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[Music] so we've talked to a bunch of IRS scammers before who claim that you have 24 hours or less to you know call them back and pay thousands of dollars and back taxes that you owe because they didn't audit on you right and they just want your gift cards they're just trying to scam you and a pretty common thread through all of the scammers I've talked to all the IRS scammers is that they really don't know anything about taxes they don't they probably know nothing about United States tax law and I'm pretty sure if we ask them even basic IRS type tax questions they will have no clue how to answer like something something basic you know if you file taxes before if you if you don't have a business or maybe when you were younger you used to 1040 form or 1040ez so maybe it should be something that they could even Google right I doubt they'll even Google this stuff but they let's let's try like what form up do I use to file my taxes there we go the Internal Revenue Service provides taxpayers filing individual tax returns are three options 1040ez 1040 a and the classic 1040 so they should they should know the term 1040 right this matter is very serious emergency and time-sensitive we are calling you from investigation team of IRS yes I got your voicemail and just had a couple questions about my taxes okay when you'd received a call or voicemail yeah I received that earlier today is this been regards to my 1040ez form sorry I said is this in regards to my 1040ez form because I was a little bit confused when I filled that out okay gonna blew through fighting me your name and zip code so that I can pull out your case file yes hello it's 3:02 Jordan Johnson garden yes Jordan Johnson okay spell it jo r da n Jane Oh N HSN okay Jordan right yes John right okay the wood kids lead code number I said I say three zero three zero two okay squeeze their own tweed steroid - yes sir okay thank you whole line okay let me take out your phone okay so that I can confirm you the purpose of the call okay yeah I had some questions but okay you okay dancin you still there yes I'm here okay so then from discount was regarding bottle shattering complex due to tax evasion and tax evasion I'll tell you [Music] this call was regarding bottle bottle with the contacts due to tax evasion and tax evasion so mr. Johnson do you have any questions throughout though you can opt me uh yes I believe quite a few taxes because this is the first year that did my taxes by myself this past year or so I'm guessing maybe I did something wrong and I want to use this opportunity new blog figure it out okay so my first question is what's the what's the minimum amount of money that I have to make it like just married filing jointly before I have to pay my taxes okay mr. Johnson see we are talking about a pond5 use that we are not telling you that you didn't pocket taxes okay no no no no I'm I'm asking you soon I'm asking you a specific question let me ask you know okay so was I supposed to do my a Schedule K Schedule C or a 1040ez form if I just I have a simple w2 that I get I don't have a business or anything was I supposed to fill out my 1040 or was it something else okay do you know with them how much do you owe the IRS okay you plan all to answer any of our questions or you just ordinal see I'm telling about the income tax but let me ask you let me ask you another question so okay what what day am I supposed to file my taxes on tonight in April every year I no no no no it is really simple what like when do you follow your last day you're supposed to follow your taxes mine yes I'm not supposed to fall you're the one who's supposed to fall wait you don't fall to accept don't follow taxes I follow my taxes by myself I owe it for iris but when's the last day that you're allowed to follow your taxes in the United States of America each year it's in April yeah yeah which day was it last year what was the date okay a lot here my god oh my god lock okay okay let me ask you another question what what do I do if my information changes like my mailing address what do I do sir hold the line I cannot understand what are you saying let me transfer to my one of my officer so that he can understand you okay oh now I'm genuinely curious I'm genuinely curious to see if you know the answer to these questions okay so whole line you cannot know you don't know do you yes but I cannot understand you very well so I always answer to my heart okay that's fine you you [Music] yes lo yeah hi thanks for holding the line euro college transfer to my killer Homer Harvard today and how was day sir hey Michael Monday was okay holders alright as well yeah okay well you know the reason why we call you today sir uh it's something about my taxes and I was asking your associate a couple questions maybe you can help me out with it say this is this past year was the first time I ever followed my taxes myself so I think i mighta had a mistake or two [Music] Johnson here no foul no I I asked you a question he said he didn't know the answer so he transferred me to you alright I'll ask you different well maybe you'll know this one so I don't have any special circumstances I'm just your average American citizen I make about fifty three thousand dollars a year most years and uh do I fall eh what's the form that I use was it from you use get this form I used to follow taxes every year yes so you are using the from the federal income tax yeah there's a name for it there's a specific numbered form all right so hey I don't know what it's called have you ever followed your taxes before yes sure sir okay what form did you use okay the from I use these ternate Trent's gonna try and see what Zr I mean g AR and ET t that is the first and the second is T RA NS I T therefore my use okay yeah you're gonna have to spell that again from a granite teeth transit that is the form I use and what form you use okay they don't work that don't make no sense okay what what what's the last day that you're allowed to follow your taxes on most most years it's an April no it's not an average [Music] Zhan Jun I did on gin okay okay what's tax day I guess maybe I know what they would not be a problem I mean you work for the IRS you sure you know I mean it's the same day every year it has been for decades it's April 15th I mean are you are you are you for the IRS are you just pretending to be a federal officer no sir I am from the IRS okay oh you are okay [Music] sure okay which credit did you receive [Music] well okay let me tell you something well did you ask me a question doesn't make sense you would know if you got tax credit yeah listen to me yes sir listen to me please the point in which you are to me that does make a sense or not of course it makes sense you get tax credits for certain Oh how tell me what wails an American citizen are you can get tax credits for certain things like having children maybe going to scooter and down for purchasing certain time you coming to me are you calling me to our decoys yes [Music] this is the idea I looked up your number online I had some questions about my taxes that's all I'm just trying to make sure I got the right place okay what these are for elated then now ask you one question okay what's your question what either for your living yes oh yeah I'm a former your farmer yes sir are you sure that your farmer yes I am all right so when is the last time you tie you follow I filed my taxes in April this year is the last time a carbon tax in our prep Johnson here I want to tell you the to tell you how no see there is some amount under youngnam did you do these intentionally or was it by mistake you have no idea what you're talking about being you're just reading this tree I have I'm sorry you're just reading the script you don't know anything not me now I am Telling You hold I know about you as you are a United States and I am the United Stated and do you know about me you know where my son the United States of America say it right how could you tell me then I am them how I don't know do you hear about that I am did you hear about Molly the difference the IRS scammers have got arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison did you hear about that sure I hear about all the Irish scammers cause I'm the affine from the Irish prove it to me tell me what what day do you follow your taxes in 2019 what's the last day I see April what April 23rd 15 oh you had you had ample amount of time to do like if I make what amount of money what's the what's the most I can make before I have to file taxes sorry about the question coming into place there's a certain amount of money once I make that much money I have to file taxes complicated just your average citizen am I going to tell you about your tag for myself it's a simple question yes oh you are you are telling me about this how much money do I have to make before I have to file taxes I'm under age 65 I'm single how are you I'm under 65 I'm telling you okey you on the sixth of five all right you gotta make $5,000 where did you read that I just reading my mind and I just say oh my goodness you're making all this stuff [Music] you got a lot of caution to me I really appreciate a bunch of caution in 2017 if you were under the age of 65 and single you would follow tech to turn if you earn the ten thousand four hundred dollars or more let me guess let me give you're gonna tell me that I owe you a bunch of money you're gonna make up a number and then you're gonna tell me that I have to pay you an opportunity EFT card to get out of jail is that right No okay then what's this amount we are not gonna make money on this number I mean you just called back home so what's the problem I how I ain't gonna ask you any single County in this car line but you need to resolve this case now what's the case all right let me tell us something forget about our case tell me and tell me what you get about the Irish man you're doing something incredibly illegal I can't believe this impersonating an IRS officer [Music] now you need to find a new one soon I mean you're not even let's be real you're not even good at this one and I believe you can find a job that you're better at because this ain't the one for you okay yeah yes so as you know where am I in a where where I am working yes no way you know yeah you know so why am i working yes you're working in an illegal call center impersonating federal officers and trying to scam people it's pretty high rigid yeah I appreciate about your answer or anyway okay Johnson could you please do him a favor what yeah it's about a very easy step like I'm gonna ask you tell me what you know about the IRA what do I know about the IRS you see that in a year a person need to you making money $10,000 okay is that right listen soon listen Sam yeah okay all right all right go I know that you've never paid United States taxes and they in for life what do you have to say for yourself well Mary how honestly I'm gonna tell you what he says true I'm not from the United States citizens as you know one of them said I were no I lie to you anyway yeah okay I have to have said something about like Internal Revenue Service is you know no I'm not gonna lie to you anymore all right I appreciate that is that because you know you're not going to be able to scan me yeah I am giving up on you and I want to know about more IRS from you because I'm not from the Internal Revenue Service so I just want to know about Moore and I as you know this is my job because I can leave this job right away if I leave this job and then I'm gonna search another new one I've been like it will take a while like a couple months because you know rocking it it's very hard right okay okay so I'm gonna learn more from you about the IRS tell me what do you know of the IRA I'm not going to teach you anything about the IRS because you're gonna use it are you kidding me no you're just gonna use it to trick people no no Johnson I told you I'll be very honest to you and white whether you want to teach me if I teach you things about the IRS you will you get on your next phone call to trick someone and depend on you money yeah that's right I'll go so why would I teach you something things that I just told you the things that I asked you are incredibly basic things that anyone who ever paid taxes would already know the trick complicated I have known enough about the Irish yeah the customer he'll she will tell me I didn't even risky too cold I mean I didn't receive any letter from the IRS iPhone's referred it didn't know about that yes what's your answer the Irish have seen it later in your home address we have sent toys the first letter was sent an amount of April 15 we got a new address dad or is his death - - and the latter was sent and the second letter was then on Dasia yeah that's how we do here you just made up a bunch of nonsense on your script [Music] what's the next part of your script what's the next part no we got can help you with it that says some illegal allegations your name count one count to count 3 write one of them's like Tex H theft by deception right yeah uh-huh yeah that's right violation south to federal income tax violations oh yeah I'm not sure about that I didn't know about that but I know it don't you and then what happens after that you ask me for I have to use a federal voucher right a government electronic voucher yeah you know what I thought we did on that way what happens or what happens if I give you the card what do you do if you transfer okay if you give us the curd and we are Canyon by like money on the curve how now I'm gonna tell you about that because you are not going to either one meet it I mean II don't tell me what I asked you all right ask me a question about the IRS and I'll answer it for you [Music] give cards I'll ask you a question and you answer me how nice - very rightly okay if I get something mistake wrong then everything has done okay how would you deal it's like a pop quiz okay deal all right go ahead what's your question okay here it goes equation no Wow I have a men equation but you are not walking in the Irish ooh I guess you would know about that oh no I know quite a bit about my taxes because I've paid them for four decades it's really quite easy anyone who's ever paid taxes would know most the questions okay we answer ask me oh all right so in a year a citizens how much paid money to the IRS but what in one year a United States citizens how much they paid to the IRS the federal income tax that depends on the person's paying taxes okay depend on the person it depends means by in the four years or the employer on employment this Apple how was it but you actually don't know this no I know so I am asking you oh my gosh you really don't know yeah I don't teach you any of this stuff they just like give you a scrip no no come on why shouldn't teach your ideas they don't even know about these well I was just like I was just curious I've talked to like hundreds and hundreds of scammers and I didn't realize that they didn't even teach you anything about tanks as they just like handy a script that's pretty sad it's based off I feel bad for you dude I feel really bad funny man why am I so funny no you feel that only I do yeah yeah how why because you got suckered into this job one way or another they didn't teach you anything and frankly they're taking advantage of you they're they're using you as a lie cheat and steal to make money off of you and stole from people and you're you could end up going to jail and you're ruining your life it sucks oh that's messed up is that not how you see it but I'm how do you see it no but I am that one did you know what I'm not on that way I'm not in that way how did you so you decided to do this job then yeah I yeah I aren't alone how much money do you really earn any day by earn more in $50,000 that's a that is such a lie fifty thousand dollars yeah come on how much you are fifteen thousand dollars pay that 15 oh it's 16 now know what you're talking about are you talking about United States like USD or something else no I I said I earn any day more than $50,000 and I'm asking about you in a day how much you only I don't make any money I don't have a job yeah so the 150 thousand in my goal like rupiah or or so you're talking like seven hundred United States dollars are you talking 550 thousand USD well let me tell you I it's about its rupee well your US dollars one rupee I mean one dollar come to my country it's sixty seven rupees right yeah so fifty thousand dollars you just count it into 67 it goes more than million yeah I don't really know what you're saying but listen but I know it's I know it's not true money's worth throwing away who you are as a man you're getting rid of your morals yeah deciding that you're going to be a thief and risking going to jail and you realize people's lives right now there's people who don't have money better things that are paying all they have because they think that you're someone in the IRS if you lose your criminal yeah I'm a criminal I'm a devil as you know IQ people you don't care are you on drugs right now by the way are you under the influence oh come on alright pinion are you taking me at you drunk no way yeah cuz I don't know how how else someone could stomach this how you could joke and stuff like that you have to be under some kind of influence that's that's messed up man this guy's really then I know what you are and when I am I can tell you because you know yourself what am i I ain't gonna tell you cuz you know yourself you know yourself for the dance what does that mean what are you saying you know who I am I said I know who you are and you are kidding me tell me Who am I all right what's my name's Jonathan no Who am I really no either nah but your name all about the informations but find the who you are what kind of first in your Oh what kind of person am I yeah don't you have his face are you trying to say that I'm a nice person I don't think you're nice person what do you think I am a very bad guy you think I'm a bad guy yeah why yeah like you may be doing very naughty things that people doesn't see you from behind you just rocks something stealing fighting something like that you think that I'm also stealing from people I would you say yes something kind of like this Oh No I said you're saying and I'll tell you this man I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I'm not perfect yeah I know I'm never gonna claim to be perfect but you know what you know what that what the difference is every single day I make positive steps the benefits is hurry and do things that aren't just for myself mm-hmm and I'm not a thief and I'm not a criminal you're not a you're not a crime you know I know I know that you are not just trying to do something different tomorrow that's all I'm saying you were kind of saying that if it takes some time to get a new job but please don't stop looking for a new job you're better than this buddy hey Maya it's like in New York City and circles and miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do Times Square shininess right [Music] [Music] [Music]
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The scammer wants to mine this guy for more info about the IRS. Omfg, wow.

EDIT: Then he actually gives them a bit of info! The scammer asks (making a deal, honesty for honesty) ... how much each American citizens pays in taxes. Guy gives away that it depends on the person's income. That lets them know the random numbers they can throw around at diff people could sound legit.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/WaffleHouseNeedsWiFi 📅︎︎ Oct 09 2018 🗫︎ replies
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