Fooled by a phone charger?? Bryan Saint on Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

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[Music] there just may be a method to this next magicians madness but can Penn & Teller figure out that method let's find out when I'm in front of an audience I have two rules show them something amazing and don't take myself too seriously some people when they come to the magic show they believe that it's dim against the magician here's a guy that is trying to fool me and so I try to make people laugh on the first line that I say and as soon as that happens people let their guard down and that's when I fool I'm also a voice actor rated pg-13 featuring a bold new flavor tonight I'm combining a couple of skills that I've never really combined before we'll Brian sage fool Penn & Teller find out tonight on an all-new episode of Penn & Teller fool us on the CW Thank You Allison oh thank you guys so much you know I did not become a magician to be famous then so far that's working out great I'm not famous as a magician but I am famous just nobody knows it is true because besides being a magician I am a voice actor but ultimately all of you hate my voice and you don't even know it your call is very important to us please continue to hold hey you think my voice is annoying when you're on hold think of how annoying it is when I'm on hold but I'd much rather do something tonight that does it annoy you like an infomercial you know why I sound so weird when I do infomercials because I have to sound over-the-top excited and I have to make the product sound like it solves one of the biggest problems facing society today are you tired of a phone charging cable that's either too long or too short well not anymore introducing the cord master mm which looks just like a normal phone charger but when you're on the go why carry more than you need especially when you only need the ends to charge your phone with the court master mm you can take the ends off [Music] carry with you everywhere and leaving unneeded Rupert Hulk but wait there's more cable not long enough for you if you call right now we'll send you some extra cable so you can make any size phone charger you want [Music] this will allow you to create a phone charger so long it'll have your friends saying wow that's a long phone charger [Music] cut off what you need then simply remove the cut ends [Music] then take your existing ends wrap them around the giant loop pull slowly and you'll even fool yourself [Music] but wait there's more because the best thing about the court master mm is that you don't even need an electrical outlet to charge your phone and we'll give you a demonstration right now using two average consumers watch as one of them plugs in his cell phone okay while the other uses his hand to create a static charge [Music] plug no problem [Music] if you can use static to charge your phone why settle for anything else stop dealing with the stress of normal phone chargers and get the court master 2000 [Applause] if you experience the phone charge lasting more than four hours please consult Penn & Teller call today operators are standing by your call is very important to us please continue to hold it's really really cool and SuperDuper handy oh absolutely like yeah if you forget your charger you could just make one absolutely right there on the spot Mansu are you really the hold voice I mean I've done everything I mean really I've done everything from movie trailers to beer commercials I've done all whole commercials have done some video game work done some luxury car commercials so really it's kind of just been this bad I'm on several apps even kids toys you'll hear my voice for some of those so oh wait I think they're done do you really do infomercials I have done one or two in the past oh that's great that's fabulous and using that of this routine is wonderful we just love that you know using stuff with a with a charging cable is a really great great great idea you know very few of us I mean I do but very few of us have rope around our house they're doing rope tricks with a charging cable is a great great idea rope tricks don't mean much anymore this means everything and that comedy was terrific it's beautifully written really really fabulous really wonderful all the way through and as far as this charger thing we have no idea how this works aloud to that I'll add to that I have no idea how a regular charger works on my phone no I'd be able to the apps on my phone work I have no idea how the iPhone works so this is exactly like that we have no idea how it works and I guess that's a fooler [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] for the Fuller's but Penn & Teller get a chance to redeem themselves when they do a trick of their own coming up next [Applause] [Music] you [Applause]
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Published: Wed Oct 03 2018
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