Fooled by a COOKIE? (again) Nicholas Wallace on Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

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[Music] [Applause] can take all kinds of twists and turns let's see which fuller is getting behind the wheel next my name is Nick Wallace I'm from Canada on stage I would say I'm very boyish unassuming but I really enjoy embracing mystery and the unknown you know those dark corners and those locked doors gonna be a little bit unnerving sometimes I created the show called Sally's it's sort of an interactive ghost story we take a random member of the audience and used them to communicate with the dead the whole point was to explore the fear of the unknown I had a good friend once say that I was pure evil wrapped in mr. Rogers sweater I like that [Applause] Thank You Allison Julia join me over here please Allison ladies and gentlemen nice to meet you yeah so Alison we're going to test your luck no and to do this we're gonna use the safest and most wholesome things in the world milk and cookies oh okay so here's how this is gonna work I'd like you to place your left hand right here like about like that good in a moment I'm gonna place a cookie on your hand I want you to wait just wait until you hear me knock twice and say go when I do that you're gonna eat the whole cookie as quickly as you can just shove the whole cookie in your mouth and then put your hand back okay okay it's important that you put your hand back because there's two more cookies coming to eat those two yes yes just shutting your mouth in so three cookies in total okay trying not to do gluten so I'm guessing this is gonna be a kick that's five three it's only three okay it's important that you listen to the instructions as well because you're going to be wearing this uh-huh it's a blindfold Wow do you mind I mean it doesn't matter if I do so okay is that comfortable I mean I've had more comfortable but sure can you see this you see anything and I see a blindfold perfect okay don't worry Allison you can trust me I don't think so I don't like the music [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I don't know what's taking so long don't move don't move doubles [Music] ready [Applause] oh boy [Music] whoa whoa [Music] normal Oh [Music] what will get cut move take the blindfold off boy that's a lot before we do this he was like that cookie good doing fine it's fine okay [Music] the ball is going around the block [Applause] that was really gross food from strangers I suppose yes man you're pretty strange I will take that as a compliment thank you I mean at the end of the day all we did with eat some milk and cookies yeah but you tried to kill me well I suppose but yeah there's some questions I have for the producers later you seem so nice but you're not you're just mean what if I had switched the cookie I I don't know it would be a very different show let's see if your cookie magic fooled the boys boy we get a lot of here's the problem for those who watch to fool us other episodes we have been fooled by cookie before we did not want to be fooled by a cookie teller has been sure that it's similar to the last time we were wrong I'm not gonna let him do that he thinks that I'm not this is not our guess because he thinks you dumped that cookie into the glass of milk that you're holding there that you've dumped the cookie with a razor blade into the glass of milk that you're holding and I do not think so I do not think so I think you can drink that whole glass of milk and there's not a look there's not a there's not a cookie in Nevada do it and I'm so glad at soymilk right now it's warm ain't not tasty it's not even vanilla exactly and I think that the razor blades are also real and I think you are really really really good at sleight of hand and all blindfolds are fake it's not sleight of mouth it's not sleight of cookie and what a great idea for a trick what was it was sleight of hand involved and my I was it was sleight of hand you're palming it off was it sleight of hand mmm no no it's not sleight of hand now we were fooled by another cookie the gunner first come back and deep will get another activist
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