Wasted Scammers time, Sent a virus. Disabled his computer, meme. Fake Microsoft Tech Support caught

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holding your window keeper later odd hours are over now ideally I see it asked me what I want to run yes now what you have to do you have to clap on that run run box www dot php' on me yes dot-com okay yes finally alright now what do you have one dark slow going to read out to me nothing nothing showed up wait something's love what you have on that roof okay Quartet web show my PC calm okay for anything else it's loving show my PC and be PC password click on show my PC what's the password for click on show my PC I'm loading it right now okay nowadays be and cloning okay whoa what is happened well okay okay hold on sir ah and I'm gonna quit just right now what yes sure before we can do I would like to let you know that I have a virus so really yes that's why my browser showed up like it did I already know about this stuff now what do i click on the show my PC up here so you're doing trying to it me do do I I'm not going to report anything well what are these options for what kind of officer it says show my PC chat switch record files and you can show my PC click ok what are these other things for I need to make sure this is not a virus there's a lot of others connecting your computer with my secure connection ok what company are you with you're talking with a window technician like you know from Astoria I just need to make sure that's that please tell me what you're going to be doing on my computer what I'm going to do on your computer I'm going to do my diagnostic parking your car meter according to the technology would allocate your fields to computer ok sir I understand now this is a Microsoft thing I'm not going to get too deep into it alright show my PC lots of connections now we are not connected it says connecting right now you are sharing your screen it says password everyone I don't think he'll be with us 8 1 line unit video how do you know that the case where is it right here at the different passwords than the last one there was not an 8 in the last one I'm not that dumb ok gates 194 I have all the latest updates on my PC and everything is ready to go I just need to get virus protection you need a wire prediction if that's what helps if that helps this virus issue if it doesn't then I guess yeah yes yeah my crew are unita my computer is not fast at all I'm not doing energy sir I have a Bart what did you just do I didn't do anything oh crap you just made I think you I think you messed up like a beer why did you do that now let's restart my computer I'm not messing with your computer I'm not even making with your computer you need a rice prediction sir are you going to fix my computer like rice or your payment yeah yeah I can fix your computer but I do this is for you Jamaat bro oh you mad bro sir are you sharing to me are you trying to fix my computer are you trying to break it because I will file a complaint I don't have any kind of fun but I'm trying to fix your computer do you need a license addiction I'm going to help you over the last ridiculous protection we're going to car yeah thank you chain look why protection will going across here $2,000 okay sir that's outrageous I think I can get virus protection for ah I can get virus infection for $80 $80 yes and you won't charge me $2,000 you won I will buy a new computer with $2,000 know that we're not going to help here because this can happen your honor to do after because your computers getting compromised for the hackers are like like universe powerful it says you're acting like you think I have a lot of money or something I just want basic virus throw look at that this is outrageous you're outrageous I don't thinking on a deer drive my enemy how do I mean honest with you surrogate are you going to process my payment or not you need to take off a zero because that's outrageous like you can't charge people like that I'm not I'm not doing how much you going to be I'm going to hide you like a very normal price you're trying to jack up so you can earn more Commission so how much you going to pick what is the price how much you click it it what surprise the price is $2,000 so said yes or no sir I'd like to speak with their supervisor because I feel like you're being highly unreasonable no this is my personal opinion but I think I'm right yeah you think yeah okay how much you want to pay it sir I based on the fact that I can get a vest virus protection for only $90 I think $90 would be a good amount now if you want $10 Commission I'll add $10 on there if you can if you can send me that okay for that Beach okay DEP okay so are you the Mongoose $100 are you ready to be $100 yes sir thank you very welcome sir now give how a chick have a check blood out here yeah look at your routing number yes that your account number sir I would rather do a visa because I don't have access to that information right now you don't have it then how good to me I don't I don't know because I asked to go my bank and get that information please work with me I'm not like asking to get coin and I know you guys won't do that okay what's your what's your bank me what's your bacon is my bank name is will Fargo okay log into your account sir let me get easier I don't even have a password set up oh then how we going to make a payment email look card sir sing me another song you know this is life I don't know what to do I'm just going to buy a new computer so how you going to make it even $100 I am going to have to give you my visa okay you want to use your credit card no problem give me a top number nine I don't use credit card sir that's not safe that's not safe I would never sir could we just be in the same ballpark and sing along the same lines please because I feel like you're being unreasonable no so let me delete all kind of stuff from your familiar sir I need you to delete my diary yes with virus protection software so many writers sheep so you might rule dental iris you mad bro are you mad I can't hear you I will look on the screen I will look on the screen what do you see I see you fiddling around and playing games no I'm not even playing games what you look like you're a younger group like this is not a playground this is business what kind of I told you that there will be charge of two hundred are like $2,000 sir that is way too much I won't pay any more than $100 and before I even pay that I need you to show me the software you're going to get me obviously right now I cannot put the software on my computer so you're going to have to do it for me sir and then I will pay you yeah for you I'll look into everything but that will going to be $2,000 one day sir show me the software quit putting faces all over twice it's just you're linking that yes turn around no yeah I know you might go I can see that now what I'm not not gonna have your name you're not mad good now what do you can have your name with sure what's your name come on our QR code my name is Kyle time is it time what's up okay it's go time how you doing today how we're it's 107 where I'm at that's the time name look back in the aisle yet what about last one you're laughing okay Adam really dad I like you laughing you know I like you another one a east l cannot get enough your address I didn't ask your address East Ham Oh Pat Oh what do you want from me sir how do you pronounce your last name Q I inherited it from our country what was wrong q that's my name Oh your name is Q you your name is here no you spell it pronounce it right oh you sweet eyes Oh funny oh yeah okay what's your what's your user account log into your email maybe my address if you let me follow uh no they don't have a district are we talking for what information are you trying to get from me I don't know not a little don't even know you don't even know are you taking me to facebook.com login to your face platter no I'm not you log into your Facebook account I will not sir you log into your Facebook account or this viral no your log into your account this virus will go viral so you might blue alright why do you have me on Facebook well Kyle Jake I don't know okay so that mean that's your real name no that's not that's not my name that's my maiden name that's for my mom oh oh now you get it oh you my true sir playing around on my computer just ah I like you to meet a lot I like your computer it's vulture I like your computer you're doing prank Oh mine too many and almost so many skills sir you're talking to yourself because I don't know what you're saying okay so like I think I think I should hang up I think please just but if you get rid of this virus I'll pay you anything that you want but not 2,000 but anything under 2,000 I'm not a lot of work already I'm not trying to go she ate I'm not trying to be real but I'll see you tomorrow me though sir were 200 sir let me show you something me okay show me some all the record I'm going to record this because so I can show care everybody what you're going to my computer circus and then files I show you share file or folder share file oh so many so many you ma true you want to show my PC alright sir I am going to help you communist dying it's not even working sir you broke my computer and you're the reason bill like it is oh I'm sorry I bet you are because you know did this this is gonna go and with your sorry I don't you sorry for you I don't feel sorry for you sir I wanted to send you something I want you to see what it's like to have two thousand dollars in their bank account but I need to make sure oh crap sir don't take two thousand dollars out of my bank I need you to fix my computer don't worry I won't buy a new one okay so what are you doing now nothing let me hang a physical on your face I do that call us back basically you just you just open up the program sir you just messed otherwise you know oh
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