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at a machine in Publix I got 83 in there it won't let me put more than 100 at a time a total for the whole machine is 243 except for they're out of the 2019 ticket so I bought one from behind the counter so let's let's get all these tickets [Music] accidentally put enough money in for every ticket so I go get two of these right climbing the rows here all right [Music] right what do we got left 48 right [Music] was I counted wrong No [Music] and the expense of two top rows here goes [Music] and if they put this five in so we can get the last ticket for 20 bucks and since we got three in there left we'll just get another cash boat for Amanda [Music] all right folks wish me luck what is up everybody more of teams a lot of badness here finally we're doing every ticket in the machine video this is every stinkin ticket in the machine right here except for this $10 crossword I had Amanda do on the side it was a loser and this other three dollar crossword and it also lost so we just didn't want to put those in an already long video so two tickets down the rest of these to go 245 total I think it was two for something like that so without further ado let's get on with it let's start off with the small ones and go up from there look at the $10,000 holiday bonus looking for a Christmas ornament to win three times the prize shown looking for a four and bonus number to see if it matches the four all right that the one dollar silver and gold and get the stack of coins symbol went double the prize or the bar to win all five prizes I got that once all five prizes were two dollars so it wasn't bad ten bucks on a one dollar ticket pretty nice all right we've got a double symbol double a dollar all right all right folks we're two bucks up got the monopoly jackpot $2 looking for monopoly Sibbald went double the prize go symbol to win 200 or the money bag twin all prizes well ten so winning numbers 18 and three four thirteen seven nine twenty nineteen seventeen three we got a match nice pretty good for just buying one all right single match is it 50 grand oh it's two bucks all right not bad four bucks next we got the holiday bonus $50,000 top prize on this the Christmas ornament means double the price shown and a snowflake means win prize shown so we got 17 and 16 14 28 all right double the prize good for buying just one three ten seven five and four what do we got here this could potentially pay for the whole session double one dollar Wow and the bonus thank you baby yeah 11 all right so we got six bucks in winnings now from the small tickets all right 20 19 this is ticket zero zero zero the machine was out of these so I went to the counter at Publix and this was their last ticket so let's see what it can bring see we can do for us at one in 13 the party hats Emilie's front wind winds price shown and the money stacks that cash wins double the prize one in one four hundred bucks on this the other Dan December 31st you haven't seen that video check it out it's awesome 113 no one no 13 bonus box does it say 2019 nope alright when it all went on sorry yeah money symbol win price shown you get a 50 burst win 50 bucks or win all win all 10 prizes so see we got here fifteen and six eighteen nineteen eight nine one ten for twenty two and twelve no 15 and no six the $2 new Lotteria basically just a matching game basically but this game you can win up down or diagonal I'm just pretty good so cello and fish there's the fish don't see the cello it's mom in the cactus I don't see neither frog and picture there's the Frog there's the picture up the tree and the mermaid there's the tree no mermaid boot in world there's the boot I don't see the world rooster and deer there's the rooster there's the deer hey Wow 20 bucks and we are doing awesome on this mall tickets holy crap a ladder and Bell I see can win multiple lines on this no ladder all right 20 bucks nice so we got 26 bucks now 26 bucks it's not a bad start makes we got the five dollar holiday bonus same as the two dollar with the cymbals pick up the bonus number at top up top as well winning number seventeen three twenty two and ten that was a lucky time to hit the machine for all the small tickets I tell you that at a fifteen twenty three twelve thirteen six nine one eighteen two or ten we have a match awesome and fourteen all right bonus number seven all right it's under that ten million bucks no ten bucks are right nice look at 27 bucks now right all right 37 36 same our team is counting Thanks for writing it down baby 500,000 cash glasses that our newest $5 ticket we got the cash then we'll win prize shown you can hit 2x or 10x or the blossom will win all 12 prizes nice they struck out pretty bad on these on a payday Friday 30 31 12 and 6:15 8:32 21 20 23 34 for 17 29 26 and 33 that is a loser would you like to do some babe some all right all right $5.00 monopoly here let's see if you're gonna go simple $200 automatically gets a little treasure chest when in fact I'm surprised get the money bag when all 12 sorry trying to show you that all right ticket 23 let's see what our numbers are here 19 5 and 11 give it 20 to 10 for 1523 no 20s number 1 8 6 I got 5 and 7 3 13 24 and last but not least we have a 9 so that one looks like a loser all right no love I'm monopoly all right this other fight $5.00 is $500,000 payday let's see if we get a dollar symbol in price you get a coin one double get a stack of coins win 10 times and get a payday when I was 12 that payday all right we have 15 11 22 and 921 113 8 19:25 414 1806 I had a seventeen know when I'm take it ten no this is Dave's favorite 50 times the cash $10 Florida ticket won $100 on that more time time so basically 2 X 5 X 10 X 20 X and 50x are our options here for symbols you got ticket 52 here let's see if we can pull out a win 35 8 6 3 24 and 23 there we go 34 we got a 5 X 9 all right we got 19 118 1537 for 33 22 16 17 14 7 and a 28 equal 5x all right let's hope it's something zeros underneath would that be nice ready here we go don't be a dollar it's a 5 5 times 5 yeah take it 52 nice 25 nice all right all right $10 holiday bonus to mind or top prize we got a snowflake land price show and gingerbread win $100 and the ornament double the price Shawn to get 47 let's see what we got 26:24 28 11220 - that's a weird mix of numbers all right we got 20 all right 21:15 30 no 30s 11 3 24 we got a match another winner over 24 I write awesome 13 6 slim to none is what the odds are usually 29 and 12 another match so we got 12 and 24 let's check our bonus number seven all right so we got 12 and 24 let's see we got they got a 10 and [Music] right all right we'll do this two million 24 karat cash I don't think we've won much on these but all right we got a point win double the prize 10x when 10 times get a gold bar when 100 bit money bag went off 15 that's that's not is 40 bucks on that day yeah so we got a 26 a 15-3 1934 and 12 let's see if we got a 27 30 12933 14 121 16 5:13 24 27 32 and last but not least we have 11 so I don't see it won on that ticket so no one on 24 karat cash all right all right got the monopoly $10 ticket next the ghost symbol still gives you 200 bucks then mr. monopoly wins double the prize get the treasure chest win 10 times a prize or the money bag went off 15 prizes ticket number 3 let's see what we got from winning number is 11 826 2225 or and 10 all right 15 25 23 7 21 to 118 25:28 number 3 9 19 and 12 close all right our first $20 ticket got a white line on the top it's ticket number three with this game we could get a coin set win prize shown you can get a 2x or a 10x or a money bag to win all prizes all twenty not sure if there's any top prizes left on this I think there is at least one ten thousand a week for life and that's for 20 years how about that all right here we go winning numbers 13 31 29 817 1115 and 32 all right good make some numbers there 33 or 14 39:23 number one 39 we have a 29 52018 26:12 we got an 11 [Music] 1935 21:37 24 27 22 ow that hurts $20 ticket loser that hurts I'll do one of these monopolies and then you can do a monopoly and a gold rush there's two of each ticket baby all right got the monopoly jackpot $20 ticket number five same symbols except for the addition of the car you win ten times the prize shown or the the money bags obviously 2001 all 20 prizes that go and the treasure chest and mr. monopoly symbol is all the same sweet yeah that would be nice twenty six twenty one thirty twenty eight twelve ten nine and thirty six let's do this fifteen thirty seven thirty eight twenty eight thirty three twenty two 1627 26:39 five 29 17 11 2010 yep for 24 31 30 35 last row 19 13 8 and 18 ouch alright alright different spot here so this is ticket 10 from a different role alright let's see we can pull off here alright we got 30 3731 1435 939 and 27 alright let's see we got here we got a 25 12 11 6 3 18 2113 1 give us all these low numbers 15 we had a 14 25 35 we got a match are you alright that winning ticket at least thirty six seven thirty four thirty two twenty two and last we have number four single match five million dollars that would be awesome alright so where I lost track where we 35 all right number 35 here we go come on see big zeroes 30 bucks all right take it take it in nice alright so we have $20 gold rush a little much classic so we've got 5x win five times 10x when ten times gold bars 500 money bags all 20 prizes we have the rest of the series of this coming out so take a look at our video the new tickets all right step 8 3 31 33 915 37 1 and 18 all right there's our numbers let's slide that up all right got 25 32 1928-29 11 16 26 36 26 23 3 1234 14 number 4 7 that's a 101 sphere 17 and 38 I don't see it one on that ticket so ticket 9 I don't think it's a winner we do miss something we will we do double-check everything folks after you look at so many numbers they kind of start looking the same all right another gold rush ticket this is ticket zero zero zero nice white line at the top just a different roll out of machine all right let's do this winning numbers 625 one twenty seven twenty seventeen fourteen and twenty-one all right there we go 16 at a 1731 no 37 you have a 618 four three nine eleven thirty three nineteen out of twenty twenty eight thirty nine no 30s no 30s thirteen you got a 1438 no 30s 26 we had a 25 and a 27 29 15 we got a 14-8 and 34 ouch ouch all right I'm gonna do one of these and you can you want them all right which one you want last two tickets nineteen or one which one you want I'm gonna take 19 all right hundred times the cash is the biggest Florida ticket it's one in 2.59 odds for 30 bucks you get a 2 X 5 X 10 X 20 X 50 X or 100 X 2 symbols a little coin 7 wins you five hundred bucks and money bank wins off 30 prizes so let's get on with it winning numbers this just barely fits in there for 29 13:55 22:16 51 and 63 52 another 5128 we have a 2961 53 we have a 63 and a 5145 sixty-five we have a 63 7:21 we have a 22 17 we have a 16 24 63 yes awesome we have a match 63 yes all right 50 65535 41:27 4023 we have a 22 32 19 number 9 we have a 2x all right 1858 36 54 we got it 55 33 43 34:26 and a 57 all right glad at least one of these is a winner all right we got the 2x and the 63 when I can see 10 bucks 10 bucks it's a break-even 30 all right happy to get my money back on that to it nice so we got to get one let's see if I can get a better winner on this one here 361 48:37 660 forty three thirty four and eight all right let's see if we can get something good here we have 57 26 12:17 38:36 1324 1645 18 nothing yet 33 at 9:19 28:56 4447 32 number four that's 52 no 50s we have 2765 41:31 58 number 159 49 last but 35 all right no match on ticket one all right so that was a loser so that puts us at 141 at 2:45 that's more than half back ah yeah I'm happy with that you know obviously we're losing money but I'm happy to get more than half of our money back there's the $30 winner and yes I think I mixed up we blossom both of those right okay there's our $30 we're on the monopoly those are $20 where there's a $25 layer nice very nice $10 winner lottery it brought it home with 20 bucks for a $2.00 ticket I love that game we play a lot of that off-camera we've won 20 40 and 60 many many many times on it's a good ticket got the $2 winner there on the monopoly the $2 there on the holiday bonus and the won a $2.00 winner on the silver and gold that was awesome we will do this again promise thank you all for watching I hope you all have better luck than we just did although gaining more than 50% back is pretty darn good and I'm happy with that I'm thankful hope you all have a great weekend and as always folks play to win
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