Alison yeah you have incredible instincts because the left-handed trap was actually set but your instincts are better than you possibly could have imagined because at the beginning you thought only one of the traps were sets but if you had said stop a second earlier when my hands were both over these traps well that would have been and this one over here would have lied as well in fact every other trap saw would have ended in disaster [Applause] good bet it's still there I know that was nerve-racking and I'm sorry that I put you few yeah thank you thank you so it really does seem very dangerous and I mean you still have all your digits so I'm guessing it's never gone wrong it has not gone wrong as of yet but with routines like this it's not a question if it goes wrong it's more of a question of when it goes wrong you also do Street magic I do I originally got started actually as a street performer in New York City what happened was I was down in Soho and I had my pocket picked and I was about 80 blocks away from my house and so I was walking on the way back home and all that I haven't had on me was a little bit of magic and I went up to a family performed a little bit of magic for them when I was still about 60 blocks away and they gave me enough money for bus fare the way home and that was my first real performance on my own your first paid gig my first date so it's kind of awesome that you got robbed yeah in a good way I'm thankful that that person robbed me that day well it's time to go to Penn & Teller and see if you fooled them well will we may have been more upset by this by this act than even even Alison because we have worked with animal traps a lot and we used to tour with animal traps and have to keep people we have people backstage around there all the time it clamps on them holding them in place and we believe that you had a live trap up there we believe that that's completely true so we were very very nervous as you did that he's a wonderful performance was he very happy and we don't want to equivocate in any way we just want to say outright it was a great act and we loved it and we think we have a pretty good idea how you did it Penn teller you guys have great instincts does that mean you didn't fool them I did not fool that will you entertain this and scared me so well [Applause] strannix they're also near to do tricks you'll see them perform some magic of their own later in the show stay close [Applause]
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