Can I Fool Penn & Teller with Just a Balloon? (OFFICIAL, W/ MUSIC)

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[Applause] welcome back to school it takes a real clever mind to get one over on Penn & Teller let's meet our next mr. smartypants hi I'm Nathan fan and I still live with my parents my grandfather took me to see magic shows and he also at one point said this is my credit card and get $50 a month to spend online at any magic shop you want my cards encouraged me to go to college but no one really says let's see well we got these two magicians this one has a degree in communication so we're going to go with him I've been referred to as the Neo vaudevillian kind of old-school sensibilities when it comes to entertainment there's so much you can do with magic magic it's art magics entertainment magic can be life that's what I want to show people please welcome education man Nathan fan [Applause] good evening everyone my name is Nathan fun and I am the magic Asian man it's lovely to be here just I don't know why everyone knows laughs when I say no magic Asian man all through those words accurately describe me I do magic I'm Asian and I am indeed a man after watching that introduction and hearing me speak a couple of sentences there's a few of you there probably noticed the discrepancy between the way that I lick and the way that I sound so I'd like to answer the burning question your minds the answer is yes I really am Vietnamese good boom along with the rest play are you guys not use during effective Vietnamese accent this part of Las Vegas well this is what we found like at least this is what we tend to like where I grew up in the northwestern part of Vietnam called Glasgow which is where I grew up Glasgow is in Scotland not Vietnam and the unique contradiction of an individual that you see before you now and Here I am ladies and gentlemen to do some magic for you and I'm going to perform something with the balloon which i think is kind of cheating because balloons are real magic and if you don't believe me next time you see a wee child give them a floating shiny balloon and see the way their face lights up and that's real magic right there so tonight I hope to give you all that feeling of magic we all had as a child with nothing more than a simple balloon [Music] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey tell me about this where did you come up with the idea for this and it kind of started so I used to work at Disneyland I used to work in the magic shop at Disneyland and they've had vendors at oh alright you Disney files late in the audience oh boy and so while I was working there I would see how badly kids wanted balloons you know it and so I just wanted to create something that would kind of give everyone that magical moment yeah did you do impersonation I just make you so growing up in Glasgow so I grew up actually speaking Vietnamese my first language which is very tonal language and then I was grew up around all the people to a light dice and you know there's a lot of painting in the keep and so that sort of thing and so I think that kinda gave me this ear to pick up on signs that not everyone else knows how to replicate why do you think tellers voice sounds like what do I think tellers voice sounds like I think it's voice sounds like Gilbert Godfried I think that Gilbert Gottfried got the idea of his boys a man I think one day tell us again the couple come up and we say you know that trick with the balloon that was really something I think that's it you know that was a surprise we should go new one and color wow that's something we don't see too often I mean by that Asian Scottish guys haven't had a lot of them on the show no it's not a card trick you know it's not not exponent here it's not mentalism it's really new it's really wonderful we thought we're going to tank on it if it was for a loop for a moment but we got our bearings for a moment and got a few ideas here and there I don't want to give away too much it's so nice it'll be a great routine for you but I do want to say that what we found so amusing is that for much of the routine they're actually trying to accomplish the opposite of what the audience thinks you're trying to accomplish and that's what we really really liked about it is that the whole thing the whole thing is backwards and we really really enjoyed that I hope I stuck a few things in there but we do not think you fooled us what do you think alas I did not for them but you entertained I did great mission I'll have the rest of the show taping behind my ear and I'll pull it back out after these commercials [Applause] Oh
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