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okay so I'm Joel Meyers and this is Spidey he's like the brother I never wanted I put up with y'all cause he's good at magic you tell someone you're a magician one of the things we ask is could you pull a coin out of my ear and you would think that my ring I was coming as most people are walking and talking I see that level of comfort and joy when he's doing magic it's just second nature then you put a deck of cards in his hand magic is going to happen look over your head like look look listen let me stop tiny when what is this look at this watch this what is this how does that look just skip oh good I hate when you do that I told you don't do that I couldn't think of anybody better to be doing the show with Spidey has fooled me with so many things it blows my mind oh god that was hard to say in our next year one guy specializes in sleight of hand the other is a Mentalist together they're slightly mental please welcome Joel Myers and Spidey hey what's up guys my name is Joel Myers and tonight we're gonna tell you about something called mentalism ladies and gentlemen good evening my name is Spidey and I'm a Mentalist which means I can read your mind no he can't in a moment I'm gonna do something for you guys using this ordinary book stop you know why would he say that ordinary book why would anybody say that we didn't think it was an unordinary book before but now we do go ahead I'm actually to do this I'm gonna borrow mr. Ross mr. Ross oh you can make it over your legs young man next week some noise thanks for being here mr. Ross I'm gonna flip to the page of this book I want you to say the word stop one of you like make sure I stop when you say stop right there can you see the first word on that page I can the first word just lock that in your mind well here we go what's happening right now why does every Mentalist a magician insist on doing this weird heavy breathing as they pretend to harness their magical powers really at the end of the day at least this guy's not involving you in it breathing breathing the epidemic yes anything was ever from something you send it to me good good good good yes lock on your mind think of it send it to me sing to me well send it to me yes focus Turkish a ridiculous amount of time and even more ridiculous amount of horrible acting not you you're good um The Mentalist finally reveals the chosen work for the very first time mr. Ross what was the word you were thinking it was curiously curiously it ladies and gentlemen curiously thank you thanks yes no no why come on man I was ridiculous first of all I mean if we really got impressed these people what is this book nobody's even her instant intuition nobody's even heard of this book we're gonna impress these people we got to use a book that everybody here would know where we gonna get that anything you should ask I just happened to bring a couple of random books with me the classics you guys the classics six random books books like The Secret Garden Frankenstein Dracula like Twilight but better um Robinson Caruso Treasure Island all the good ones also I think we need to have a random page number selected a page number totally random we could do that sure um sir over in the front if you could just stand up you don't have to conscious right there it's fine what is your name Patrick Patrick um I guess most of us books at about 200 pages think of any number between 1 and 200 that's the page will you think of one do you have one yeah and in fact um we're gonna show this to someone in a moment we're uh so go ahead and write it down right there in the circle make sure I can't see it just like that and also I think we need to find somebody else that's totally a random like it a completely random Specter because we don't know him sure it could be anybody somebody totally right right so Patrick do me a favor rip out the post-it make sure I still can't see it fold it in for good and just pass it to the person behind you the jersey thank you yeah and then let's keep it moving right left right keep your passing point left right back front whatever yeah you totally make it just real I keep doing it stop stop right there what is your name please stand up Sam Sam here's the deal we have six books over here six books we want to pick a random book we want you to pick that random book okay so I want you to name any number between one and six for me four four one two three four Robinson Crusoe cool now also Spidey anything to make this even more impressive I think you should write down like your prediction ahead of time yeah I could do that sure Sam I'm gonna bring this book to you is that cool yeah that's so as I'm doing this go ahead and start unfolding up piece of paper make sure I don't see it though look at the page number that Patrick wrote down okay Sam take the book and you I'm gonna stand back so I can't see it Sam here's what I want you to do I want you to open up that little piece of paper with the page number on it and then turn to that page number in the book and as soon as you do that let me know you've done it I've done it you're good okay cool Spidey you got a prediction oh yeah I do have something I just you know I uh I feel like we should have something safe to put in like an envelope or something magic exists um sorry that was awkward okay um all right so to see that like that yes and I'll seal it up it's a peeling seal this are you at the correct page I am at the correct page do me a favor look at that top line first word of that line if I did this correctly I'd like the first word of that line it's a very short or maybe four maybe five letters four letters yes correct correct and then there's a shorter word after that it's the third one I'm interested in I feel like that's a little bit longer there's a V in that word yes starts with a V there's a tea no tea dude what are you doing if you know the word just tell us why are you just fishing for letters if you know the word tell us what it nope no well then what did you write down your prediction you know like a guess cut like a guesstimate you you guess we're on national TV and you kept dude are you serious you guessed the word fun guys okay so Sam the word that you're thinking of is that word dictionary it is not so it's not it you had your chance you had your chances at dictionaries are like pictionary holding a wand Joel the word is in dictionary I was saying the word is in the dictionary dude every word is in the dictionary genius that's what we've something on the back genius turn it around like children there's a number yeah sure sure 363 1 1 it's a code it's code what is the word fayette voyage mr. Gillette there's a dictionary on your table next to you there is can you do me the favor it says 363 1 1 can you please flip the page 363 360 363 um then it says 1 that means we're gonna be using the first column on page 3 signal are you go to that first line at the top now I got a sec do not say it quite yet I won't you went to a random page selected at random it was a random book you were selected at random and the word was voyage mr. Gillette page 363 first column first word please it's a noun or a verb its journey by ship the accents on the first syllable its voyage yes that was good very funny as well there you know how this works panatela sitting there there thinking about it tell us got his book out there gonna be writing down the ideas to see if they know how it happened where do you guys get together because you weren't always performing as a juror you know we met you we met like three or four years ago and literally uhm just became really close friends we have so many things in common and then at the same time we're completely opposite and drive each other nuts in so many ways but yeah we we met just a few years ago and so we still carry on walking separately as well though even though our individual performers yet we do a bit of both water tackle this together because I really enjoy mentalism very much but joel has a huge appreciation for what Penn & Teller do and he's a huge fan and so he was able to take the mentals in the fact and make it more fun and sort of be like come on let's let's give them something they're gonna appreciate okay it looks to me like Penn & Teller have finished their deliberations so we'll find out what they thought and whether they know what you did gentlemen okay boy we like two-person teams and also I love the doing a trick and then commenting on it while you're doing it I just love I love that busting of psychics while you're doing an amazing psychic thing the interesting thing about about the two of us is we have a lot of information on this because I have I happen to have a magnifying glass just like this at home which is which I up which I thought was quite a coincidence and teller has a pen exactly like the pen that fella used to write down the number which is also a surprising coincidence and I would have the magnifying glass and teller would have the pen the other think it's all about this trick is that you use paper books damnedest thing when was the Gutenberg press Gutenberg press was a 17th century right earlier 16th and yet for all that time you still couldn't have done this trick except for the past 10 or 15 years and I have this magnifying glass and teller has the exact same we used so I think you're fairly confident they know what you would do it I think a pair of a pair of magicians just got schooled by by more seasons pair of magician you know I think you guys came here wanting to give us a good show yeah that's the bad news the show I did that it was a great show when the ladies gentlemen they didn't fold them what a great time watching you out raisin and Jeremiah's in spiders do over
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