Confronting A Scammer Face to Face: The Dark Truth

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[Music] the messages for mrs. Rodgers with Roger that's me John Fudo answer me ma'am use only my $29,000 or else I'm gonna report you today and tomorrow you're gonna see FBI knocking your door thank you have a blessed day [Music] [Music] what's going on guys how are you the trilogy media I'm excited to talk with you guys so so as you guys know I let scammers connect to my PC and we go through you know tech support scams refund scams and this special scam profiting what dealing with his name's John Kudo and he wants about thirty thousand dollars from me now typically yeah typically with with these scammers you know scam Bader's haven't gone past that right we've wasted their time deleted files done different things and you know I had this idea of how can I work with you guys out there in California because a lot of times in these refund scams they will want you to either write a check or in actual cash so a lot of my viewers they've seen where we've gone far and tried to go after these kind of American mules across the u.s. they've been in fun successful so I really wanted to reach out to you guys because a lot of these packages are going out to the west coast I obviously can't be there my idea was since these scammers are wanting to cash in on these huge payouts let's see who's on the other side of it you guys are doing your incredible stuff with a scam baiting world I think it's really cool for us to join forces here I don't know really if this is a victim or not or if it's someone that's working with the scammers but I'm sure curious to find out so again with you guys you guys are cool with maybe going out there and seeing what we find absolutely that sounds fun investigation videos like Sherlock Holmes booktube awesome just to go over like it's actually crank lease right assistance I choose shady place to be and that's a great I'm so glad you you have a set of dexter skills that is so far above my head that i don't even know where to start but that's great because i we did some we've always wanted to do is see where where is the end point of this like what is doing this and can you collect money how can you like we are stealing called you deposit hell do you putting an away you bring some Russian mafia no that's good that's good no I appreciate y'all's help I think it's gonna be really cool and we'll get some closure I think on where this money goes because I think a lot of people want to see where this money goes so let your forwards thirty thousand dollars like where did that like yeah what's their agent for asking for that from you yeah so how the refund scams work they you know the the computer companies right they call you up they say that they owe you a certain amount of money what happens they connect into your computer the scammer is actually remoting into a virtual machine or a fake computer that I run and I also have a fake bank account but the real victims they'll connect to their bank account they'll see everything that's in there based off of how much money they have they'll then kind of edit the screen to make it look like they've given you X amount of money so if you have a lot of money they want to take more from me obviously if not they'll take a couple thousand bucks but they'll try to do this over and over again so this gamer in particular connected my PC saw that I had like two and a half million dollars in my savings account which I wish I had that I don't have that in there but instead of a three hundred dollar refund he made it a thirty thousand dollar refund so after that they pretty much say they're gonna lose their job they need you to help them out they need that money back so that's kind of where we are I've gone to the bank and gotten the money out well actually in this one I've I've written a check so they wanted to check and that's the part that really was a red flag to me is typically they want you to send money so I'm very intrigued to see if this is an actual victim to see if this is a scammer that's working with them that's teachers wow that's people gift cards then asking for cash so it's a check addressed to a person to a person who's dead person theoretically it could be a scammer yeah exactly and we've got we have the the name of the person I've done a little bit of research I have my theories that we'll find out late you know we'll look into in the video here but it's going to be interesting I think to figure out when you guys and not to put you all in harm's way but let you guys go and do my unfinished business so it's it's really cool that we get to work together on this I'm super excited about it it's our pleasure man thanks for having us aboard we're on board send us the information and we will go check it out to see what we find okay we're holding the line my name is John Kudo I'm the Microsoft expert from the reform department how are you doing today ma'am I'm doing okay how are you I'm very very good ma'am thank you so much for asking me your call has been landed to California ma'am San Diego Wayne are you come to supper why not I'm not kidding you ma'am earlier you was talking to the technicians okay okay yeah Kelvin Kelvin and he transfer your call to me I'm the from the research department and our office is located in San Diego California Oh San Diego is beautiful out there now ma'am I need to go for initiating your Raceland okay your bank in which we're gonna send you the money back that is the First Baptist financial team Bank right yes it's the First Baptist Bank of Sarasota I live in Sarasota Florida now okay Emma I have the clown number with me can you I'm giving you the account number account number no ma'am if we just have the last four numbers you don't have the complete number we just have the left oh okay and now ma'am I'm gonna connect to your computer and give you the refund right away to your accounts okay okay yes oh let you see the cursor moving now had it who's moving the cursor it's me ma'am it's you're connected to the Microsoft 3:14 now I'm gonna read how did you get on the computer give me the XS ma'am you just write down Microsoft free fun team okay and this is John Kudo computer or is this Calvin yes it's John kudos yes it's John kudos now you can do one thing then you can leave the computer with me alone okay I'm working on it is green grids this looks like a virus there's not a virus can for your protection this is a scam getting you you see you see the scare like so how many ski go back I want to count how many scams whoa that's a lot of scams hold on one two nine 10 11 pound it ma'am it's like it's like the nervous system of your computer like the nerves of your computer name right okay and for your safety all right it will take 10 to 20 minutes ma'am at least 20 minutes okay give me 20 minutes and I will call you back okay John I love you honey all right ma'am thank you all right I love you hello yes yes ma'am it's me here John Kudo your technician oh hey John how are you honey you guys finish the scan with ma'am ma'am I was working on the computer and suddenly you start using media food thing can you please wait okay I thought you said I you you're running the scam in the background so you just need to leave the computer and pour what a glass of wine or you know whiskey for you can i watch what you're doing though as you go through the whole thing oh you can it's your wish ma'am but it doesn't just want you to just bother you because it's too boring no I'm excited about this I just I don't know how the scam works and I just wanted all righty haven't you again you can keep watching yeah could you maybe go through could you go through kind of what's happened what's going on on here and all that ma'am it will take time you need to have some patience for this man what happened to the background my background scanner ma'am this black screen says you are connected to Microsoft you're safe right now nobody can have you nobody can track you okay do you see your icons I see the icons but I don't see the back yeah yeah then I would like to I would like to tell you ma'am I did a Miss because of some technical issues I didn't but there's a problem happened ma'am do you hear me yes I hear you now what actually happened ma'am by mistake by some technical error we have sending you the refund now please go to your check and and check that did you receive money in your account what do you want Alan I made a mistake that means while talking to you ma'am take I have transferred 30,000 to you rather than 300 I put one more zero wait are you kidding me well I'm not kidding you ma'am and I was caught out of talking to you and I press one zero by mistake oh so you gave more 3,000 no no I give you 30,000 by mistake man well that would be two zeros not one yes two zeros I'm sorry because I was talking to you and I apologize for that but do one thing first I want you to go to your bank and check that did you receive that 30,000 or not first that reminds me can I share with you something about my hash brown casserole I wanted to see what your thoughts please go ahead what's your favorite part about the hash brown casserole the favorite part ma'am it's like I love chocolate so for me it's just a chocolate it's a dark kind of a chocolate which I really really love what because I'm a very lucky guy I love you know that soft bread you know it's kind of what do you say not drill it's very very soft though you heard about the hash cakes I'm talking about hash brown casserole maybe I'm aware of the you know the house that Brown is only but I'm not aware of the particular name that you're talking about okay maybe it's some difference but for me it's all just about chocolate because number I love chocolates but okay now you're in your account ma'am now can you see did you receive that $30,000 which I send it to you I don't think so check your checking account ma'am ending with three four one nine let me check let's see here likewise it's a 67,000 I don't know ma'am it's a 67 how what was your balance earlier I think it was like 50 something go to your activity ma'am it should be less because it's 67,000 because we transferred and by mistake what you did was there you go look at the very top wait wait wait wait I'll show you hold down wait you see this why did my screen go black there it is black I can't see my screen anymore what did you click what is I needn't click anything ma'am oh that is it smack okay ma'am according to us earlier yours balance was 37,000 something and now it's 67 because we transfer 30,000 in your account home are you kidding me that much ma'am it's a mistake happen from me I press two zeros oh honey maybe you're not qualified for this job if you're very competent I'm really sorry ma'am I'm very sorry for this because it's my mistake but I was so excited to talk to you and I was taking that recipe I was hearing about you and my mistake I did it I apologize first tell me your refund amount which you're supposed to get that's in total two amounts 303 and in total it's 600 you supposed to get right 600 are you kidding me yeah I think so ma'am look at the screen yeah who's typing on my screen it's me it's me typing it for you well how did you get on there I was I was connected to you ma'am I send to you thirty thousand dollars right now I was working on your computer earlier remember wait are you kidding me you sent me thirty thousand why would you do you ma'am why would you do such a thing it was a technical error I didn't do it I was transferring you three hundred so how do we remedy this now you supposed to do one thing you have to send us $30 back thirty thousand $30 okay I'll send 30,000 ma'am not 30 I'm sorry okay you can simply write us a check or you can do a deposit in an account you can take cash from your account and deposit in our account okay yeah I'd either feel more comfortable getting money out and sending a package or something because that more mess ma'am you know taking money out that's not more together that's not more mess at all okay then I you can do one thing you can withdraw the funds and I will give you the account number and you can go to that bank and deposit the money in Wells Fargo well I'm not I'm not gonna deposit money oh it's it's a Wells Fargo account well I don't have Wells Fargo I can send it no - well that's the reason I'm telling you ma'am I'm making it easy for you you can simply write a check and send it to the address and your mailman will pick it up you don't have to go anywhere well if if you had one like I said I can go down to the First Baptist Bank in the morning and I can I can transfer the money if you give me the the Wells Fargo account if it doesn't go through I can just mail the check to whatever address you need me to send it to you can do that that's perfectly fine I can do that you give me both options all right so I will give you the information all right and if it doesn't go through the wire then you can mail a check like you said all right I'll give it yes yes yes yes all right you can first log out from your bank please log out now I need to go ahead and I need to check with my bank information ma'am with our bankers what is the way can they accept the both ways oh honey but I need to check that which possible way is good for you I'll try to get multiple options for you so you do one thing you can leave the computer with mean it okay I will give you like 5 10 minutes and I will call you back and I will hand I'll give you the information what we can do but oh no this 30,000 ma'am you can keep $600 because that's your refund money okay well I'll just send the whole thing if you need money for your family oh that's so kind of you ma'am you just said that it's more than enough for me okay now see what we will do okay I will give you one address of the amount 29 400 how are you tired fast and it's a United States address itself I'm not telling you you don't send the check to any other for any other country or something it will be a local address from United States for you and the wire deposit by you won't be possible why I'll tell you why the refund accounts are not enabled for wire transfers receiving are you kidding me in California because I only feel safe sending things to California it doesn't depends on me depends on the billing department from I'd like to send it to California maybe if you had one year LA I will go ahead and check it out for you ma'am give me like ten minutes and I'll call you back okay and then also if you can the the address to mail the check but then also if you could give me the Wells Fargo what I can try now I will try my level best I promise you try your level best thank you for calling Microsoft from T my name is Jon Kudo how can I help you today yes I'm looking for John Kudo this is Vivian Rogers hi oh hi ma'am it's be here John Kudo how about just about him yeah three minutes ma'am I was about to finish I was still working on it and I got all the information for you ma'am like I promise you I will try my level best so I got a California address for you for San Diego itself okay San Diego what about no Los Angeles I'm not known man it's California you told me California maybe get a Los Angeles ma'am no we don't have it I gotta close ooh York because it's not a difference ma'am you need to just write a check and mail it will reach to the place automatically okay I will give you the address let's come home either okay hold on then okay I'm giving you the officer name on which you need to write the check on her name okay he's a female oh yes that's exciting 2020 baby and what I'm gonna do what I'm gonna is she gonna pick it up what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna actually over I can overnight this if you want so you can pick up the check I'll have it on like a United States Postal Service and she could physically yeah she can do that no problem oh this is exciting I feel like I'm like an FBI agent you know say can I be an officer could you call me officer Vivian you my officer because you have a good knowledge and a very good sense of humor you will gonna Oh got a great sense of humor I'm beautiful I'm big I'm big and beautiful god bless you for that ma'am it's a pleasure always you know you today I talked to you and I learned so many things okay give me a second now I'm gonna give you the address okay let me get it free okay now is this Susan lady she's got a business or what does she do ma'am she is the supervisor from the verification and the refund financial department goodness that's a thank you people like like you just said it's 20/20 baby now glad sons are doing everything which I can do that's all right now let's come to the business okay there here is the information now in front of you you can copy that you can write the check if you have your checkbook with you okay it pays to the name Susan Cal yes $29,400 okay no can I have a check number of least check number I don't need to give you a check number I need the check number by that we can find your check by your name because we have so many you know other customers with the same name no you don't have that many Vivian Rob justice it could be a possibility ma'am okay the check number is 106 for 106 for okay and in your checkbook ma'am there is a portion where it says ma'am oh yeah there's a portion on the bottom left it says some memo I'm gonna say Microsoft refund overpayment don't put the riff and just just pull it down Microsoft I already right I already wrote down Microsoft refund overpayment and this is a require because in the memo you can't put that much information in one time yeah and that's why yes I can I have small hands oh no that I got but the mem in the Bible for the reason there is a code for you which you need to put it down for your information okay you need to write another check because this one on which you write down this Microsoft R if an overpayment it's not necessary you need to write down this code because that's the same thing are you kidding me I'm sorry to do that because I was not aware that you already write it down I was about to give it information that was my last check I've gotta go look for another checkbook now sure I'm holding the line if you need me to I can I could just send it over them the money wire it's not possible because there's no Wells Fargo account we got it ma'am and the check is always safe and secure ma'am once you write it down you write it down nobody can make any changes in it and this is this is the lady gonna put it the money into her account money yes ma'am because she is the building officer it's gonna go to her account and then it will be got transferred and then what is he gonna do what is he gonna do with that she's the office of the main one so any verification refund or any you know this kind of transaction or any technical error it's all files go to business can you do this map even right away because I don't want you to get involved in some legal situation take any legal action because there are sometimes happen because this is not the first time happen with Yoli map there are a lot of times this has happened with us but there are some people you know after getting the money in their bank they try to keep that money with them right right they keep the bank the money in her bank no no because she is the officer that's what I information maybe her name or the company name it goes anyway it's the same thing you can write a check to her name or the company name it goes for the same thing okay could you tell me honey could you tell me the company then too so I can write that down just in case that's not it I don't have that information I just got this information for you okay anyways your your safe secure your convenience protected your nothing need to do worry about it just this simple thing and I really apologize ma'am I'm giving I give you a hard time by this you know a little technical error this happened I'm really sorry to give you a hard time but my intention just what to give you your $600 back and now you already got it but by mistake this happened and that's why I'm telling you to just write a check and send the money back to the people and get out of this all thing right right okay okay and Susan's the lady that you've been working with for awhile or how long has she been at the company I don't MEMC I don't know her but I know she's working for Microsoft refund team from more than 21 years oh my lord okay that's incredible you got the check written down ma'am in the memo please just write down these five numbers and I have nothing else you need to put it down just these five numbers and they will verify it automatically okay don't exit don't exit out of my of my recipe oh no Lord I'm not doing that man in where's Kevin what did Kevin go he signed a nondisclosure agreement I'm gonna connect you with him once I'm finished okay I'm gonna need you to sign the NDA at the bottom underneath Kevin okay put James Kudo and what's the company name you guys are all part of Microsoft's antivirus okay we give given you refund of three three thousand forty thousand won I appreciate all the help you jack this has been thinking I'm sorry Oh James what did I say you said Jack I'm sorry James and I'm also giving you my extension number oh that is you hi yeah if you need any else are you remember the names you can directly call and ask for my extension also that I 101 is the extension they'll connect you to me okay and I just say I need to talk to John you don't even need to take my name just tell them transfer me to 101 James Kudo man wait it's James no ma'am you're talking to me you called me under time oh no ma'am I'm doing one thing I'm going out of your computer okay I'm handling it to you Oh your hand up or in it no don't exit out of that would you leave them out no I'm sorry dad I'm just I'm just gonna act out my other page not this one okay do you want me to see if this page for you ma'am I want you to save both of them and I want you to save the address and everything too so I have a record of it for legal for legal purposes yeah I'll do that and tomorrow I will give you a call around in an afternoon around one o'clock your time okay honey yeah and I'll send the tracking number is is who's gonna be waiting for the check though I'm not sure about it and it doesn't matter for me because I don't need that information to know because that's none of my job all right so it's not gonna be the lady could just be anyone picking it up no of course not it should be somebody else because she is very high love lady she would be might be somewhere but I'm not collecting okay so she won't be at the house then I'm not sure about maybe somebody but by yeah but some authorized person would be there okay I need to make sure it's an actual house and all that stuff because you know if I send this thing and it's to a fake address or something you know I get in trouble for it why I will waste your time like this okay I'm also human being man kind of crazy person you're helping me is right now my help is done giving you reefer now you're helping me to you know recover my mistake what is this who's doing this unattended access I'm gonna take this Microsoft tool from the computer network you see this so that you can get your regular wallpaper I'll hang up on you now here you know right now yes soon I'll talk to you tomorrow in the afternoon and I'll give you her I'll give you the tracking device sure no worries now have a blessed day and I'll talk to you tomorrow ok yeah I love you oh thank you so much for giving your time ma'am how a bluff state right thank you care of herself and stay safe stay home ma'am I love you Jon love you mom take care bye bye there's a timing aspect to all this as well you have to have the time with the scammer timing with you guys timing with the package so we have sent we're sending a legitimate package right so like it now this is seeking bride when you're up what's actually in the package what did you put inside so yeah so sometimes they want actual cash in this one they wanted to check which I said again earlier was kind of a red flag so what I did was I typed out all the names and the people involved as to the name of the person I'm sending the package to on and on and on below the name of the scammer the name of the company that he supposedly worked for the dollar amount all these things all this evidence and information printed it out and put it on the inside so the scammer has a tracking number that's one of the other things that they'll do is they want that tracking number so they get a physical track they'll be following the package yeah yes I'll make sure that some amigos like no aside the skin was rotting when a needle is at third party from your side I'll need at the house so we're all gonna meet and it's gonna be some publishing Clearing House stuff you know what I mean when he asked to write a name did you put anything like is it just one like what did you put the weather like source name last name and 30 grand is it anything yeah so they had a weird they had like a weird memo on there something like that he didn't want me to have anything around Microsoft or you know the scammer didn't they wanted me to have a memo for some kind of number he also wanted to know the check number as well so he could verify with with this person so you know I don't know all the motives of what they're trying to do here but I tried to troll them and say for Microsoft support and he did not like that did not want that on there he doesn't want any Microsoft on there whoever this is going to is gonna be in for a rude awakening I think and it's gonna be unprecedented to see what happens with you guys I think so I'm gonna hear me now yeah with Rogers it's it's mrs. Rogers yeah I'm mrs. Rogers it's me here Jon Kudo and John Hill John poodle see you do know John Cluedo yes you believe me remember you're supposed to be supposed to mail a check oh that's right I hadn't gone yet because unfortunately I was dilly-dallying around I'm just trying to be honest with you I was kind of dilly dallying I request you to be honest with me whatever the situation is because there are some legal people who are trying to you know get access in our situation I know what I want computer today and it said there's a security alert now like there's a virus now okay your computer is on right now or my computer's on what are you getting on it tell me what are you getting on the computer man security alert and then majority alert yeah it says you've received this alert to let you know about important changes to your Microsoft account and I got it I got it I got it man that you're receiving because the check has not been mailed today till then the Microsoft team they have you know enable your Microsoft account just for a while so that they can verify this transaction that has been done T okay I would like to know what are you getting on your computer right now are you online are you on the computer right now yeah I am but I'm a little scared right now why are you scared for what why you're scared man well because you know it says there's an alert on here I thought that you guys did the scam and cleaned it yeah I cleared the alert which you're getting because of the payment which you owe for $29,000 and $400 month twenty-nine $400 oh that's what you're calling about that's reason I'm calling you about and that's why you're getting this warning if you mail the check and give me the tracking number I can update that right away and you don't face this haider message I was I was I was wondering why I had this check that I have sitting out here near the car keys because I knew I had to go in the car or something man did you do this did you mail a check or not tell me one thing ma'am or else you tell me I will go and tell the billing deemed ill can take a legal action on this are you threatening me no I'm not threatening you I'm just asking you ma'am I'm requesting you ma'am why are you taking me wrong I mean I'm not taking I'm requesting yeah I'm gonna quit like I told you I'm a sinner freaking check oh I know that ma'am and that's why I'm requesting you and I'm asking you that when you're gonna mail it because I need the track number for that I know I told you that I have company in town you want to talk to the company that I haven't tell no no no no man I twice you ma'am don't see like this mrs. Rogers yes yeah you say that you trust me and then you're gonna take a leak like dude that's what I'm saying I can't wait til more till Monday no problem with me man I can put it on my name and then tell them that yes we were waiting till Monday and mrs. Rogers was gonna mail the check on Monday I can do that I already did it for you okay okay so it's just a humble request from my end ma'am Monday morning go to the post office mail the check and give me the tracking number because I need it anyhow on Monday I cannot be get delayed after Monday now I might send it either I might send it this afternoon / evening oh I might send it tomorrow in the morning it just depends tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow bill do you think the post office will open because tomorrow will be at VA ups ok if you got that you can give me a call and let me know and I'm very free man and rest everything is good you can use your computer no problem with it I can't this little pop-up keep it won't go away this visual basic that won't go away ok do one thing look at the lab side bottom corner do you see it search where you can type something to search what in the extreme left Ilona what do you mean by that I'm telling you so that you can build it and get this thing done you won't get that message now look at the left sidebar wall rock I just want to use my computer for today I guess that's what I'm saying all the time you don't mail the check you're not able to use even if you buy 10 more new computer it will be the same that's what I'm trying to help in 10 new computers it's the same it will be the same even if you buy a hundred more new computer man are you kidding me I'm not kidding you I'm telling you the right thing okay well I better see even if you buy a hundred more new can be hard even if you do sorry even if I buy a hundred new computers they're all gonna pop up with this no no once you once you you know refund the money the $29,000 $29,400 then you won't get that ok it's because you're right it is getting compromised and we are securing it ma'am try to understand miss Rogers I installed some security system in your computer ok and talk about that their wisdom is happening happened by some you know this technical issue there are thirty thousand dollars got transferred to you it's in your bank account even right now you can even see this right now ok I'm just saying to get the money back to the billing team and then you're good to go nobody will call you nothing like this everything is good well I want you guys to call me I mean I would like to talk to you guys ma'am of course but we will call you when she once you need my help if everything is good why would I call you understand I understand okay now do one thing look at your computer screen the left sidebar right back in about four minutes okay you can but give me one minute I'm giving you some troubleshooting do that for me I know but honey I need that I walked away from the computer because I had to use I gotta use the potty can I call you back in like three or four minutes after I use the potty I'm waiting for your call ma'am call me back okay Jonathan I'll call you ma'am John each year John okay John Kudo all right John Kudo all right I love you love you ma'am I'll wait for your call take okay bye hello oh hello don't worry buddy good afternoon ma'am here's their orders yes who's this ma'am it's me here John Kudo your technician how are you John Kudo who's that well I'm your technician if you remember you have to give me the tracking number Johnny don't you know what I was talking to you you have to give me a tracking number ma'am so yes for the check of $29,000 oh that's you yeah that's me John Kudo okay how do I know you know John yeah I talked to you yesterday and you give me the recipes remember no just told me we had a word like a one hour back you told me that I'm going home and I'd like I'm gonna go out and mail the check and I'll give you the tracking number oh yes that's right we talked about I was on the phone with somebody the other day and they were on my computer and they owed me like $600 and it was me it was me we paid you that $600 and now you owe me $29,000 because I transfer $30,000 to you by mistake I owe you that yes you need to write me a check ma'am on the under the name of Susan what happened to you can you can you share with me what I share to you can you show me what happened what do you want me to show you I don't want to show you anything then you have my money if you're if you're not in the mood to give me back ma'am you can tell me I can tell the legal people to deal in this no honey I told you not a toad you not to go after me legally I told you I you need to understand you got my $29,000 with you and you're not answering me from yesterday yesterday we have surround you yes ma'am yesterday you have some family members coming in sometimes yes and this time I am amongst you yes your father you but today I want you to mail the check and give me the number the tracking number okay Jonathan my my point is is please do not yell Oh John you'll inject my rhyme wrong it's John poodle not Jonathan hello who's Jonathan I'm John John CUDA okay I'm sorry John just please don't be upset with me I think that I talked with you and you said that it could be sent on Monday well yes we had a word but you told me that you're gonna send it today so that we can receive on Monday that's what he told me oh that's what I said okay yes that's what you said many things you give me the track number because I need a track number of the check anyhow today okay because I don't want the legal people to get involved in this otherwise the things will go out of my head and it will be a concern a little bit you're not gonna get behind the bars are you not me man wait I'm gonna go behind the bars no you will not because I know you're gonna return the money so why will you you need to understand maps we have to take this thing serious you have someone's money with you but you need to owe you all this money now Jonathan I know it's serious honey I'm going to go and get this and get you the dang thing I've got it already in an envelope what did you merely till now you should merely do yesterday man because I had my family in town do you not understand that I understand that man I never bother you I never even call you yesterday about this but today you even didn't mail it till now it's already evening now it's fine I'm gonna spend I have to spend over $200 I looked it up the postage to send this overnight you know how much that is you know expensive that is ma'am I have given you $600 back that's the reason I have given you $600 back because that's my refund yes so I have the funded II the whole money I never even take a sales tax with me I I have refunded you everything so now at least you can mail a check and we love that yes John I mill it so that we can finish this map I don't want you to call you every day and you know bother you like this okay well honey I'll get that thing out okay you know do I text you the the code or tonight no no you won't you got the tracking number okay your call and tell me John I got your drafting number and now I'm free from this so that nobody will call you even bother you again now let's make it simple it's somebody else money you don't have to do anything it goes to who's fools whoever it just go honey I understand that and you serve in your country you're a patriot you love America like we talked about less America you mean a tracking number so that I can free from this and I will be leave I can sleep in the night that yes I have my job tomorrow okay please requesting you ma'am I'm begging you now okay honey how much time you'll take to give me a tracking number I'm ready maybe you about an hour so I'd have to text my daughter-in-law I have a bad hip honey I can barely move around I thought I told you that before I had reconstructive surgery I can only walk around I have to be around a GABA and other medicines I got you I can make it simple for you you put the check and the envelope in your regular mail no I'm not doing that now my daughter and I told you they're in town she's gonna send it it's fine and we'll get the tracking number and you can just go on your merry way it sounds like you don't want a friendship for a partnership with me go right ahead and mill the check first okay I'm bidding okay Jonathan okay I'll talk to you soon all right love thank you I'm buddy [Music] Oh UPS delivery okay are you Susan yes yes you are you expecting package yes do you know what inside inside of the package is check it's a check and you know for what this chap is mmm-hmm what do you mean by internet security there repay any money that was taken out of my account well we have a who who's sending it ass Mike I believe it's my from what company okay okay do you know that you're being scammed you don't know anything what's going on well no I know that I would scan the when I know money was taken out of my it's how much was taken out alright okay we we are youtubers and we expose scams we independent the Clemente we're not we're not here to cause problems at all we're documenting this because that there's no check in there the person had send that to you as a friend of ours he's a youtuber as well and he's been talking to these overseas refund scammers that claim to be Microsoft and he was told to send a check to a Susan your than your last name for what twenty nine thousand four hundred and something so what we're trying to find out right now is if the person living in this house is also a scammer or have you've been deceived I think you've been deceived when did you get skin a long time ago two years oh wow years ago they wipe your home for $30,000 yes waiting for them to release me and the right mouth camera reach out to you and he said that you're gonna get a check well he's not the scammer he's the person s in the internet security it's a scammer he's a scammer yeah so he said so he's like Internet security and he promises that you're gonna get cheque totally amber C oh yeah to be claimed to be from Microsoft or who what it's a Microsoft company but Kaspersky is yeah it's a common thing they have these overseas did he have an accent just out of curiosity yeah they're overseas scam call centers and they pretend to oh you what refund from Microsoft in order to block these people from getting into my account he had me go get gift cards and of course then you know when they did send me a check to help tour the check was bad of course you're a big bad bank told me that you were scammed so they closed out my account so what did they tell you was coming today could they say they were sending you a check did you know that billing team you're not billing team is our friend across the country he's not any he doesn't work for any company yeah he's another victim he knows what's happening so he's just playing along but he was told by the same people to send a check to a Susan 429 for and so he got us involved cuz we're local and said hey I don't know what's going on they usually ask for cash but they ask for a check so I'm wondering doing this person is either being scammed or she's in on it clearly you're not in on this but you're you're you were being scammed and this is you know when they sent me they had somebody send me a personal checking with you I deposited you know of course as a bounced and then from then on I told him I wouldn't accept anything except okay so that's what that is I don't think Oh because I told him I said I won't accept anything other than cashier's check but I don't think this instant now he told me he says when you get it don't open it he said call me we'll all get together and that was on the memo that was called a reference now the reference know me told our buddy who's another youtuber you have to put a six digit code on the memo table we're gonna cool old I tell him explain everything and so about that code that you expecting would you be willing to say hello to him on a phone call if we call him it's the guy that sent the card to check why don't you call Brody yeah hey buddy we were at Susan's house right now and she's standing right next to us and she is has no idea what's going on she has been taken for a ride and she's standing right here next to us and she can hear you so you you said the check to me do you know this do you know this company this internet security kaspersky what was the name of that what was the name of that scammer you talked to this morning you told me his name earlier that she came from not the guy for how long two years here's mine she'd been talking to the same scammer for two years well is there anything you want to say to her we've made her aware of what's going on and she's you know hopefully this will all stop for her now [Music] what kind of scan upon what how did they take money gift cards right you said $30,000 they so you bought one for $30,000 gift cards how did it happen to you yeah so you went to the store like Target or something and you won you tell me that they needed them in order to block these other scammers I guess to get into my account yes by my medium warm that the dick [Music] just an unbelievable turn of events what we're gonna do right now is I'm actually going to be calling up the scammer after the victims call ups camera I'm gonna be calling scammer and myself yeah I think for the we'll just go as myself and I'll give this guy a piece of my mind so that's what we're gonna do hello yes it's John there yes miss Rogers yes it's John here I'll just how are you I'm fine how are you did Susan get the envelope oh yeah you just send the envelope not the cheque and you send some you know your USB you do yes for talking oh really yes you are a big big liar and you're a piece of crap for what you've done you know that right you are you pretend to be with her you've been scamming her for two plus years how do you how do you how do you put your head on a pillow at night after stealing somebody do you think you are dude you're a worthless piece of crap for stealing money from people she's an old lady how dare you and you have a family and a child United grace you have meant to your family by doing this we know how much money you've taken from her making her get Google play cards you've done this before sending her checks we know all the information about you this is disgusting this is disgusting you are a disgusting person you should be so ashamed of yourself are you ashamed thank you yes I am you should be you're a disgrace of a person for doing this she is in a retired widowed old lady and you're stealing money from him Oh bullcrap and you want to say I'm a scam you know that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time because what you're what you've been doing to this nice old woman for years if I find out you've been doing this to other people oh my gosh man are you doing this to other people obviously you were doing it to me you were doing it to me who are you you have nothing to say for yourself okay all right I got you do you have anything sorry do you have anything to say for yourself yeah I have a lot of things you don't have to worry about say it you take it up you say cuz you're a disgrace you take care of you I am taking and I'm taking care of beautiful I'm taking care of of course I have a soul in my body AUP to talk to people I believe I believe you don't have a soul your body you're illiterate I know I'm not I'm very angry at people like you that take advantage of old people to my told us everything okay bye she told us we were face to face with her and there you have it a true scammer they cannot have a genuine conversation and they try to put it back on you like I am scamming somebody which is a complete joke this guy has been stealing from this lady from years has had checks sent to her before and she had to launder money to them through Google cards and she was gonna have it again and you have a victim that was promised something and this guy's been using her for years and he threatened wants to threaten me with FBI action this guy it's a it's an absolute joke very riled up from this doing this like live this isn't something that we are recording days after hours I mean this is I'm very shook from this I'm extremely frustrated these are the kinds of emotions that you deal with when you know this is very similar like when someone was trying to steal for my grandmother and the raw emotion of anger and you know just frustration about this whole thing I don't understand why this happens it's it's sickening to me and this is happening every single day in the United States and we're gonna continue we're gonna continue to fight and we're gonna continue to find victims and we're gonna continue to find the Mules as well in the u.s. there are people that are working with them and you know they're complicit with this whole thing but people like this lady what she's had to go through is just absolutely saddening so we'll continue to fight for victims we'll continue to fight the scammers we'd love to make you laugh with our characters and stuff but this video is extremely serious when there's a lot of pain that lady will never see that money again so anyway I hope this video was interesting to you and I hope that seriously you go share this with with people it's important to share this kind of information with people and even if someone thinks that they're good with computers smart with computers they need to know so it's it's really really sad but anyway thank you all so much for watching you
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