25 Secrets Casinos REALLY Don’t Want You To Know

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if you ask anyone who gambles regularly you'll get advice if you ask someone else who gambles regularly you'll get a lot of different advice there's no magic secret to winning big that's why it's called gambling and casinos are pretty straightforward about the fact that they're there to entertain you and separate you from your money still there are some basic tips that can help a novice not completely lose their life savings the moment they step onto the floor I'm Mike with lose 25 and here are twenty five secrets casinos really don't want you to know 25 the house always wins but sometimes in some games the house is way more likely to win than in others games such as three-card poker Caribbean stud and double-exposure blackjack may have bigger payouts but they also have much much bigger losses for the player 24 you're always being watched always casinos have cameras everywhere and can and do track your movements the entire time they can even see the hand you're holding it's there for your safety to watch for wicked people who may prey on happy gamblers 23 and yes if you're wondering security can tell if you're cheating just like players have tells cheaters have tells and security is trained to watch for them so don't try anything 22 always wash your hands after handling chips they're disgustingly dirty just wash your hands 21 yes there are options for paid private adult entertainment prostitution isn't legal in Las Vegas but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen unless there's a problem or transactions are completed on camera like in a parking garage security usually just stays out of everyone's way 20 a good table game for novice gamblers is baccarat as it requires zero skill and many casinos have mini baccarat tables with a $5 minimum not only that the odds are pretty decent against the house you literally just place a bet on the player or the banker and then let the dealer do their thing tada 19 people commit suicide at casinos more frequently than you'd think and it's kept very hush-hush 18 dealers usually have to wear clothing issued by the casino and it doesn't have pockets so nothing can be hidden or stolen Abrams must be worn slightly above the waist so that nothing can be tucked into a waistband either 17 cheating does happen and it's usually not as elaborate as you think something as simple as switching out chips for example sometimes people even convince the dealer to go along with them which means that casinos are often is wary of their employees as they are of their patrons but don't cheat you'll eventually get caught and it makes you a horrible person 16 the average gambling addict is around 40,000 US dollars in debt before they seek help the house always wins when you gamble look at it as you spending that money for the thrill of the chance not a way to earn a living or make your dreams come true there are far more sad endings than happy ones 15 sometimes the dealer feels bad for you they know you're not going to make your money back by doubling down and that you might even be in over your head and honestly it's sad if you're even a little bit of a jerk they absolutely notice if you're quite a bit of a jerk they notice they remember and they may inform co-workers like security 14 there are clocks or windows in most casinos although the windows rule has been broken a few times if you're focused on your game and you don't have anything you can easily glance at that gives you a reference of how long you've been there you're far more likely to stay longer and lose more money 13 listen to the dealer if they tell you a table is no good they aren't lying they have nothing to lose by offering you this good free and for Nations there's no conspiracy they don't want to deal with grumpy players who lost and tip poorly because they didn't listen 12 blackjack also has decent odds of winning the house edge is around 1% most casinos and is pretty easy to play if you have no idea what you're doing go to a less full table during the afternoon or slower time and the dealer will walk you through the game you're just playing against a dealer not other players like in poker 11 don't get distracted by the sparkly cleavage and free drinks casinos have something called party pits that exemplify everyone's stereotypical ideal Vegas strippers gambling and foods for those tables with the bikini clad dealers usually have much smaller payouts that basically double the houses edge 10 think of slot machines like arcades you're paying to play and look at the fancy lights keep in mind that the fancier the Machine the more likely the game will be complicated and they generally offer less payouts avoid unless you just want to pay $20 to see flashy lights 9 quit while you're ahead every casino knows their odds and knows mathematically when just bite your winning streak they're likely to take more of your money than you've taken of theirs in the end the house always wins isn't just a saying it's a mathematical result eight sometimes people particularly elderly gamblers will mess themselves right at the thought machine instead of walking away from a lucky machine to use the restroom addiction is real and it's always awful and pathetic 7 yes card counting is legal casinos don't usually expect you to do this but can't stop you it's also far more difficult than most people realize and takes quite a while to learn there are maybe 100 professional card counters in the world even if card counting is legal a casino is perfectly within their rights to kick you out and ban you for it the dealer is watching you security is watching you the pit boss may be watching you if they don't throw you out it very likely they're going to change the rules to trip you up six don't play against the locals if the dealer knows everyone by name and starts asking about their kids leave that table these people make their living off tourists and casinos and they'll likely eat you for lunch five don't sit down and spend a bunch of money at a game you have no idea how to play except that in order to learn to play a new game you're going to have to likely lose whatever money you put in stick to the basics and stay away from the weird if you want to go home with something in your pocket other than regret for slot machines and video poker machines with lower denominations have much lower payouts so even if you win at the nickel slots you're not going to be winning big however if you increase the amount you gamble on each vet the payout will be bigger the pound is based on the amount viewbag not how many bets total have been placed or how many times the machine has been used three play it fuller tables more people four tables the slower the game goes and the more time you have to think this is particularly helpful if you've got the basics of the game and need a chance to practice strategy to everyone gets free drinks even though so you play the penny slots if you play for long enough just keep in mind that most of those are watered-down and unless you're spending the bar infrequent the drinks will be won don't play keno the odds are absolutely terrible donate or save the money instead or try one of the giant huge cheap buffets just don't play keynote literally no one has ever matched all twenty numbers on a twenty spot ticket enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the bottom right we only sell new ones every Monday to Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more list check out these three videos here or just head to our website at least 25 calm [Music]
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