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meet our first potential fooler my name is Tim um I'm from Amsterdam and I am a mind reader when I was 12 I saw a hypnosis show in a holiday park I was really fascinated by it so I basically went ahead and I copied what I saw on stage and worked and I started hypnotizing people what I'm interested in and mind-reading is creating an actual magical moment I don't mean that I'm trying to fool people into believing that I can talk to the dead or anything I just want them to have an experience where they start to think well maybe that was magical I want to break away from the mystical and dark mental asylums trying to take it into something light-hearted the audience senses when you're not being genuine that's the most important part tomorrow thank you good afternoon all of you it's really good to see you now before we get into this I'd like to share with you a piece of Amsterdam culture so if you wouldn't mind extend your hands to the front thumbs out this in Amsterdam we call The awkward turtle there with mediocrity the awkward rabbits the really awkward rabbits and my absolute favorite it's kind of a team animal so maybe I was watching mind helping you of that sure yeah I'm come on how you doing hi Cosette on my side yeah if you extend your hands like this yes it's the awkward cow my name is Tamar and I am a mind reader being a mind reader I know what you're thinking hmm well I have a go as well sure you go ass feels good you might be wondering whether this leading mmm-hmm I don't know alison has a mind reader I really want to know the way people think so what we just did it's not just something that's just a cute finger game it's also something that I like to call the cow test tell me Alison what did you enjoy more do you enjoy milking more or being milked by me I think I enjoyed milking more is your Aspen in the audience noticing where of this um I think that's why he married me well that guys think that we already got to know each other a little bit now would you offer me your assistance for the next few minutes sure in that case I'd like to invite you for a game okay it's a very simple game that I like to call you've got no choice okay I would ask you if you want to play but it's not really in the spirit of a game right I will tell you that I do have a lawyer but go ahead yes I'll play that was fine all right we're just gonna play okay the game is very simple all you need to do is to hide this coin behind your back and off your hands okay then bring your hands out so no one can see where the coin is but you can't change hands anymore so it's a chance okay you're gonna hide it come off your hands okay and bring your hands out so now we can see where the corners but you can't change hands anymore okay I will try and influence you four times in a row so that each time I'll be able to tell you where the coin is okay so before you make a decision on where to put the coin I'll need to influency okay look into my eyes okay and it already happy ladies and gentleman okay it already happened once you ready bring your hands out okay and now you could have gone for the right hand or for the left hand but most women when they look into my eyes for long enough have a tendency to take the coin into the left hand in the first round yes lovely it was one of four but it could have been 60 50 so we'll go for the next round you carried again and I'd like you to know that most women in the second round will put the coin into the same hand again huh I don't want to influence I'm just saying okay so were you angry wait but I hadn't chosen yet you hadn't chosen yet so when you're ready baganz out okay yeah not even with you you could be thinking team on says most go for the right hands I'm gonna go for the left hands but of course you know that I know that you know that I know that most people would do that so if it was he would actually go two steps forwards or three steps back doing that thing which is so logical Alexei becomes a logical to do that because they're trying to catch me at I should go for the right hand in this thank you we're going to do the exact same thing again and then we're going to change things up a little and a ladies and gentlemen Alison might feel like she's still got a free choice but it's not the case it's already happened and I'll tell you where in a moment so once you ready bring your hands out and I'm not sure if you heard me say but I said we're going to do the exact same thing again that's a bit bit the same thing against your right there yes there are three out of four Thank You Alison for the last round I've got a prediction stating if you will choose right or left in the last round I will not give you any hints but be painfully aware of the fact that this round is the last one left so when you ready bring your hands out you got to keep your hands close let's take a look at what's prediction says I predicted that Alison in the first round would go for left and that was correct in the second round she would go for ride that was correct as well in the third round she would go for right and that was correct and I predicted in the last round I will influence Alison to go for right again Alison showers will ahead is for love whore thank you to banks have lets you enjoyed it well in what's really cool it is that when you were saying oh then they go for the left in my mind I was like I'm gonna go for the left and then he said that I'm like oh oh no I'm gonna go for the right it's freaky isn't it like I always think that as well yeah that was that was very crazy you were in my mind how did you do that who can you read their minds do you think you I cannot I cannot but I hope people enjoy themselves that'd be great I can tell you entertained us definitely alright let's go to the boys okay Penn teller yes hello would you like to tell us what's on your mind you know the problem with mentalism and boy are there a lot of problems mentalism one of the problems that Liz and foolish is they always end up with these incredibly complicated things you know and the question you always want to ask a Mentalist is what am I thinking or which hand is it in and that's what's great about this routine is it really does go to the go to the idea of what it would be like if you could read minds now the two things were sure of is that you weren't reading her mind and you weren't influencing her after that it gets a little tougher lovely um there is a few ways that the final ending could have gone and you were covered for all of those but the more interesting thing that that fascinates me is you know I wear this ring for my dad it's for sentimental reasons and I wear this ring and I think my dad would have approved very much of this trick and me wearing his ring so I kind of got to dedicate this whole kind of bust to my dad my dad was a coin dealer in a jail guard and also wore this ring to be honest I think my dad would not approve you would he would not have proof at all he would uh he wouldn't does your dad not like jewelry or is that a code dad does not like truly and he would not approve okay wait so the rings not the thing you're saying that maybe what they guessed is not the right guess their ring ain't no thing no no like wait wait dad wouldn't approve what dad wouldn't approve to decide the proof so you
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