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welcome back to Penn & Teller foolís let's meet our next trickster hi I'm Caleb Wiles and I'm the puzzle master magician I'm a little bit obsessed with wrestling and Rubik's cubes I've been a wrestling fan since as long as I can remember I think that's where I learned to have energy when I'm performing magic on stage within the magic world I'm known more as a creator and a theorist more than I am an actual performing magician magic is about figuring out the puzzle a Rubik's Cube you only have a certain number of colors to work with a certain number of pixels it's almost a magical object in itself the way it stays together even though it moves about magic sometimes can be created from very simple ideas and you can create something extraordinary please welcome wild tonight I want to try something different something that's never been done before on this show you see normally the idea is for a magician to come out here and show you all the trick that will hopefully fool Penn & Teller but I want to take things to the next level and do something perhaps even more incredible you see I've created a trick that has been specially designed to be performed by somebody who is not a magician somebody who doesn't practice sleight of hand who doesn't read magic books in fact it's somebody who doesn't even know I'm about to call her up here on stage Alison I have created this trick specifically for you would you mind coming up here to give me a hand okay and Penn & Teller you can join me up on stage and get a front-row seat as well it's got a big round of applause else we can step right back here thank you so much so Alison everything goes right tonight in your first-ever magic trick you are gonna fool Penn and Teller if something goes wrong you are gonna take all the blame so no pressure okay but don't worry I'm gonna walk you through it every step of the way please in fact we will start with the most basic step for any card trick and that is to take out the Joker's so I'm gonna spread through the cards here and I'm gonna take out the Joker's and as I do that Penn & Teller you may notice that there are some special cards in the deck those I prepared for Alison earlier those are some instruction cards that are gonna help her kind of lead her through the trick in fact the first one is right here on top so from here on out Alison you're gonna do everything you're gonna be the magician I'll be your lovely assistant okay okay are you ready sure all right ladies and gentlemen making her magic debut the amazing Alison head again so Alison you're gonna hold onto the cards and I'm gonna vote up the instructions so everybody can see step number one says to have a card selected so that's a pretty typical step for a card trick and we're gonna do that in a very fair manner because this is Penn & Teller so I have an idea for this Alison I want you to deal the top card face down onto the table okay and then I want you to deal the next card facedown on top of that and you're gonna continue dealing through the cards but I want you to do it at a very slow deliberate pace okay and the reason is pin in just a moment you're gonna call out stop you can keep dealing Alison but whenever you get the urge you're gonna just gonna call out stop did you mean for this card or did you want the card she was about to do guys she's about to bout to die now you are the magician here so you don't get to see the car okay but I am gonna show it to the audience and we'll make sure Penn & Teller get a chance to take a peek as well okay and we'll put the card here and we move on to step number two you're doing good so far step number two says to bury the card in the deck so I have an idea for that as well spread through until you get to the next instruction card oh it's almost right near the top take these cards and put them on top and actually since it's so near the top there take the whole deck and put it on top as well that way we know pins card is really buried down in the deck and you can pick up the cards in your hand again and I'll read off the next instruction so the next instructor and instruction step number three says to do the cut shuffle now that's a magicians term Alison I'll explain what that means basically you're gonna cut off about half the deck okay and I want you to put those cards on the table and then the cards that are left I want you to give them a quick little shuffle okay Oh awesome oh so good yeah you're doing perfect you're imperfect okay and then I want you to take about half you go yep until you're ready okay then take about half of those cards cut those down to the table perfect and I want you to shuffle those cards again just give my quick little mix perfect and take all of those cards and put them right here and now we'll move on to step number four step number four says to assemble the deck now this is where things get interesting you get to stack them up in any order that you want just make a nice neat pile on the table of all the cards perfect so pick up those cards okay and I want you to spread through them until you come to the next instruction we'll just hope it's the right one so keep going keep going I can see one coming up here soon keep going down the deck aha okay there it is so cut these cards down to the bottom and put these ones on top okay and we need step number five and we have step number five so that's a good sign well look at step number five next it says ask your participant to shuffle so that would that would be me Alison and I want you guys to watch this really carefully okay I'm going to give the cards a mix but Alison and Penn & Teller I want you to make sure that this is not one of those fancy magician kind of mixes those cards really are being mixed all the way through the deck and you can even see there are other instruction cards that are now kind of moving to new positions okay and I'll square them together as fair as I know how we'll square the cards up just like this and Alison you can take these now here it is we've had a card selected in the fairway you've shuffled the cards I've shuffle the cards the card is thoroughly lost now we have to find it so we'll move on to step number six step number six says to deal a pile of cards so this is the exciting part now we're actually looking for pens card so I want you to deal a card down there and just keep dealing a pile deal quickly so we can look for the next instruction quietly wait that's all right okay you're good keep going keep going keep on there's the next yes you're doing great Alison keep the cards I'm gonna deal a new pile of cards so keep dealing okay keep dealing you feel like you're dealing oh it says keep it up Alison you're almost there I'm getting so excited to keep going you don't get going there's got to be the next one it says you're killing it Alison hang on hang it pins pins card is only three cards away so look that's card number one that's car number two don't show this but hold on to that card now I want you to think about this look you shuffled these cards there's no way any of us could know the order yes I'm gonna spread them onto the table those instruction cards could have ended up with any card in the deck right they led us with the card that you're holding for the first time pin what card did you choose three of spades Alison if that is a three of spades we are all gonna freak out yeah show it to him there's more there's more there's more cuz look pin you stop in the three of spades you could have stopped at any card it could have been Alison and I we knew you would stop exactly on the three of spades shouldn't we all essentially what proof we want proof look use Sutton the three of spades and look I have some other instruction cards here and on the back to the instruction cards we have a perfect match look there's the three of diamonds there's the three of clubs there's the three of Hearts a perfect prediction but one Thurs no because look Alison had even one card been displaced this pile could have been in a completely different order this pile could have had more cards or less cards this pile could have ended up over here instead of where it's at so I guess there's only one last question to ask Penn & Teller did we fool you face it I did really good you were impressed by your handling abilities you think we might get a Vegas show for the new duo I think so ik so I think I'll be the silent one so is this a trick you invented for the show it is so this is a trick that's many years than making the original version maybe was six or seven years ago I created and I've just been refining the method more and more and more until you see the final product you saw tonight yeah I like the this no I think we might get a trophy I know if you do fool them do I get to keep control I think that would be fair all right I think they've had enough time it's shaking anything so Alison yes you did a wonderful job why thank you it was really really great let's call it I just give us trophies that is such a beautiful trick that uh I'm tempted to cheat a little bit in your favor okay I really want you on our show I'm gonna but uh but I also it's really really complicated and teller came up with one question and I've gotta tell you honestly okay I don't know the answer this question and neither does teller oh yeah and we're willing to gamble everything on this one question okay the hard part of this is uh how clean my selection was I said stop whenever I wanted to yes so that selection yeah was he either really really real or it was really really good okay and if that selection was really really real we should be able to go up right now and look at the faces of all those cards if you want us to look at those faces of those cards that trophy is gonna go down so now sir yes as great as you were I'm did you fool us I did not for you I'm very happy to be here and I tell you when you said that it broke my heart to I did not want to win this one cuz you are so good fantastic magic of the way don't say I didn't warn you we'll be back you
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Reddit Comments

I thought this was a really wonderful effect. The way he got Alyson involved was lovely, especially the encouragement cards. This could have been a really boring card trick if not for the presentation.

👍︎︎ 13 👤︎︎ u/wannabenobody 📅︎︎ Sep 06 2016 🗫︎ replies

I know everybody likes to hate on Allison, but I thought she did a really good job on this trick. This was a really fun watch.

👍︎︎ 9 👤︎︎ u/2483 📅︎︎ Sep 06 2016 🗫︎ replies

I don't totally understand how P&T hinge it all on the selection. IMO, clearly it was forced ... what baffled me was how everything ended up in order.

Penn made it sound like it was all about the card selection. But I'm a total novice here ....

👍︎︎ 3 👤︎︎ u/ihahp 📅︎︎ Sep 06 2016 🗫︎ replies
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