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take a look when I was a kid I was very shy and I couldn't communicate with people the school might show me a magic trick and that was the first time that I felt magic in my life I started to study magic and I started to communicate with people and I met a lot of girls because I hide the shyness behind the objects I realized if I want you to live from magic I have to perform for kids they don't care about if you make an elephant disappear they want to be surprised they want fun they want to laugh when I perform for them I'm not an adult I am the guide like them and they say oh no life gives you surprises [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] smoothly look [Applause] sweet this is much better than that very three dollars I sort of sense that maybe there's like a little bit of a clown in you look good [Music] and I can okay just good well let's see what the boys think and tell her tell us what you think boy it's really it's so much harder to bust a trick when when there's such a wonderful story the misdirection in this is is the plot it's the misdirection is the the following of the story but I think I can probably give you not very much in code I'll actually tell you who who some of your heroes are I think I think that you you owe a great deal of respect to Slydini I think there's a great deal of respect to Tommy Wonder I think Albert Gossman would also be someone you liked the helper gosh when did the coin unexpected places all the time with the salt and pepper and all that wonderful stuff I'm gonna say some that sounds a little bit dirty but is not it's just a little bit secret there were a lot of misdirected loads that were wonderful in there and and am I getting an idea here you want more you look as confused as I I think this may be just language problems we're gonna go to the judges because there's a little bit of a language barrier in the booth we have Danny Thompson am i close you listen to everything we say and the verdict is you did not fall very perfect thank you very much yes you were great man we love Jimmy problem cannon tell her perform next you don't want to miss it
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Published: Thu Sep 14 2017
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