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but it might work for us today ladies and gentlemen we give a call to a brave soul FBI field agent Josh Brown burning the midnight oil for me at his Oklahoma field office all so that I could receive a healthy sum of nine million dollars it's time to collect hello's kvetch you know hello yes hi this is kvetch yeah this is James Comey or Josh Brown I think this is Josh right and I'm talking to here yeah this is yeah this is mr. Joyce you're talking to oh great how's that free agency gone there it's good all right right ramier we got in your ATM card yes that's what I'm contacting about the yeah tasty little email here yeah so um I hope you were very good oh no son Emer yeah I have the email here I'm just pouring over it's still um but it's been approved in my favor right no one else's the ATM card you know just you okay whew oh okay that's just directly right into my brain I guess is how that works all right okay so um you expect a fool you should take some you fool yeah I'm talking right now I can hear you just just fine actually I said you suspension you fool all right I didn't get an extra Mew but we're talking right now I don't know if voice goes through texts these days it might actually with all the new technologies being developed but all right are you yeah I can hear you are you talking about toys instead of voice displays the text over IP is the new protocol that April I need a is right no I'm trying to see you see fix message on your phone you know not everybody was no Xing you fool oh no I received the email not from you not the text so I just gave you a call up and looking at the email looking at you don't know your ISO oh yeah no you see done email from Miss against call me to contact me right yes this is Joshua not James right but I know so all right let and glad I got you now yeah so I'm just looking at you looking at an email here and that says the value is 9 million is that is that correct or has that inning maybe there's some interest on that or I got very good oh that's very correct okay good is that the it says it's the maximum withdrawal value of 15 million now so is it no no not 50 million 15,000 in Paulo oh it's only fifteen thousand that I'm getting no but there you can you allow me drop $15,000 each be Oh Ferdy I'm gonna have a per diem contract I got it okay that makes a lot more sense over about 600 days I guess I could be withdrawing that all the way for the nine million value or I guess we should go over 9000 million but that would work are you there sir yeah this is good H here Yahoo Josh hey Josh are you can you hear me yeah I'm okay so yeah I can hear you oh great I want you I want you send email care of the details you access it to me okay so for further information okay yeah yeah I got all that I think I'm looking for the email yeah just full name telephone number address gender occupation the new email address and this will be safe right because it says for the safety of this transaction so I just wanna be sure no they know me yeah everything is gonna be of count okay so you just saying that to me and I'm gonna let you know actually 380 dollars to be already bustling city of 80 dollars okay yeah I can probably send that today that'd be great yeah yeah I'll send the 80 today and then uh when can we get that Shh okay listen to me carefully all right he's really older than what you bring in the email and oven the code of the email oh that was below the fold I wasn't with that right part of the email there it's under the note right or the note part I mean you had it says uh I mean you a - it says under normal circumstances the collection of your ATM card has been approved by the IMF oh they're involved now - I guess that's great so the delivery fee is only three hundred and 80 USD only exactly that is what I'm trying to tell you okay I am going to take you I'm going to get you the payment details right now okay so I want you to a Western Union or the monogram stove do you have a plea $80 with you I thought I mean what's that noise is that the infantry rolling out I guess hello's Kadesh novigrad here yeah mr. Josh yeah listen to my instruction so won't you go to the Western Union Aman exam just beautiful how beautiful my 53 $80 just kind of feel it I'm gonna get a texture for it probably made out of some kind of Lenin Li or probably a canvas yeah I'll give you a phone just don't ignore to send some money okay I'm grateful I don't think yeah I can't I can't make it to North Carolina though I don't know how to make it all the way there listen to me not so good look Carly no he did oh are you paying for the fight there or I guess I don't even have to go there if that's what you're saying okay how about usual yeah painful yeah please what it's like that you used to bring it's wrong you know I do em together who are you going to reimburse all right apply it if you don't want to listen to me our angle disco and um your transaction is going to be canceled oh no no no I don't want that listen to me you shut up and listen to me I know better than you so let me explain to you okay now you're talking okay well so I guess you know that that's me okay I'm giving I will just use I'll give you five minutes to briefly explain it to you and if you don't understand me I'm going to consider transaction well we can't have it'll cancel catch me the other thing if you don't listen to me you're wasting time oh I'm sorry about that what were you saying yeah what I was saying was that you just go to the Walmart store go to the go to the Walmart store okay don't tell anybody about your ATM card security reason okay just the tailor their don't need to told you color just all you need to do if you tell him that you want to send your money got it all okay to the F here the DHL field office in North Carolina con la olla or Union oh thank you me carefully making a mistake like how can you like to talk shut up and listen to me if you end up to lose all what wait we don't want to be losing any of the funds so we should we open your ears and listen to me open my ears I heard mine right ash flow Ratan okay yes yes don't tell anyone about your force nobody just tell them go to take money to be true that you got all okay and now but what if I need someone to help me they'll fill it in so what you hope you you can just call someone to assist you okay once it does go LP few before 9:00 9:30 anyone about anything I'll just tell them whoever's helping me and no one else then okay shut the up or listen to me I just on what oh what a shame I say don't tell anybody about your money what are you I guess uh no I just don't want so why don't you don't your brain walk well I need your brain cause you think well sometimes I might be speaking French are you speaking French well someone asked me that before and I thought I'm not speaking English to you right right I want you to do just not not French right what I want what I want you to a man way back who asked me that very same question and yes he had a thing or two or to say to me so but that's a story for another day your foods of course I want to raise a nice tennis lawful okay shadow colonies Alicia oh okay yeah you'll be all right oh I thought I said I could go straight go to the Walmart store just tell them you want to send money to someone telling your testimony to show won't has someone I don't identify Hill on the form yeah once you go that you tell them you want to send three eighty dollars okay they'll give you a form to fill a little bit whew we showed then the sender's address fixing the emotion and give a spin okay you know the trick I like you I just realized that no they they don't have DHL Walmart I don't think so how are they going to get that though I about that it is the army you a friend somebody are going to get to me linking down any angel Walmart oh I'll give you a Fresno much you are committing payment so you are going to give the reference no back to me okay so it is the reference number we are going to use to get money okay oh I don't need to tell them the regret for them or I guess they would need that no they sent it to you any time will tell you shuttle oh I used to be don't you listening II you don't need it don't you give you a reference nobody will give you a reference number okay and then I provide that to the DHL office or Shelly okay right out to me okay so I will give that to mrs. Shelley so Misha she'll go to the Walmart anymore much concludes you are really Kobe morning's eggs Oh she'll take the day in El van over there and then how does that turn into the nine million now at Walmart oh oh a million dollars is already in stock okay you don't need to debug ATM cups you hardian stain and turn on my location God get your some zoom or not like a smart new ATM cards in your area click now can I do it I always see those popping up but you know okay okay the ATM card is with the delivery department okay so you create you are sending a just for the shipment team okay the shipment field is that a separate thing on the forum I guess I'll have to fill out no different it goes okay okay oh that's part of the 380 oh no yes I have the 500 but just to be safe okay you have $500 you yes yes Oh touch what go to be Walmart and change the O five hours a day go to Western Walmart Arsenio $500 okay okay do I have to split up into the 380 and and send 120 to you Oh totally completely doable easy job do i specify overnight or two-day delivery on the shipment man for the cash no you don't need to specify and it'll probably go by ground it'll probably go by ground shipping then then I'll take a little I might take a little longer from my location but no no no no listen to me okay uh-huh any money does go to dig emini it's not going to take more than a minute how's it gonna do that that's no technology I've ever heard of I I think I have to do the overnight shipping is the fastest one I've used before sure I don't listen to me shuttle or listen to me okay yellow should be just like um I thought you'd be to Tom would infiltrate I'm sending the 500 to Shelly and then 382 you to the field office right went through MoneyGram so that'll be a separate shop on the way back after I send it to Shelly I guess right Jeannie chuckle people Jewish oh okay she's the one she be nosy morning okay uh-huh she's receiving all of the money even the 380 that I'm going into the Oklahoma my field office there or maybe we could a not make a 120 out of the five in here in a minute take the three hello shut up shut up shut up and listen to me I say don't say no to decipher they do not to share all right right to Shelly and then you're getting the 380 but I'm still not sure if you're taking that out of the 500 or Stef the separate transaction it's not two separate transactions okay you know the situation so 75 only not a separate one at a Walmart but it's going to be at a separate transaction at the money agree on then I guess or at the Western Union know if I do end up shot Staffing on the way back we go to only Walmart and this morning $2,500 through Shelley okay o3o Walmart as Shelley ceremony true Oh Michelle just said only tie for the doll okay only final only 500 to show yet but then how much are you getting of that are you getting the 120 or the 380 from that or but that's a step a moment is separate that's a separate transaction I guess no choice if you go your business almost about these little business oh it's kind of an internal discussion within DHL and FBI they kind of have a joint thing going Tyler these days I would think yeah question exactly wanted to do full life structures was blunted I'm gonna I'll be sure to check on the map and I guess wherever the money Graham is on the way back then we can make that route easier for both of us I guess yeah I didn't already I think those go to Walmart go good why I am I am going to Walmart but I'm talking about on the way back from Walmart now hello this is give at ya go to the Walmart on trade money to when you share you okay $500 oh yeah I looked up I did look up the flight did you say you were going to reimburse me for that the flight to say it though I guess that would come in and I don't know what the closest city is there is that ralliers I using streets probably a little probably a little side port in Durham I would check and then I can catch another puddle jumping over the face all right I'm talking too much listen to me other people do that okay go to the Box anybody go to Walmart as any money to Shane here and get back to me okay okay but I don't know what's right I'm supposed to buy it to say it though I know by name it's like okay don't worry about any slides just gonna spend the money first and I'll give you further instruction exactly where in North Carolina Fayetteville is I think it's south of rally though by a good amount well not by a good amount but I think I'm getting my end there there's a pretty big airport there I'm pretty sure but okay no people don't you build all of it yeah okay what's that I don't know what the conventional wisdom is about purchasing as the purchase date and whatnot but I know they do I know they do fluctuate I tend to fluctuate I use a good deal between the days you if you want to flex whistle oh in US dollars that's what I'll be popping the fight in why stop early thing to do be so stubborn just listen to my instructions how to do Walmart store right now okay walmart store right now I'm doing thinking I wanna do last Shamy okay after I purchased a flight ticket or should I do that after before you guy rock it up online okay if what no I'm just like no I just want to purchase the ticket online before we head out to the Walmart oh shut up you don't know anything and give instructions are you are telling the rubbish oh yes why can't you listen to me well I'm trying to I'm just trying to buy my fight too but I need to budget trying to do a little multitasking it keeps me young you know the multitasking oh oh oh okay should walk on sticky no I said you have no binding sites okay well not yeah if you and I would like to purchase it before 3:00 p.m. no they go all walkie during that time on the offender they tend to skyrocket up about 70 or 80 percent of what it should actually be so shut up you're not listening to me flag don't ask you don't listen yeah baby stubble you don't think I will make sure if you don't be if you're not careful you're going to lose all your money I just have a lot of money I'm gonna be going back into my flight plan because I'm gonna be putting that back onto my card - oh you did oh you did good to you I can't you go tree yes yes I do but I just need to get the flight ticket shut Oh I said you are not to buy any flight tickets okay your ATM card we should see okay Oh it'll be shipped to me well that must be coming in through the Great Lakes and if they're not going to do a fight for that coming in through the Great Lakes no and on probably them down the Missouri who's from the Colorado I don't know which one that's connected there Jesus at that point I would probably have to pay for the merge though - right she carefully okay I need to be killing the layered emerge on the shipping cooler shut up shut up and listen to me what if I told you should be whatever you do it stupid question oh okay / the / the demurrage payment i was kind of off in my geography a little bit I guess you we are further to the coast over there in Fayetteville so we might as well just go on might as well just go up the Atlantic then I guess instead of down through the Great Lake kind of kind of do an arc from Oklahoma right now that was when I would kind of slingshot the payment and I get a little bit faster right I screeched if I said shut up oh yes yes what kind of Huma be possible I so stupid touch socials oh no no I'm trying to here this is me no I used to be your boss I have never disgrace to people like oh my gosh you've ever dealt on sorry about that um okay so sure cool this is my show so whatever I so you should what I do just go to the Walmart and you told me to go to Walmart right but I still don't know about flight X or the flight ticket I guess I can maybe even buy that at Walmart if I'm lucky enough they might have an online server there that I can plug in 2 and just a few leaves away and get the fight ticket I guess I don't know if they have their own service now kind of like a kayak feel why I don't agree to me you want me to confess what's that want me to come so you know I don't want the funds to be canceled you absolutely not I need those just as possible to be able to pay back for the flight ticket I'm going to need that to cover it because those of you monkeys don't you fools because because those are looking at north of about 8 or 900 bucks right now for that flight ticket and I don't know if I can afford that right now I might need the 9 million to come flown in before I get the flight activation ticket you know so hello are you there sir maybe if I would have just shut up and listened the nine million would have been flowing in right now damn shame thanks for watching everyone if you enjoyed me wasting this asshole scammers time please like the video and consider sharing it on Ask Jeeves Cheers [Music]
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