Amazing 5 WINS out of 10 Power Shot Multipliers

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how's it going guys it's time civic coming at you with a run of tickets I've got tickets 1 0 through 10 on these power shots spent 50 bucks on these so let's see if we can get a win all right I'm just gonna go through there's a there's a win right here very first one on zero zero zero awesome cool let's put that to the side and just start let's just uncover all these see which ones are winners then we'll see up two in a row cool there's a winner right there okay I mean there we go that's two winners hopefully this will make up for what I lost on the crosswords that I did I sure hope so okay that one's a loser yeah another one three wins and four tickets guys this is cool all right let's just go through and see what sour ones are went oh my gosh another win this is nice guys this is a nice runner ticket so far that's this is ticket number four that's five tickets and I've gotten four wins that's awesome I'm so happy I went to the CVS because that's where I got these today is that to see him yes okay that one's not a winner that one's not a winner yeah I like doing it this way but you know only because I got a lot of them yeah oh there's another one right there guys cool all right let's keep going with these see if we can get some more winners okay that one has no wins on it kind of surprised on how many winners I'm getting here which is good because I need some money back I spent I spent quite a bit okay that one has no win on it and this one no win okay double check these systems again just to make sure there's no nothing hiding on me okay 13:36 okay oh okay oh wait a minute oh no that's just a knee okay guys there's no wins on these ones I got all the ones that there's wind on let's go ahead and scratch those off we've got quite a few actually which is great hopefully one of these will be a nice big win and give us some money okay on this one we got the one right here zoom in a little bit okay let's let's do the power shot first let's see if there's a one two or whatever okay there's a 200 there all right let's see what it is come on digging them big zeros come on zero zero zero zero zero yes that's $20 right there awesome guys all right 20 yards on that one cool sorry about that you got spam phone calls coming in okay next one guys there's this one right here so let's see what you can get on there's a 1x so what do you think ticket okay so that's five bucks right there okay that's five dollars right there for a ticket so that's 25 so far and then on this one we got one win so let's see what the power shot is we've got one X and that's going to be ten dollars cool so that's 30 dollars that's 35 dollars back so far and then on this one we got one win up here at the top let's go ahead and see that the power shot is come on big big power shot we got it - all right come on big money big big money big big zeros come on and that's okay so five times - that's $10 so that's $40 coming back so far and on the last one that's we got one right here you got one right there okay hopefully this will be AB nice and big one come on that's good let's get a 20x come on 20x oh no it's a one-out ouch well it's a ticket it's another ticket but that's that's okay we got ten of these we spent 50 so we got two tickets coming back that's $10 plus $10 on here that's 20 $10 on here that's 30 and then $20 on this one that's 50 bucks so we're getting our money back on the power shots that's great that's $50 win awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome hey guys thanks for watching I appreciate you we got a good run there that's great it's out of 10 tickets in a row we got four wins on the power shot for $50 for a total of 50 bucks that's great hey guys thanks for watching your guys are awesome I appreciate you you're awesome give me please give me a thumbs up I'd really appreciate it it helps the channel out and give me any comments you might have suggestions and subscribe if you're new because I would help also and if you subscribe and you leave a comment I'll see that and then I'll go subscribe on your channel too for you that is a promise I give guarantee promise for everybody so I appreciate you they have a great day and take it easy guys all right I'm out here
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Published: Thu May 24 2018
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