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[Music] don't blink as you try to figure out our next performers I'm Yvonne Amodei I'm an illusionist my show it's called intimate illusions it's an elegant setting candle lit and it has a concert cellist so the cello creates a soundtrack for the show and just allows you to get into the feeling that I want you to have about the illusion that is coming people who are participating in almost the entire 90 minutes my magic is different because I really want to convey a message about life such as facing your fears or finding your destiny if I touch somebody and it affects them I have done my job [Applause] analysts say hello to Yvonne mode [Applause] thank you so much and now ladies and gentlemen for the cirque de soleil part of the show Hey look I'm his tallest pan this is a deck of educational flash cards each card has a state on it one state for every state in our amazing country we live in ok but instead of me shuffling I'm gonna give the job to Penn and Teller so I'm gonna take half the cards and Penn if you don't mind could you please take this and if you can hand it to tell her and you're gonna take this half I want you to remove one for yourself one state pen put it in your pocket and begin mixing the rest so Penn I know that you and I are both parents this isn't an interesting ladies and gentlemen as a parent that if you bring your kids to the playground that you can hear your kids voice from among all the hundreds of other kids there as if there is no other sounds it's just your kids now to me when I saw that happen I thought that looked magical so I'd like to demonstrate for you what that looks like in action with everybody in this theater and we're gonna times that listening for one tune times a thousand okay okay so when you're done shuffling gentlemen may I have those doc please you're done okay hold on of these want to leave these over here and we're going to now use all the guests that are up here can you please all stand and pen could I have you stand as well sure yeah so I'm gonna take I'm gonna get you have one yes I do I'm gonna give some to this group of guests here can you take this group and hold on to them I'm gonna give this gentleman a group can you hold on to them and I'm gonna give let's see I'll give you a group can you hold on to them I want you to shuffle your little stack of cards please I want you to take one for yourself and hand the balance of the cards to the person to your left I want you to do the same thing shuffle them hand one to yourself and pass the balance to the person to your left okay [Music] everybody should could you hand once you left yes does everyone have one yes here's what I'm gonna try to do and everybody in this audience is going to help I am going to try to listen for only what I want to listen to which are the people standing including pen so when I count to three everybody here including pen are going to shout out the state pen take a look at your state that you are holding and then everybody seated is going to do the exact same thing except you guys are going to shout out any state that you want and try to confuse me so if you guys see that don't know the state's ask somebody the home theater is going to erupt why everyone shouting a state and I'm just gonna try to focus only on the guests that are standing okay shall we on the count of three one two Oh God this is gonna be harder than I thought okay so you guys if you hear me say the state and you happen to be holding it I need you to just shout yes and then have a seat I'm not gonna be seeing you so I need to hear you in order to know that I got you ready there we go [Music] Maine yes sit Alabama New Jersey yeah Texas Illinois yes where did I hear Maryland Oregon I think I got a few more and I'm done New Mexico I didn't call you now this it's interesting can I hear your name say your name oh can you say this to me are you doing that's interesting and then this guy right here can you say this to me say I love you Yvonne I love you babe um well that was weird did you hear his accent the lady in the dress Hawaii the lady in the yellow California the lady right behind her Alaska the gentleman in the blue with the accent you have Arizona yes dude you have Connecticut New York [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and you shout it out yeah you did what state do you have I have Rhode Island Rhode Island yeah you are correct I'm done I'm exhausted [Applause] so why did you want to come on to this show I wanted to come on because these two are in my opinion the best I really admire both of them tremendously I understand what it takes because I'm in the same industry I have never met them so my little way of meeting them right now is good enough for me and that's why I want to come on okay until we just said when you came out I've been dying to see you work and boy this is the best first stage setup we've ever seen I like this so much better than a big box or something you filled the whole stage with people and nothing's burnt to rest of look at the people and the cello was a great touch it's just fabulous all the way through it's also important to say none of those people were plants none of those people were set up all that was done completely the way you said it was done yes that having been said yes we know a little bit about statistics statistics yeah a little bit about it okay and we're not sure in the final six standing up that there seems to be a little less clumping than there should have been if that was truly random okay and I don't want to say too much more uh-huh because I'm afraid that we will give away too much it's such a good trick what else can I say do you remember pen that I had them shuffle yes okay so I just wanted to clarify that if you guys absolutely yeah okay cool and you have them shuffled too late for you to have done anything after that correct but you did you did no you did hand them out I fonts yeah and the clumping that you handed them out in also was the clumping that the final six were revealed and if you know what I'm saying okay yeah yeah I understand what you're saying yeah I have no idea for the night shuffle you also remember the you shuffled is that something that is as an obstacle for you gentlemen what's that that you both shuffled and I was able to just give him out well but you did have your back turn for some of that so you might have my back centering could have been setting up a little bit all you needed to know was 18 devised wait I'm hearing I'm hearing judges hold on it's hard for me to tell if you got it and the judges hear everything that Penn & Teller say when they're discussing course and the judges have decided [Applause] yes you do [Applause]
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