Collecting Money From My 6 Vending Machines!!

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yo what is up everyone welcome back to a brand new video today as I can see we are back at Sam's because we are gonna be doing another collection but anyways real quick before we start thank you guys so much for all the support on the last two videos I know they were not vending videos they were like kind of like blondes so I was kind of nervous that you guys won't like those videos but I actually got a lot of good feedback so again thank you guys so much for all these love and support anyways so I got a few things so far I have two boxes of chips a few drinks I got a coke Mountain Dew awesome by the way don't make fun of my outfit today I know I'm wearing a work shirt I got dress pants and running shoes I got it laundry okay so don't make fun of me you guys love to make fun of me but anyways let's go get everything else we need I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys do drop a like subscribe if you haven't already and let's go [Music] [Music] I'm getting your favorite you're like those yeah no I know I know I do I do how are you guys so any last but it or not the last but it was like two minutes ago basically my last collection but I asked you guys if I should get these and trying to sell them see if they sell see if they do good so I'm not going to give them a try and like I said last time they are pretty expensive they are about one dollar and forty cents each so I would have to sell them for at least two dollars I know some people said they see them around vending machines for like 225 it only comes with eight dollars so this one's mine no wait wait take yourself out already cuz this is mine like the Owlman one I don't even know if they would fit in the vending machine do you think so cuz they're pretty wide I would have to put them like in the chip section if there's any other type of chocolate or snag or bag of chips that you guys want me to try out and see how these do just let me know down below cuz for example there's a lot of things I don't sell like butterfingers I don't throw those I don't saw those paydays I actually I've heard that they smell really good but I'd never try them so who knows cuz before I did sell peanuts like the planter peanuts and they didn't really sell but anyways that's pretty much all we need we have the car full of sodas we got the new chocolate again like I said let us know down below do you guys think they would sell cheap bags of chips and also by the way we haven't bought hot chips in a long how long have they been no it's for the machine we haven't bought spicy chips like two months so I'm gonna try to put them back in there hopefully they saw this time but anyway let's go pay and see how much money it is now let's go pay look at the donuts honey buns and sceetos I will serve you guys we finally got everything in the car as I can see everything is completely stacked up I can't even see behind me in the mirror so if we get pulled over again I won't even know which fun fact you guys did not know this we actually got pulled over or I got pulled over what was it like four days ago a week ago maybe last week if you guys follow me on social media you guys would know so if you don't go follow me but yes we think it pulled over I'm not gonna say for what cuz it's kind of embarrassing but comment down below what do you guys think is the reason I got pulled over I asked people on Facebook some people were saying cuz maybe I have a seat bill some people are saying cuz maybe I had too much snacks anyways let's go to the first location and collect some money alright baby we're gonna one from Starbucks in the small cappuccino real quick before we head over to the first location you guys know we got to stop at Starbucks real quick I'm gonna try something new this time it's kind of risky can't get the exact same more Frappuccino double chocolaty cheap sighs yes I'm Jason alright 1083 we'll see you for nothing yeah thank you wait is Gandhi the biggest one and it was $10 oh my God okay but she got these more ones so I wanna see how it tastes okay take the picture of course gotta take a picture that's pretty good it's so funny because every single time she wants to try something new she never likes it I was up you guys we just got you to the first location we only have two machines here one smack and one sort of machine and this time I was not able to park up there in the front cuz every single parking spot is taken I'm not gonna record it just because people were saying I shouldn't record my locations outside cuz that way people won't see where my locations are and I kind of makes an scene up for privacy reasons so from now on I'm sorry but I can't show you guys outside the locations of course I'm still gonna record inside when we suck up the machine and collect the money let's fill up the snack machine first cuz we didn't have all these snacks at the top oh it's gonna be so hard taking everything down look at that I gotta take some hardships out cuz they do like the munchies here so I gotta make sure I put all of those got one two three four and five six I'm not just all of them you got it baby so she's gonna grab all the snacks and I'm not going to put all the drinks on the dolly that way we can take everything inside at the same time and baby you're strong you got it every single time I open the door and just always quarters that fall I don't even know how to be honest so I'll just grab them and put them back in first okay like so so far we can see oh yeah look at the doughnuts I guess I got messed up or something I hate when it does that I guess it's like to take or something we got one two three four five six six slots empty hi babies so you wanna do a snack machine while I do the soda machine okay go for these orders as I can see coke is completely out this time so that's pretty good dr. peppers pretty low Mountain Dew is pretty low also Monster is low oh my god monsters love embrace so monster and bris gets completely out button bring any not in bring any okay so real quick before we do take all the money out we have to find where we're gonna be putting these in because everything else so it's pretty small for sure those are two small baby so we either have to I think we should take these out just because this time they've didn't really sell cuz as I can see there's pretty much all the way for because they do like the grandma cookies but they don't like these the peanut butter ones there we go look how clean that looks pretty nice I just got to change the price I can't forget cuz right now it's a it's a $1 right now so I gotta put it to $2 so everyone that wonders how to change the price on vending machines you basically just press this button up there you press that button and then you go through the settings and it's pretty much it so press the button go through this and so it says it says price there we go so imma change C 6 so I click research it says 75 cents him at 75 so I'm go ahead and put it for $2 all right so now of course it is now time to take the money out so let's go and start with the bills there we go let's see how much we got pretty good pretty good not too bad fun fact for everyone that didn't know this you can actually use the bottom of your vending machine to store snacks or basically whatever you need tools maybe cleaning supplies but I just put some snacks damn it's almost completely out of Mako's baby if everyone's out it's not gonna be taking any money I'm gonna make sure it's at least two right there if it runs out of nickels it's not gonna take any bills or coins and now to take these bills out of the soda machine so so far that's a pretty good stack let me see if I can take everything out [Applause] okay so I thought I had some extra change in my tool bag to put into the machine but we actually don't so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna be taking some of the dimes from disorder machine that we got and hopefully it's enough to at least make it halfway all right so we have the stack machine filled up we have the soda machine filled up we got the new chocolate bars so hopefully they sell pretty good I don't know what's wrong with my dolly because every single time I put it down like that to like you know make it smaller and then I want to pick it up it just goes back up it's supposed to like lock in you know like you push it all the way down I want to pick it up well of course tonight I kind of shake it but still it's not supposed to do that I was because we just made it back to the car and anyways real quick if you guys remember last time I came to this location I actually put the extra peanut butter crackers I had left over from when I made that video when I bought everything from the machine and surprisingly they actually sold it this time I used to sell him at this location and they would never sell gonna eat them I don't know if it's kind of weird do you guys eat your peanut butter crackers with water or is it just me anyways it's gone to the second location and see what we got over there I'd literally just turned out the camera right now and you already put the music on I said we just got here to the second location hopefully this time I didn't forget anything just because at the last location I forgot monster and I forgot bris so they're not gonna have those drinks for a whole week so I kind of feel bad but I shouldn't have everything I think I have dr. pepper and cold contain your cold but yeah let's go inside and collect that money so you check this out guys so this time I actually went ahead and put some snacks in this black cake and I guess all the drinks are so heavy that the diet coke fell inside its just crossing all the snacks hopefully nothing is damaged but I gotta take everything down alright so so some stuff actually are things so like a cupcake it's folded in half but look at this doughnut I can't eat it do you think there's still one like this so they won't even notice it alright so my girlfriend's gonna be taking all these chips and we also went ahead and put some donuts and stuff inside and I'm gonna go ahead and take this hopefully it doesn't fall what do you guys think is it gonna fall [Music] so I'm always worried about this location just because there's no a/c here so I'm always worried about the chocolate melting and I mean it's good right now I'm but like you know later on when it gets really hot I might have to take it out just because all right so let's check out the soda machine so it looks like coke is completely out Diet Coke is still kind of good but I will fill it up Dr Pepper it's kinda low kinda Ruby I don't know so the best part about having me in vending machine business is that you can literally grab a snack or a drink whenever you feel like it you know today it's hot grab the Gatorade just cuz it's hot like I said anyways before we go home and count the money I will give you guys a quick sneak peek on how much money we got so show them real quick baby and we're gonna have a good collection this week so that's all the bills right there and we have a ton a ton a ton of points this time okay it's not that much but it is a lot more than what we normally get I served quick you guys probably miss them so much but anyways let's see if he's here or yeah let's go let's go oh let's go good boy gimme oh my god I miss you so much [Music] come here we got to go we got to get to the vet let's go to big babies in one screen the Cisco we miss you so much come here boy why were you crying who locked you inside that room huh we gonna make sure you're okay all right do me kiss me kiss me kiss say hi to everyone link right there the answer everyone no one there over here okay also because we're actually back home now and real quick before we end the video we have to count the money to see exactly how much we got by anyway it's real quick what do you guys think of my hoodie if you guys don't know what this is this is the limited time merch I did whenever I hit a hundred thousand subscribers so if you've never bought one then I'm sorry but you missed out but it's all good just because we are going to be happy new designs in the next couple weeks so you guys watch out for that so real quick I'm making all the bills and I'll get back to you guys in a second hi everyone so I just finished coming up on the money and this right here is all the bills for the both vocations I know this time it doesn't look like a hold on well we actually made more money in credit card sales then in bills which is kind of weird because we normally make more money in bills than in credit card sales so I wrote everything down on my phone so I just start with the first location I stopped for the first location we got a total of four hundred and thirteen dollars with 25 cents by the way for this location it was a one-week collection so it's been about seven days since the last time I went to service those machines and for these second location we got a total of four hundred and eighty three dollars with ninety cents but this collection was for two weeks like I told you at the first location was a seven-day collection this one in the other hand was two weeks and the grand total for all the money we collected today are the bills or the coins the credit card sales we have a total of eight hundred and ninety seven dollars with fifteen cents now of course yes I know it's not profit I still get a by-product as together buy snacks and drinks but it's still a pretty pretty good collection like I've told you guys before it is summer so people are buying a ton of drinks right now by the way is pretty much it and you guys did enjoy the video drop a like subscribe if you haven't already and if you guys wanna keep seeing collection but it was limited down below today I actually went over to my new location and dropped off the machine so you guys will be seeing anybody about that soon anyways I'll see y'all in the next video peace out and I love you guys
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