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but let's start off with these hunting 400 see if we can't find binoculars or that tin symbol for a win all yeah I could believe that totally missed it well maybe we found the win hey we did get a win right there good let's see we have under binocular win there we've got holy totally caught me off guard hundred dollar winner be kidding it oh wow we found it and without the tin symbol awesome awesome nothing 145 about 46 lawn tent hey there's a win there's another win boo another win another win Oh what is this wow I've not seen this before interesting one two three four five six seven eight it may be 40 although that's a really hard one to get let's see what we got well this is good let's see if they're all fives what are they gonna be oh I've got $100 in a thirty forty fifty sixty five sixty five seventy eighty ninety what $100 winner on the hunting for hundreds as twice we found it hey y'all picked up three of the super sevens ticket now I went to a vending machine and I was just gonna buy two of them I got already got one more to go ticket number three anything up here oh look at that guy's gonna have two wins great well glad I got all three let's see this one first what are we gonna get under a bonus hundred bucks was not expecting to find that hundred bucks on the super sevens here's morning everybody well we've got three brand-new tickets that came out yesterday from the Texas Lottery kind of throws you having your numbers over here I don't think we've got a ticket that's done that before all right 214 735 and a 26 21 hey you've got a winner well very good I've got two very good got three can we get any more really nice if we do 35 hey you've got another one well this very good I think we got a good win on our hands all right see what we got even I was hit 50 on this for 100 how many matches do we have of good well let's go ahead and just to start see what we got under the seven we have got a whole holy cow fifty or Wow okay let's let's calm down man okay fourteen okay that's what I thought man it's gonna throw me there sit okay seven fourteen 26:17 they come down you never know what they're gonna do 35 27 five weird combos here 35 though we might have a 500 for a minute there were 29 1935 13:27 12 35 there's another 10 18 - that was the old 50's for a moment there 26 5 and guys I finally found I know y'all saw it but I was missing that matching 26 for the other $20 I knew I had to be 150 I just couldn't find that other match guys it has been a very very long day for fixing the scratch so I apologize but 150 bucks on the new money game ticket I may have to stop all my head on this ticket because to win 150 is one in 649 so we did very well on this ticket hey I picked up a big play cash word to do for Sega ticket number two it got this from a Valero store while as hot walks a hacci and but up here check this out we have leg that each end we have unwilling we have what we have an t and we have app is that right I checked all the letters to make sure so if I'm looking at this correctly this is one two one two three four five six seven Birds for $100 and we got the bonus oh man this is nice could this be another hundred let's see what do we got update for another hundred dollar winner two hundred dollar winner on the big play cash word I've been waiting for a big win on this ticket oh that that made my day guys hi stacks of cash - number 18 alright now this one that has the very best odds written jackpot one in four hundred and seventy two thousand looking for three matching symbols I found it one time up here got a lemon nope wishbone nope bills oh all right matching wind down here if you get the money bag it's double or five times simple let's see what our winning numbers are thirteen twenty thirty three three my looking for twenty-three and a twenty seven that five times this one I got down to Valero 937 32 31 45 we've never won a winner got a winner on stacks of cash oh great day we got this find some big zero Oh big zeroes you got to be kidding it $200 winner oh wow good morning everybody I'm in Houston today I'm a long ways from home found this little store in this building we're hanging out at they sell lottery tickets so I'm gonna do a little quick impromptu scratch for you guys got a megalith Korea and a Texas Lottery goal you know I think that you know listen I'm gonna do the look for you when I get back but I'm gonna go ahead and do that Texas Lottery called lotteries just taking too long to see if I can hold the camera and scratch it the same I don't think I can hold this there we go much better I don't have anything to stretch with so I'm gonna use my daughter's key to a Fiat key I'm very unprepared ticket number four you know this guy matching win double dollar sign double prize money stacked five times the prize just scratched up pretty good 18:59 36 14 32 and maybe we can get lucky on this ticket 39:28 we're just hanging out Houston this morning go back to this evening I'm 60 oh look at that guys five times the probably haven't would Lissy we got that we did the group book the black ticket that's the only time I ever got the money stack maybe we get a well the throw tens and twenties mostly I see tens but we can pull a twenty out for a hundred dollar winner but I'll be happy the fifty that would be nice little stop all right God no the matches so five times what twenty maybe forty to forty but are you kidding guys that's a bit taller winner oh man that is sweet sweet Good Friday morning everybody hope you all are having a great day well today I'm gonna play a $50 ticket which one I'm not sure yet it's either gonna be the ultimate Millions or the Platinum ticket now I am splitting the cost of this ticket with chance Bishop you all see me play a few other $50 lists with him in the past and he emailed me earlier this week and want to know if I'd like to do that again and I said absolutely there is a Shell station up here on the ride that I want to stop in at if I recall don't usually go to the Shell station it's kind of not really in my area where I go to very often but if I recall is kind of a smaller store so they don't have a whole lot of lottery tickets but whatever $50 ticket they have that's where we're gonna pick up today so let's go in and find out [Music] well I didn't have to make any choices because the only ticket they have was the Platinum ticket but check it out chance ticket number lucky 13 a love 13 all right so let's take this back in and see how we do all right I'm back so chance let's see if lucky number 13 is gonna be lucky for us today all right match win the only simple possibilities with a double dollar for double and the star symbol for 10 times alright let's see if today is the day we found a big win on this ticket 31 54 55 76 69 960 and a 26 14 hey we got a winner alright chance behind late we finally broke the curse we found a win alright let's find something else go on with it or maybe we hit the big one that's great [Music] like find a couple more matches but we know we got it profit is the prize so here start at 70 bucks [Music] find one more match 75 I tell you these are really a lot of one-offs on this but no difference we're just about a winner oh we got a good one I'm pretty sure we got a good one double dollar sign and a match right today it's gonna be a good day if we get one more match our perseverance paid off on this ticket 63 19 and a 15 so maybe thinking hit 150 on this ticket you know it can but let's hope for something really huge all right under these 60 let's go slow oh nice and what are we gonna double over here $500 winner holy cow chance we had a nice big one everybody picked up a 5 of these will of fortune tickets to do for us today yep that's right 5 now you know me I usually here's what I do I go into the store or go into vending machine I'll usually buy two and so I went to the Shell station normally don't get by two very often and if it 20 bucks and it's gonna pick up to these and realized it was on 46 and the next one popped out 47 oh and uh I know this is closing and I just couldn't I don't ever hardly get out there and I thought you know what it's just 30 more bucks and so I went and bought the rest of them 48 49 50 so hopefully that's a good call I just couldn't leave those three behind just because I know they're not gonna reload it because it's in closing all right well let's see how we can do on our fifty dollar purchase of the Wheel of Fortune tickets all right down to our very last one Oh a need number 50 to come through for us it'll be all worth it if we find a win on fifty the 30 24 28 3 & a 9 hey got a winner all right it was worth it least feels like it anyway Oh Oh guys I think we may have a manual win all Oh sometimes you got to trust your gut on these tickets I almost left it behind holy cow can we get them all that would be sweet underdog you in de are d Oh G underdog Neptune in EPT you in E Neptune now what we great if we went down here edge e d GE comes her hedge h EDT e okay all right this will tell us what we've got anything really big would be 50s or solve underneath here solve Oh guys oh it's gonna be a sweet sweet win we've got over here holy cow what do we have that's two that's a hundred fifty right there oh let's see we got here so I've got one 200 250 300 are we gonna get a $500 winner on the wheel fortune I just made a long time coming but right one two three hundred yep ten 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 20 40 60 80 five hundred dollars on the last ticket in the pack Oh guys that just makes me know if y'all have a great day picked up a 500 million dollar cash ticket and a 200 million dollar payout thought we'd try some of the older tickets Texas Lottery has to see the five million dollar cash ticket came out in 2015 so about three ago and the 200 million dollar ticket came out in 2016 so about the two oldest tickets the Texas Lottery has right now so let's see how we can do on these two tickets today alright so I got ticket number 17 oh my gosh guys you're not going to believe this the biggest one on the channel and my video gets cut Hawking about scratching this ticket you know one of my favorite $20 tickets matching wins Carson will five times Bell simple ten times and I said you know maybe today's the day we find the bell symbol so we're scratching down the ticket and check it out we found the bell symbol the bell symbol usually means great things I mean Bell simple ten times we're starting to scratch it off and check it out guys big I can't even hardly hold my fingers for the big zeros we've got a one thousand dollar winner on the 500 million dollar cash ticket I I just I'm still just shaking I can't believe it we hit $1,000 on this on this ticket that is just it's a claim er I just can't believe it and I'm so glad I got to share it with you guys and that's what it's all about [Music]
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