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So, what's your name and how old are you My name is Colin cloud and I have just turned 30 and what are you gonna be doing for us today? Today, I'm gonna show the world the closest thing to a real life Sherlock Holmes What they do for career It's actually easier if I give you a quick example of what I do before we get to the main event a lady at the front would you hold up your two hands just Like this. Yep, just hold Ok, would I be correct if I'm wrong be honest, are you a teacher? Yes, that's your job. The guy the guy beside this lady not moving, but the body language. Are you a police officer? Yes Wow, I'd love to teach you how some of this works with me, okay? Yes Would you mind joining me, please? Do that By far, I won't embarrass you. Okay. Hey Kyra, grab a seat on this the school You're gonna hold this prediction that may prove very important very soon My background genuinely is in criminal profiling specifically detecting when people are lying So with this in mind, I want to teach you how this works with a very simple game that I learned as a child Starting with Howie how I'm gonna give you a coin. I will also give you an antibacterial wipe should you request it? All I want you to do is place the coin behind your back, please you haven't tried to give nothing away But hold your hand straight out in front of you like this. Give nothing away. Just say yes both times that make sense Yes, that was perfect. Hurry. Right is the coin in this hand? Yes is the coin in this hand? Yes So when he said yes for real when he meant it his eyebrows raised slightly your nose is also pointing slightly here So, I believe it's in this hand turned over. Let me see Yes. Yes, there is Okay. Now I want to try this with the three of you as well What I'd love you to do now place the coin behind your back everyone on this side of the room think of a simple color In the middle think of any animal and over here. Think of any name Hold your hands straight out to male facing mean shows those colors nice and loud in 3 2 1 go white or blue perfect So look at me straight face over the coins in this hand think white if it's in this hand think blue Look at me just think is it white just think or is it blue? I believe you're thinking white the coin is here. Turn it over. Let me see Yes Much harder al-qaeda in a place to attend. Hi DVD So played hide it and your hands straight out in front of you those animals any animal go Cat or Cheetah cat or cheetah must be in one of your hands. Hold them straight out with absolute aggression Heidi I love it right over the coins in this hand think cheetah if it's in this hand think cat So look at me really send the animal. Okay, I Am petrified you are thinking catch the coin is here turned it over open it up. Yes 202 ladies and gentlemen Simon should be surprised behind your back sir. Either hand those names any any name Charlie? Charlie What was yours Oscar okay Charlie or Oscar? hands out and from straight face if the coin is in this hand think Charlie if it's in this hand think Oscar and I get the strike that sometimes When I do this, the blond girl behind you is looking very nervous hoping I'd want the real one of her embarrassing memories It's still move. Look at me at you thinking about in memory when you were a kid But there's a name involved with this that you were thinking and we've never met before be honest We don't know each other. The last name is at Miller Yes, okay, right so silent if it's in this hand it was Oscar this hand Charlie. You are thinking Oscar the coins here Let me see turn it over open it up. Let me see Yes. Oh, yes Before I walked onto this stage tonight I had some ideas about the type of audience you are going to be and I wrote them down on a scroll Now you guys could have shouted anything. Our judges could have heard anything in picked anything But tonight you wanted the color white you went with cat and you picked Oscar. You will see this scroll actually says that I at Call an underscore clout want you to open the lid and tell everyone. What's Inside I'm simply stand up open the lid. I don't want to torture open. Yep Yeah, I'll say this open the lid open the lid look inside A what? But wait camera lemons you cannot review Name tag also says Oscar Right now I want to share with you the most difficult things that I can do and to do this I would love to ask for the help of Harry and mal So now I need you right now don't say it But think of a unique word to describe you face me put your two hands up like this I need you to bring her a little bit closer. Close your eyes. Don't move a muscle everyone else. She-she-she Don't move Now you can open up your eyes you can put your hands back down this There's wipers for you, but I'd be right in saying just from the taste alone recently Have you been eating eggs and the grit the potato chips as well? Am I right? This is my iPhone you are going to have to deduce the six digits that unlock it here So fresh right now any six digits on there and tell is yes or no. Did it opened it open? No, of course not Okay, now judges, I would love used three right now to think of any number between one and ten Simon What do you think? The first digit is 1 1 press 1 perfect second digit Heidi. What do you think the second is? 990 press it 1 1 press 1 the last 3 you're gonna get on your own right now Let me get into the mindset of Howie Okay The last V digits look at me are gonna pop into your hand. Okay, not yet but when they do this is one in a million, so if you unlocks this He's done it press the last three digits that you think unlock my god, press them in whatever feels right press Yeah Let's get it to the world's nearest mind really man down so much. So, thank you But with you you were thinking a secret I don't think you would want everyone else to know what I'm gonna whisper it to you big pinky promise This secret will never go any further. Okay, the thing you're thinking is Didn't just whisper act surprised play along that's much genuine. Yes my god, there's no way I could have found that on Twitter Anywhere good. No way keep that between us. We'll leave them wondering but look right to me mail Look at me you thought of a word before you came out here. I gave out some letters to people in the audience I don't want you to see them. So keep looking at me Can I ask the guys over here who have the cars stand up right now? Before mal says her a word so that everyone knows this can't be changed Would you all turn around your letters so that everyone else no one say it, but I think this sums you up perfectly No, this is a free choice. You could have thought of tens of thousands of words So tell us what word are you thinking of to describe yourself right now? Well for start I think every woman is this but I think of myself as a goddess My god No Simon, you're probably wondering why I've invited you onto the stage tonight you see tonight Simon I would love to share with America the most dangerous thing that I can do solving the murder of Simon Cowell Right before it happened so Mel this is your chance to get some revenge Can I ask you please to stand up for me? And would you please point out? Anybody at all in the room that you don't know at random who will come up on stage? Which person Right on there. Would you please stand up for us this lady? Is this who you would like Mel? It must be your choice. Would you make your way to the stage and now you can sit back down? Thank you now While they make their way up I need to ask the rest of you in the audience to think for me of any naughty or guilty memory of yours think of it in as much detail as you Possibly can and hold that memory right at the very front of your mind. I'll be back with you in a second Hi, very nice to meet you. Thank you so much for coming up Can I ask you to stand right here, please? What I would love you to do is to take this piece of paper read it carefully fill it in fold it up But do not let anyone see it that will be important. I'm gonna ask you to turn away as well So do that now just face this way. That's perfect I'll be back with you in a second Simon while she does that Can I ask you please to say stop as I move my hand anytime? Tonight Anytime just say stop stop right here. That's perfect. That's great. The lady blonde hair, but you please stand up for me just confirm We don't know each other. Are you thinking of something right now? Yes, just to confirm you haven't told this to anyone you're only thinking of it right now in this moment say nothing But this is something that happened when you were younger. Yes, this is something you were outside Does that make sense and other people have seen this happen and you've laughed at you you're thinking there's an animal involved Does that make sense? Yes, and you're camping? Is that what you're thinking you're camping with your friends and some things happens with a dog? Am I correct in saying that you're thinking whilst you were camping? This dog has bitten you on your butt Is that what you were thinking yes, then you can sit back down what sir? What's hilarious is the guy in front with red shorts you're now thinking the exact same thing has happened to you Is that what you just thought? Yes, yes. Not that this is her moment. Okay, but thank you The point is every single person in this room at some point in your life something naughty or embarrassing has happened to you but tonight The naughtiest person is going to be this lady here. You've thought you fill that in Yes, you can throw the pen away get rid of the pen. Just throw the pen right into the audience. Perfect Hold on to that because what I would love you to do is choose one of these five Potential murder weapons this evening. Okay. I don't want anyone to see which one you choose So we are going to cover them, but would you please come drop your piece of paper there? Think of one of the five colors in a moment, you'll take it off. But while she does that Mel Could I ask you please to join us on stage and stand right behind Simon? Okay. Now while smell makes hurry up Thank you now think of one of those nights I want you to watch ever color you're thinking of peel that knife off and hide it behind your back so that no one sees Which color you have shout done when you have done that Perfect come and face me keep the knife behind your back. Keep it hidden Look at me and let's see what I can do juice about you Think about your name. First of all think of your name is your name something like Kirsty Yes, let's confirm. This your name is Kirsty right? Okay, think of what you do. Don't say it. Just think you're you're a student Yes, and you think of what you're studying from me, please just think are you studying physical therapy? Yes, okay good, that's perfect. Think about the reason you're thinking for killing mr. Cuddle tonight just think of it this involves a celebrity Yes. Yeah. Yes, not a man is it? Yes, would I be correct in saying that tonight? You're thinking the reason you would like to kill? Mr Cowell is because he stole your entire collection of Justin Bieber CDs. Yeah, is that what you're thinking? Yes, then if I've read you correctly right now You should have taken the white knife bring it out and let me see if that's correct Yes is the white knife. You can now flee the scene you're free to go because now it is the white knife But this is your moment. Please hold that knife high up in the air hold it high up in the air male and right now Mal I would love you please to plunge that knife into Simon Cowell's chest Sorry, yes, I meant to say I apologize You panic there Simon it is it is a rubber knife Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Obviously now we couldn't kill Simon and from the live studio audience buts whilst the knife was fake. The motive was real. No Mel Good to double-check no Now you could have picked anyone and they could have chosen any reason but of course the reason I deduced that they were thinking for Killing Simon is because he stole all of their Justin Bieber CDs. That's what she wrote and that is exactly What I said, okay Now what makes this what makes this more interesting though, is that I knew exactly The type of person who would want to kill Simon Cowell long before I came on the show Simon you've been sat on that bench this entire time. Can I please ask you to slide to your left? Because Simon you will see that the plaque engraved On the bench that you've been sat in front of this entire time clearly states in loving memory of Simon Cowell killed because he stole their entire collection of Justin Bieber CDs But Why hope you're more delighted way that is the choice of weapon. You see the truth is that was the only rubber knife you see now if you'd start Simon with any of these tonight you Would have been the person Simon Cowell Thank you so much and thank you. Oh my gosh, this is creepy Good evening America, are you well? What a journey to get to this point in the competition and I'm well aware when America first saw me you were all thinking Why does he look like the evil twin of Neil Patrick Harris? But we got past that and you very quickly realized I knew things about people that I shouldn't be able to know for example How we put your thumbs straight up in front of you? Please wiggle them slightly and try not to think of your iPhone a lock code one two one four eight four I'm not gonna tell you why would I tell you we know I'm correct Harry, that's cool, right but You can change it later. But you know, I can do that sort of stuff tonight for this semifinal I want to up the ante and do something quite literally with all of you and this started a few weeks ago when I put a message on the AGT Twitter account asking everyone to Respond with a random celebrity City and object in one tweet We got thousands and thousands of responses So we printed them all out and we've given them to everyone here tonight in the theater and this evening. I Risked my future in this competition on the fact. I can correctly predict what the judges will choose here tonight that City Celebrity and object and just so you appreciate how difficult it is I've done the math for you when you multiply all the cities by celebrities by objects It's over 1 in 43 quadrillion specifically that You get the idea. It's freaking hard, but I will not be making any of the choices tonight. It's over to the judges So everyone in the theater? Pick up your tweets have a look and just cheer if you can see all the tweets on your sheets are different Perfect and there are no duplicates, but it's crucial to everyone at home knows this as well but again I won't be making any decisions The judges will so Howie and Simon I'm gonna give you ten seconds to run and grab the tweets from as many people In the audience as you would like, so guys your time starts now Five more seconds guys And your time is up as quickly as you can Please hand all of them to Mel pan them to Mel Thank You Mel Mel If you would just quickly look through them and just confirm that the tweets are all different we've checked in the audience But just have a look you can see and we're gonna double check in a second, but they look different Yes, and we will check in a moment. Turn them all facedown for me and scatter them across the desk mail You seemed quite intuitive. So I'd love you to hand me. Just hold your hand over you Give me the one that feels right to you. Which one do you feel? We will use this one right here Heidi. Would you please stand up for me? You're gonna make the final choice here You can see all the tweets are different So like Chicago chandelier But this tweets different to this three different to this tweet make sense Heidi you'll get to choose one as I move my fingers around slowly You will say stop whenever you like make sure I stop where you say stop So whenever you'd like Heidi you say stop right there. Would you please it on the left? Would you please read those choices? Can you see? Allen Rome cheese Allen Ron cheese You can sit back down And you guys turn those over and just quickly see if that combination comes up anywhere else Allen Rome cheese if you still have your fall tours right now, can you also check in the audience? Just check and see. Yeah, let's get some right there and here just double-check. Can you see anywhere having anywhere? I've known Simon Cowell London handsome. Okay, but it's a Which is great, but it's not the treat. We're looking for Allen Rome cheese audience. Does anyone have that combination? No, no, no it was just you Heidi just you Ellen Rome and cheese and even though I made this as Random as I possibly could that is the exact combination. I wanted you to pick So well done wait I knew you'd never believe that right. So before I even sent out that tweet I filmed something because I knew exactly How America would respond that I knew exactly how the four of you would choose things this evening? So quite simply Watch this Hi America : cloud here and on September 12 2017 I will make her judges choose from the quadrillions of possibilites Cheese, Rome and Ellen Of course I'm sure me recording this on a video is not enough to convince you so I'm gonna go undercover Through our judges lives and leave proof. Let's see if they pay attention to I'll tell you something. I'm electrified. I can't wait to get to work. I want to judge Hey Heidi, we want to test your earpiece really quickly. Talk about going on The Ellen Show Perfect Heidi, thank you very much. Hey, man, what can I get for you? And is that with cheese cheese Now I need to check your audio can you say Rome quickly mount say Rome Rome Could you say hi to our friends in Ellen and Romeo? Yeah Ellen Romeo why don't you call me anymore? Very ready and Sound speed But the reality is None of your observe because even the numbers that have been on displayed this entire time Clearly spell cheese Rome and Allen Thank You. Judges Thank You America Good night Hey everyone its Shin Lim winner of season 13 America's Got Talent You're watching Got Talent global if you want to see more amazing talent subscribe below
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