Biker spanks Cop in court Part1

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David Steele well this is case the reason 1 zero zero two zero seven three a city or a proceed mr. Stillwell have a seat and you are ready to proceed correct justify your first witness in your honor city would call to officer you'll come forward raise your right hand okay thank you for the testimony you're about to give a big the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God James Jackson J ACK som Las Vegas metropolitan Police Department traffic bureau almost five years personally almost three years officer I'd like to draw your attention to number 29 2009 out of approximately 15 27 which is 3 27 p.m. yes and did you come in contact with one David Stillwell yes it was a traffic stop on us 95 northbound at Jones yes haven't Kevin come in contact with me third David Stillwell would you recognize yes yes gentlemen with the dark suit and a light shirt and tie very well I'll suggest it what kind of it was a traffic stop for violation I just finished up a traffic stop on another vehicle on a 95 northbound what I observed motorcycle go by and my initial observation was that he didn't have a helmet because when he went by I didn't see absolutely anything didn't see absolutely anything Absalon his head okay so you saw hair here no no helmet so what did you at that point I hopped on my police mark motorcycle unit and I started after him northbound I caught up with him at 95 and it was the overpass with Jones yes pull him over what happened I pulled him over I started to approach and he said why did you stop me and I said because you're not wearing a helmet look and mediate at that point he said who decides whether or not this is the helmet and I said it's my opinion that which you're wearing is not a helmet and I asked him for his license registration and insurance I went back and wrote him a citation and when I went back to get his signature he said he wanted a supervisor at the scene yeah yes yes Austin Jackson what I'm petting you has marked the cities into one do you recognize those pictures yes I did does that accurately reflect what you saw that day yes where are those pictures a picture of mr. Stillwell sitting on his motorcycle and what he called was his helmet that was on top of his head but exactly what exactly do you see I see like a ceramic disc with some type of strap go underneath his chin destroy Makdissi by your estimation how babies at this maybe about 3 to 4 inches in diameter and where is it located on the very top of his head yes why because he said he didn't want to sign the citation I told him one of the things that it was only a promise to appear and they mean at that point yes but a supervisor and I got on the radio and summoned a supervisor to the scene yes during the whole period I'm mr. Stillwell had a tape recorder he was recording a conversation when the supervisor got there he wanted to debate the issue and a supervisor basically told him that that was not the area for him to start a debate and that the citation was only a promise to appear and that if he wanted to try and fight it he would fight it in court and mr. Stillwell asked well whose opinion is it whether or not it's a helmet and a supervisor told him you can go to court and if the judge will make a decision on that also you've been on for five years right yes yes based on your tuning experience what is it a helmet would be something that protects your head from your honor impact objection the objection is there's no training experience that can tell what a helmet is and Metro has stipulated that they've signed a they've signed a aphid sworn affidavit on a previous court case saying they don't train their officer the objection pardon what's the objection he said he said based on how nation yes yeah yeah because there because the objection is foundation I believe so your honor I'm not really good at this well I understand yeah yeah I have the dye of the document if you'd like to see it I don't care about the document yeah okay have you been trained no sir Academy on what a helmet is no sir your objection sustained experience something that would offer protection from impact something with offer protection from penetration and something that can absorb some type of impact and in your experience is what mr. Stillwell wearing at that time objects Your Honor this is irrelevant if it doesn't have any if nobody's been trained everybody has opinions about you know some people will say this is sporting wear or you know I'm the one who decides not him oh okay he can testify all at once I'm the one that that's going to decide what protective headgear means so where's your question again the so what mr. Silva was wearing no it offers absolutely no protection even in our motor school which is pretty brutal when we go down at 40 or 50 miles an hour we've had helmets that are completely skinned up on the side and one of my duties as a traffic officer as I investigate all traffic accidents where they're minor serious and even fatal and in my training and experience when I go to the scene of an accident helmets do offer protection those pictures do they offer any type of protection from the sides absolutely not and that's protection to as you said penetration penetration impact labels impact and absorption version and your opinion that would not protect them from anything okay have you seen it have you seen a deer like that before I've never seen anything like that before and even that Nevada is a state what do you went in your experience do you require do you want something that would protect there's a minimum of the half shell of the head if you want to say something kind of like a bowl that was going to protect it from the sides if you hit hits the ground so after you sighted in and have to the supervisor arrived did you final assignment citation he eventually signed a citation yes and you know you let's go yes
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