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[Music] a scratch-off video I know a co people on YouTube have done this that are the wire community what we're gonna do is we're gonna buy one of every option in the Y officience we calculated the total and it's two hundred and fifty one dollars if we get one of each scratch up so I have all the money right here so we're gonna do is we're gonna put it on the machine and we're get one of each ticket that's in the Lima sheet here in Michigan so let's see here I think the machine it lets you do more than a hundred and all the new one the max credits is a hundred let's see here yeah I put the dollar just in case it decides to be weird oh yeah there you go perfect it doesn't matter because we'll have a no yeah that's right right right okay all right guys comrade Mohammed sure do you think we're gonna get it back right now in the comment section I would say hopefully like at least a hundred that'd be that'd be okay that'd be nice it's like half exactly yeah awesome yeah they got three 30s they've got three 20s couple different tents most of them are fives so yeah torn $51.00 toe it all awesome [Music] [Applause] [Music] and then for these guys I know there's a couple ones that would take way too long to scratch on camera for the cash r1 and the bingo one what we're gonna do when we get back is we're gonna scan on the apps that way it saves five minutes literally right yeah so all those will scan all those weird ones [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] perfectly all right credits use go block so here is one of every ticket that's in the Michigan alarm machine we got a ton of tickets two hundred fifty one dollars worth they're all right here we got ones twos fives tens twenties and thirties we're all here man back right back at the office we have all the tickets laid out on this table order this two hundred and fifty one dollars worth of lottery tickets these are all the games are currently in the Michigan our machine right now so we can separate here's the 30s there's three 30s we have three 20s there's the tens the tens I think they had the most yeah there's five different ten yeah we got the fives right here the twos there's only one machine the festive 50s and these are kind of miscellaneous we got like a $10 cash for to find the on cash word right our cash for a $5 bingo since they take so long we're gonna scan masu we get ride right you want to start with like the ones that work our way up we're going up yeah that sounds good sounds good yes festive 50 which will be quick it's gonna be fast and quick as biggest weapon yeah I want to be 5 on 5 grand get the present for 50 and in the other purse okay 3 suing this man could be 10 500 for you that'd be good that'd be nice right I'll see here what it is 10 all right and two bucks two bucks okay not bad we will take your first little boy in the fridge yeah well time Blackstar for table where I start for triple what numbers to the wing numbers okay 26 - all right fine okay what is somehow we went on every single one that would be hilarious like yeah that's a twenty- ilion's I know and then same 26 9/11 all right you might all know 106 19 and 11 all right well we're do you want to do lucky times well sure we have a seat a Santa Clause div $10 winner oh yeah number so many numbers you get the multiplier yeah Santa Santa Baby come on come see here are you down that chimney for me oh crap all right all right now say a 77 20:28 there you go all right okay good third yeah 30 okay you know the 20 times the multiplies wealthwise one times x could be for fifty thousand five bucks sign box okay I'll take it though I'm bad boy 1 million dollars okay oh oh crap well see here for hours the hog gene at sixteen six okay three two three four okay 319 yeah 3 and 18 okay seven seven I 1 1 1 would be nice and it can attend ok nothing right it's just like hard okie times 12 I'm your number swing numbers and then you got your multiplier up here money back gonna be 20 hours instantly what if you got the money back would be insane man all right start to the batter's row okay we have there's a $10 one frown hope we get four let's see here is six a 25 come on a 30 just for fun but three times three times okay we'll move on to the fives in the five signs of fives right now yeah okay whose turn is it yeah okay I'll do the I'll do the wild time all right yay quick 25 likes is it's a 65 and then kind of move it a little bit of glare Oh full of clarity yes yeah don't go out there oh yeah carve elective ticket and a cake okay flowers and a favor okay oh my gosh oh he's having fun okay and then our numbers 125 2 and 14 and 4 ok 5 9 and 16 right 24 and 26 ok 30 and 27 okay 710 and 29 great whoa crap 13 and 28 nothing there and free okay you have been matching prize amount so Jamie could 100,000 he could wait a thousand five five more five I thought one more 25 pounds I would be just amazing one more 300 Wow continued 105 10 little weird there was a little bit strange okay alrighty alright mr. mudge yeah I turn dude my trailer you don't stop stammers yeah hey tails look on the water yeah would be fantastic okay snowman no come on snowman come on come on come on come on sir all right yeah you could still have the one although oh yes instant wind we could still do these though you could yeah that might be a little bit odd but yeah yeah you could match them there's a 15 right okay could be that 5 and 10 and 14 14 yeah we got the Snowman okay ten bucks not too bad sounds good he's got nine nine Jack eight so he's got two pair okay we can beat you here I think a great king eight ten seven yeah three and five Jack 2 and a 4 ace Queen three six in a king k99 paste me another nine five ten eight and a nine we got six King at five one more Spade right here right here that's a club gosh dang it six-ten king and a three we have an ace for Queen five - okay Queen eight ace - and a queen just pair Queens okay for King nine Jack and a king nothing on the pole not offered on the pole you know riches though I'll try the casino bitches your casino riches I will have a good kind you will have a good time currency okay ice cream cake and a sombrero three like symbols all right money bag wishbone all right come on no no no surprise on Fridays open they're very crown crown cheery coin coin okay or shoe whore shoe stop he plum plum football apple okay just say melts one winner I'll see what this guy it is five bucks K you'll take it though five bucks not too terrible yeah okay get them done with got three cash words in a bingo those would take a million years to scratch yeah we're gonna scratch the barcode off of each of these yeah here's the here's the T let's equip winner not a winner Ron okay let's do the bingo bingo one come on bingo sue we got here bingo not a winner won it'd be cool to get least one where I did one would be nice come on fifty bucks right here okay okay $10 one right here line in dollars ten dollars come on not a winner alright well it saved a lot of time yeah we're big boys now $10 one down here is it my dad okay mister our number could still get into more to the inference didn't win polythene one for triple and a fault for all 16 problems what are these no fault that be insane God yet for be at least 500 bucks yeah 33:21 and one twelve and twenty six and seven and sixteen three gold hogging six could match one of those though okay let's look and see what we have okay okay oh oh here oh okay no I'll do that first right here for 30 come on Chester 50 I had diamond from I know numbers okay rematch $13.99 nothin eight hey come on no no number five five Louie are now 27 and 27 oh yeah right I'm into the golden ticket okay so fat these don't exist they don't exist 100 and then numbers many numbers double dollar sign for double triple dollar sign for triple I'll get these out of the way 36 3 to 21 and 37 double dollar sign would be cool yeah 18:11 24 10 and the dreaded 40 dreaded 40 35 33 15 22 and thirteen twenty twenty thirty eight twenty three thirty nine and 25 Superman 14 14 no 14 third 37 37 nice awesome yeah yeah that's awesome right let's see you're 29 oh goody 929 nothing there and 26 okay 3507 see what is it is 25 bucks Wow it's sweet heck yeah man you're fast spots on the right you look for stars went all bumper the numbers yeah they're kind of another close instant win house it's doing okay ah all right hmm right here okay okay one okay one wanting a winner see if you find a one for a while on daily be nice yes that would be nice yeah all right come on one two you know what you 1930 and I don't know you could still you the math okay 13 13 no nothing 25 25 nothing there seven seven months seven oh three oh shoot no 23 three little bit on dad's got the cash okay you got the cash ticket has not paid out yet okay mm on 24 25 okay double double - 100 second casseroles you 11 and 21 okay twenty six five four double service team 12 3 mm-hmm-hmm-hmm needs to be a million dollars oh crap twenty three six six and twenty eight twenty eight okay okay seventeen those seventeen I mean no thirty thirty third of three no one line no one - darn it come on 2918 No okay you have a item on time I have them wild time yep yeah 300 500 looking for W star for instant went an extra ten times surprised to the W's first yep do it pot of gold right here for 500 oh man what have you seen yeah - 326 824 okay 18 617 925 12 and 21 13 2015 9 7 don't see any repeating numbers or I'll see here okay 22 you know 22 mm 14 no 14 and there yet 5 no fun 5:13 I totally missed it awesome cool awesome right this way try so for five dollars this could be alright 13 and we have 20 bucks 20 bucks by the time that's better than 10 double our money on that ticket awesome not bad at all heck yeah man I get the classic black give laughs um yeah and then you get the two men generally you're gonna get them yeah you get the check yeah you get the money money yeah do you like some balls right here that one okay come on let's see here lets you win want to pigs okay 5 X and there are four five times and then a stack of cash for instant maybe nice all right I should be cool to see let's see here 24 it'd be cool to at least win like once on one of the twenties on one side one of the Pharaohs yeah that would help out a lot yeah not just me minimums right yeah yeah I get some three thousand significant be good three and twenty two and twenty to forty five and forty six okay forty to two for twenty six and eighteen twenty six and eighteen six forty six and forty one last row 31 and 30 anyone in thirty no 2747 747 us number sending okay you get the two million dollar jackpot two main arm jackpot you're gonna get a big win right you've got that one else yeah it works out see I really really I've seen you win though yeah I'd be nice okay maybe your money back we never seen more on the box we're a team here man it all counts yeah come on come on here gosh do you ever seen it before okay you could match one of those though one 11905 into okay 700k sweet unexpected yeah wow that's awesome cool come on let's do another one right there I wonder still got more prize on this I'm gonna do this but um I know there's not it goes to 50 but it could be a bunch of twenties to add up to a hundred that's cool that's awesome yeah that's the one at least yeah yeah ya know what they'll do no that's interesting eighteen okay come on multiply our 21 hey stop 1917 26 1514 for others okay maybe you match of 24 okay come on okay 30 do you have Fairdale you know and 13 13 13 ah Dean hey pokey right here three three all right one more 22222 that's a catch that's good we're not doing that bad for buying only one tick of the years right it's really come on any money money okay I get 29 two money bags up here let's see covers the first one show me this uh come on second one gosh dang gold bars I hate bones yeah and clover do you like souls right here yep Brown and son part and a bell guys and our wave Oh going for double tanks for ten times numbers two numbers people see a connects that would be nice matching numbers anything yeah that's right at 40 no 40 okay there will be at forty seventeen twenty two forty eight and thirty a six twenty seven five twenty and twenty one twenty three thirty one thirty five eleven and twenty eight K there's no forty good forty K let's see here 41 oh man this could be one of the winning numbers for twenty four one two numbers okay okay thirty-eight the millions come I got the payout okay all right I'll see you're good good deal yeah treasure box good all right money bag a gold bar a diamond key nothing there okay you got five X's than 10x as we have and fireworks for 200 we hit up 5x before times 100 I'm just tickets before that was freedom what see ya can do it means at the very end - yeah can we do it again you can do it River king 1c here fireworks possession Robin Robin Robin yeah 200 bucks Wow for buying one of we each do Trevor yes man hell yeah putter - inner box firework cymbal baby nice awesome right there in the middle Wow well there could be more oh my gosh nice man fireworks only nice showing up um it'd be 500 oh we see one match yeah there's gonna be more automatic Oh Crowley I've never seen a fireworks before on the stick so freakin cool when $200 is cleaned up yeah 200 check that out Wow yeah and the profit sweet nice that was so freakin expect awesome man oh my gosh yeah TT cuz I wasn't sure why I was looking through the lens yeah exactly I knew it was something but wow we didn't go in right away 30:38 okay okay 23 and 48 Wow okay nothing there 45 okay 27 and 14 okay hey 32 you every 35 should be fine oh okay gosh what have it have it 49 49 6 and 24 X 24 Oh 47 and 36 Wow 200 bucks paper bucks yeah yeah my heart would drop if we see another man yeah okay Hey 200 bucks tall in the 'quran fashion and fireworks too haven't seen the fire symbol yeah is someone seen a cool yeah Wow the symbol for $200 check it out guys five five and 10x and fireworks for 200 million - that's a policy that's crazy that was gamer still not done yet yeah yeah yeah looking for stars stars anyone whatever's underneath Mon star Mon all right see here right here show me a star right here at the end okay you've got numbers of winning numbers okay second cash for instant 104 104 Joyner in a money bag would be the guarantee cleaner that we're all looking for that would be a clean Oh be insane man that being ridiculous that would be all I went all 30 prizes I have a good feeling when you see a 200 symbol Wow okay what if we did yeah I hope so Wow that'd be ridiculous making crazy wow that was cool to see that was fireworks and so let's just pick zeros yeah I was different like it was so fast and expected yeah imagine like you know those tickets that have like an instant 100,000 Oh exactly yeah nothing to duplicating okay okay okay 41 okay really one come on you two routine Wow there's a new machine an old machine guys to pick some out of the old machine okay okay how's good that still wow yeah holy crap yeah profit all the way else well come on my twelve nine nine no nine or nothing this thing here 39 39 39 mm okay 25 25 25 Watts number come on one more chance right here don't see it okay we've got one more okay all right man ticket number nine moneybags at the bottom money rule for double star for instant win and a stag cash should be two neurologists alone Justin blunting let's see we got here come on man forty three forty one twenty five seven seven okay 1913 three eleven twenty two twenty nine thirty four h42 and thirty five forty nine thirty one twenty one forty eight and five I've come on okay to Mars thirty-six twenty-six fifteen twenty thirty nine twelve forty four and thirty three cano symbols up here also Zubin fine numbers okay okay sixteen sixteen no sixteen no 16 okay holy crap come on 23 23 23 okay okay okay 28 28 28 no 28 okay come on right here for now for you know for okay but we at the bottom though we have oh yeah yeah money bag for instant one money room for double let's see my money bin what if there was a money bag wallet pad a glob gosh money clip coin and I'm safe okay okay one she said one match number 10 see what it is that's interesting 33 oh gosh we are you product artless yeah yeah let's see if it's a big zero oh my gosh that was awesome pack yes no no no that's crazy no way yeah yeah holy crap yeah yeah even sucks - Wow okay that's - okay 147 yep and the grand finale the fireworks symbol for tornados oh my gender wow profited like ninety seven six bucks in seven bucks yeah that's crazy one ticket of every option of alarm machine and we've made a profit man not many people that's on her oh yeah
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