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[Music] hi this is the alert system with Visa MasterCard account services with important changes to your account before the next billing cycle if you receive Jordan rates by mail and wish not to be contacted best three congratulations on your excellent payment history you now qualify for a 0% interest rate on all your credit card accounts this is a limited time offer and you must respond immediately just one now to speak to our qualification Department and complete the enrollment process thank you for learning life conference how are you today I'm good that's good and I see that you are the morning to get the Dead Redemption annealing the Sigma that got accountants is it right right right right because they look at me that you have an on time with your payments and it is not time you slide a bit more visible among gamers correct yes until the interest rate literally getting cards in your account search for the 6% and I hope you know dancing correcting well I am Not sure the interest rate I mean you know that number because does the support for the qualifications purposes Mendoza credit card do the most on essentially the current multi-master women aren't you visa right now you're speaking with acquired leverage services or visa and master itself okay so well you know which ones my I have the most on I don't even recall so they do have information sir I just wanna cook them for the qualification purposes it was a look at the same account and make sure you're not speaking of any third party we're trying to set it as something right right so sure so tell me the last four digits of my card because I thought from your side sir no no you you tell me the last four digits I'm not asking for anything else just the last four digits of my card we want to confirm you're the primary cardholder Kanawa tell you about the lattices that you hope the last extending me you'll remember the quiet on you had to get an interest rate I'm not asking I'm not asking for you to do that I'm just asking you tell me the last four digits of a card that you want me to talk about so you're getting this village and all the accounts that you have in total because the credibility has a good credit score you can say small accounts to have internal okay well tell me what card you want to talk about Furbys ah master and discovered through this case all right let's do the Visa Card let's do the Visa Card all right up on top of the navigation purposes all I need to make sure that your Visa card is not expired so kinda grab the card is been finding always a month in the year medicine on expired Oh 120 this home was twenty crack destroyed and the cardamom cardamom for so I can pull up the billing statement no you need to tell me the last four digits of the card number I'm gonna get to the kaga Masonic with for sir no no maybe you don't understand I'm asking you to tell me the last four digits of my Visa card you said your visa right I got I said I got you all right and make sure I'm George Bush vice versa okay give me the number I will tell you about that I'm not asking you sir sir sir I'm not asking sir I'm not asking you to give you the entire card I'm not asking you to give me the entire card I'm asking you to give me the last four digits of the card that should be no issue then you want me to tell you my entire card yet you can't get in your visa if you tell me your Visa MasterCard that you can't tell me the last four digits of my card why can't you tell me the last four digits of my card why can't you tell me the last four digits of Mike word because I'm not the one without a number Berkeley you never husband I've been included avoiding your experience it's been down by Expedia so your your Expedia nor Expedia its experience the credit zero experience experience sir expect using I said that okay so your experience your the credit reporting agency experience now who are you been card member services no no it said that when the phone call happens listen to me charlie don't drop it I'm asking you to just tell me the last four digits of my card I said that I'm giving you kinda number sir I'm not giving you any numbers either then all right our problem okay huh hey did I waste your time how long did I waste your time huh you can convince my time I just wasted your time I know you know I was playing with you right
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