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hi I'm Richard Bella's I've been doing magic for 22 years at Suffolk magic I perform is a mixture of even close up sleight of hand or mind control if you can imagine you off with Dodger learn how to do magic that's pretty much my style I lost was in the show I got royally busted mainly because I used an off-the-shelf trick I was cheeky a bit of fun first of all the whole study of psychology and implanting thoughts and people's heads is bought and this time it were different when it brings the best I've gone see the table I came up with the idea for this routine in a tree motherhood and this time a world for penance ever played to come back and try and do it again is verging on insanity so please welcome the very nearly mad Richard bellows it was quite clear last time we met you've burnt me pretty bad and I deserved it I didn't try hard enough and it haunted me for a while until I had a dream of a routine that I could do to you guys she would meet again and so clear was a dream I went out and placed a bet on the outcome and that's what his case comes in teller would you mind looking after this for me place it on your chair and could you both join me up on stage and be great give me a hand guys and also our new Jonathan as our referee the dream basically raised one question which was who would win in the challenge between Penn & Teller we know you work Beaufort is a team I want to know who's the actual talent so I devised a couple of challenges hoping one of them is Wesley I can change it so the first challenge is darts have you played before come on if you stand here couple of guys what we have circular board 62 different sections of scoring up our rings double in the Rings treble the bull's-eyes work 50 and so on are you gonna get three darts each mm-hm higher score wins gonna go first okay so there's your ducks okay as we say in darts it's game on Jonathan will keep score good luck one for the high score yeah absolutely actually tell you after what I'm going for one good one for one so you got fifty fifteen Oh in the is that what is that 19 yes so that's 34 thank you it buddy you still look good okay ah 30 point of beat you can do it $1 good enough no pressure okay that's that's on the board you're paying American walls yes so just outside the triple 13 it's gotta get double or treble horrible another 13 26 26 the second aim is about using your mind so witty should be more your street no offense this is like a really weird edition of the generation guy okay so we come over to challenge to you guys which is over here I don't respond you stand I think you stand on particular size but penalties on this side what you have you're gonna think you got 20 seconds to think of a six letter word then take the letters and pop it up on there switch slower word six letter word take your time but the audience are gonna decide whose is best by cheering the loudest okay so what are you second sweetie seconds starting from now go and I've no idea where they go for and you're gonna be the judge so I decide she is yes so which word you think I see anything's pointed who's the better word there's a lot of love for toilet in the world see who likes Hasselbeck climb it all the way little guys I'll tell if you drop me here paedon if you could stand here for me there was a winner in my dream so we've got to decide this who's gonna be our our champions we'll do it how great men should rock-paper-scissors okay okay okay you're gonna put your hand on your back and you can even do scissors rock paper scissors Audrina after sweet okay one two three one two three we did this to have a prediction which you couldn't see the whole way through but you guys watching that one went over there and so on okay would you mind bringing that prediction up there tape around one more time guys can you give it up put set up could you please click those open for me oh they're gonna touch the locks inside here is something you'll need in just a second army think that for me I don't like where this is heading well if he's managed to get out there we use the magician no I think keep in a very safe place so I'll just good you would you'll have to put on the German accent a little bit I kept it in my shoe and I was a bit nervous I was a bit sweaty I want you to go in after it okay okay so let everyone see I'm going to take this off fairly good there speak that for shut-ins the laces and they can see inside tip it out the other one man inside there is a piece of paper there it and I want it to be very fair when you open that I have in my hands a funny biz okay I kind of predicted what would happen right if you guys play darts if you guys did some words the dart score what do we get okay I'm gonna fold it over from allocated Charlotte if you can see that laces darts pain scores 34 tell us was 26 little girl our home but move down its it says words pens word how see how see tellers word thank you you won the typewriters at the bottom tell our wings I guess to who come true I'll collect my winnings thank you very much I'm hoping hoping to people who are magic fans may be tuned in saw some darks though great darts I'm gonna see how are you do you think you fooled them I think I've done what I can to pull them over I have a noise Peng don't just ignore me I'm not work to do you got over no you this is why we're on stage that's the whole point it's meant to be hard come on eyes front tell us still thinking either that ways got some wind guys what we have the reason it took so long is because we're having trouble and we are not by any means sure how it's done I believe you wrote the prediction yourself and I believe you used a some variation on a little thing that allows you to write in your hand secretly and I think you're really really good at it teller thinks you couldn't possibly be that good at using that gimmick we both believe that the prediction went from your right pocket down your leg and loaded into the shoe I did nobody I'll be honest about that but I also did not cop it and I did not use my pocket asshole did not use your pocket at all it never went down his leg then you sir even more than we thought Faison winter wouldn't it be awful if this was just another dream
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