MUST SEE BIG WIN on the Book of $20 Diamond Dazzlers from the Ohio Lottery

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hey secret scratchers secret scratcher back with a 300 million diamond Dazzler whole entire book you can see here the plastic is on it went up to two million dollars on one ticket doing a whole book for you ton of requests for this ticket since I I don't really do these individually so here we go our book numbers four three eight four two four that's about the other book was four three one so this is four three eight so it's seven seven thousand books ahead so here we go I'm gonna pause them unwrap it and get them ready and separate them and I'll be back alright guys I'm back I got them all separated we're ready to go we are gonna start with ticket zero book number still the same four three eight two four two four tickets zero all the way through ticket twenty four all right I'm going to use a trusty nickel for this one and we're just gonna blitz through look for all the symbols like we usually do so you guys have made it clear you like the Blitz format get us in there nice and close and here we go if you would hit the subscribe button in the Bell and you'll be notified when I do books and giveaways and all kinds of fun stuff if you haven't gotten in it yet I got a group boat going I'll put a link up here in the corner and if you're interested a $75 PayPal donation and you're in just be sure to put your channel name your youtube name on the dono and then get you in so we have no symbols so here we go three three no 318 no 1812 I missed my scratcher I forgot it at home and I'm out and about today so 22 Double Deuce key nope 31 no 31 and last but not least I'll have a whole number a levy on no winner all right ticket zero zero one here we go ticket zero zero one yeah I like my scratch for better I don't like using a coin nearly as much it's harder to get through them quickly quickly with the coin 25 25 we have a 24 8 we have an 8 on this ticket because we had one on the other ticket no we got a 9 a 5 do we have a 5 on this ticket now we had one on the other ticket 20 do we have a 20 we have a 10 and a 30 but no 20 29 29 got a 28 and that is it so 13 do we have a 13 on this one we do not have a 13 oh well that's a loser ticket 0 0 2 my favorite number my biggest hit ever was zero zero two was $10,000 winner I matched the number 32 and the number was right here that I matched and the number that matched was right there so yeah there's 30 - speak of the devil he is sometimes a good number to match because I see oh hi a lottery giveaway number so like to see those triple diamonds come up oh my gosh you know what guys we don't even know what we're looking for do we I forgot to go over all the particulars all right it's a really shiny ticket so we're looking for a single diamond for a single prize double diamond for double prize triple diamond and we win all 25 prizes any of your numbers match the dazzling numbers you win the prize shown so that's what we're looking for and we have no symbol so we're going number hunting 11 and 22 11 and 22 nothing deuce and 25 - and 25 - and 25 nothing 31 31 31 no 31 and a 35 35 we got a 34 and a 32 36 no 35 all right ticket three let's just cut through them ticket three here we go hopefully this is one of those books where the jackpot prize comes in the middle I will just let everybody know that if I ever hit a million or more dollars on a ticket I won't be scratching the rest of the book actually because I kind of doubt there would be anything to match that but you never know maybe if I hit it I'd basically do a giveaway for the rest of the unscratched tickets all right 39:39 do we have a 39 nope a 1 no we got a 2 a 3 no we have a - we need a 2 or a 5 29 29 17 guy 17 we have every number ending in seven but 17 and a 35 got a 34 nope so that's the first four tickets with no winner so here we go ticket for there we go see what we come up with get them triple diamonds in here come on guys I know there's triple diamonds in here lottery let's see what we can come up with right here it's hard to scratch these without my scratcher with just a coin all right nothing five do we have a five we have a six sorry about that and mute my business phone over there so five do we have a five we have a 6 and a 4 and a 7 so eight nope Double Deuce do we have a Double Deuce nope 17 17 nope 14 nope and a 1 no we don't have a 1 all right first 5 tickets ticket zero zero five let's see what we come up with guys there's 32 on the top row maybe it's gonna have a friend join it and match up and win something 19 no 17 no 25 nope 26 26 good old 26 nope 15 15 no 15 34 no us all 33 and a 32 no 34 no winner yet guys we got a $500 session we're on ticket six from zero and we've had not a single winner yet let's see what we get come on diamonds sorry about that I'm like I said I'm at work people popping in asking me questions so [Music] so far no winners it's the no winners on our diamond dazzle no diamonds or anything have appeared we have no diamonds on our diamond Dazzler so there's our numbers seven seven nope 25 25 nope 33 33 nope 17 17 nope 37 we have a 27 and a 37 guys we finally got our first win 37 right there and last but not least a six which I don't believe we have a match so 37 for $25 so there's our first $25 winner and that was ticking zero zero six so zero zero seven here we go see if we can find some diamonds be nice to find some diamonds a - we have a one now three I don't see a 211 do we have an 11 nope 39 39 39 nope 35 a 35 nope there's 32 did we have a 32 anywhere no we do not and last but not least 25 do we have a 25 anywhere we do not have 26 so tickets sevens a loser so we're gonna go on to eight see what we can come up with guys need some big wins need some big winners I guess uh we got a double diamond guys the double diamond now in the Ohio Lottery that doesn't necessarily mean a big prize but what it can mean is that it could be a nice prize or or a jackpot but we don't know yet we just have one double diamond it is possible to get multiple diamonds and double and double diamonds on this game but with a triple diamond like I said it's all 25 prizes so when this game first came out I would get double diamonds every week without buying books now in order to see any diamonds you really have to buy books on this game so here we go 14 you have a 14 14 no 14 31 31 23 over 20 over 40 no 30 18 have a 19 that's it twenty-five over twenty six twenty four and last but not least a number 13 all right just the Dom double diamond zoom in here just the double yep there it is it's $500 winner guys boom double diamonds to fitty five hundo all right nice hit nice hit on ticket eight so ticket nine see if we can run a few thousand out of this book eighteen fifteen twelve one guys look at this are you kidding me we got another double diamond we got another double diamond guys back to back back to back freakin double diamonds I can't believe it a dry book has put us into the profit zone the book was 500 and so far we have only we have gotten back five and a quarter plus whatever is under this double diamond so let's see if we can find another 250 under there and get a thousand dollar book let's see if that can happen alright there's our numbers 39 39 23 no Double Deuce Double Deuce nope 13 number 13 do we have a 13 anywhere no we do not number seven number seven no and a 37 37 nope just the double diamonds again DejaVu see what we got under here guys little zeros $10 420 so it's a double up or that's a break-even on that ticket so let's adjust a break-even so we'll put that in the wind pile and we'll go on to ticket number ticket number ten all right when I hurry up and get through these I know you guys don't have a lot of time to usually watch when I post these long videos so let me know in the comments if you would rather I post these early in the morning or in the evening you let me know if it's better for you to get them and then get my alerts in the evening or in the early morning and then I will I will scratch and release whatever schedule that you guys are best on number 40 we got a 30 and a 20 and a ten number nine number nine No sixteen sixteen no 35 35 no 26 nope in 17 over 37 and 27 no 17 all right that's another loser take it 11 come on take it a levy on give us some wins give us some triple diamond action on this book I want triple diamonds that's what we're asking for practically begging for triple triple Dipple diamonds can you guys say triple Dipple triple Dipple diamonds yeah if you notice it's hard for me to get excited over a $500 win when you've hit so many $1,000 claimers and even higher than thousands but I really don't like to talk about those because it was off-camera but it'll happen on camera the way that I can pick the books I think I'm gonna end up picking a big one for you guys and I'm so happy to have all you secret scratchers right there with me to do it and celebrate and I'm thinking that a big ticket like that a multi-million dollar win we're gonna have a secret scratcher party and it would be only secret scratchers allowed I think that would be an awesome party yeah the door prize I think would be a bag a bag of money for you guys all right no winners on that one if I missed any just let me know but I didn't see any on that one either high alert I'll ER hit the camera sorry about that ticket twelve back to normal here we go ticket twelve yeah I really don't like this nickel but the levy home Double Deuce but I like doing books cuz you guys get to see pretty much the theory I had one guy stand next to me in the store and said you know what if I could buy a hundred books I'd win that ten million dollars and I said friend if he bought a hundred books you would you would basically be out about seventy-five thousand dollars and probably still wouldn't even see the ten million dollar winner six my record in one day as I did 15 thirty dollar books it was about I think it was over thirteen and a half thousand dollars and the biggest winner I found was a hundred dollars twenty-six yeah biggest winner in each book was a hundred bucks so I ended up winning back twenty nine hundred and the clerk was just in disbelief and I was too but I mean oh well you can't win them all you can try that's the fun the funds in the scratch like gambler after dark says the fun is in the scratch it's not really about the wins or the losses for me it's I really enjoy sitting down and just scratching the face of tickets off all right guys took it thirteen secret scratchers favorite number I want you guys in close on this one because you'll see secret scratcher loves ticket 13 and I have an eerie feeling that this ticket has a winner in it it's sort of like vibrating there's 13 on 13 if you ever matched a 13 on a 13 ah damn it sorry about that it's hard to see where these are I'm so used to my big scratch tool lining up so but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a diamond doing this ticket of some sort but so far no symbols and number eight let's see if we have a number eight on our ticket number 13 do we have an 8 no 29 29 no number 9 nope 24 24 nope 19 do we have a number 19 no we don't and a 28 we don't so we got a loser on 13 Wow can't believe that a loser on 13 so let's go into 14 here there has to be a winner so I don't think that the other prize is gonna be our our top our ceiling but it may be you just never know just never know yeah all right number first number 31 31 10 I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a cue for me any money if you haven't checked her channel out please do so as well as gambler after dark she like she edits down the the switching of the tickets and stuff I think I'm gonna start doing that too so I get you guys just constant scratch and so you can get through the whole videos with without watching the switching up of the tickets and stuff so last 1:30 do we have a 30 on this ticket we have a 20 nope so next ticket zoom out just a little ticket 15 and see what we can come up with hey if you guys would in the comments if you haven't left a comment yet let me know all guys look at this auto win let me know what you think about this ticket I'd be interested to hear some feedback if you'd like to see more diamond Dazzlers or if you've had enough of this ticket and don't ever want to see it again don't worry about ever hurting secrets feelings I can take constructive criticism without crying about it I welcome it like I said in the past if you give me a thumbs down let me know why I mean it's have some open dialogue so I can make better videos for you or if you just don't like the fact that something didn't win I understand the thumbs down but I really appreciate thumbs up a one do we have a one-note we've got a two but we have a diamond so Alavi on did we get in a levy on no.36 do have a 36 no 33 33 no and 23 nope just the auto went so just the auto when those zeros for 25 more dollars all right so that puts us at the 25 45 $70 $70 profit right now so ticket 16 we're at a $70 profit on the bulk so as a ticket 16 and we only have nine more to go making pretty good time through this bill guys holy crap another double diamond wow I've never seen this many double diamonds in a single double diamond book her triple Dazzler her diamond dad's or whatever the heck it's called yeah haven't seen this many diamonds in a long time 27 no just a 37 deuce do we have a deuce we got a 1 and a 3 course and look at that sitting pretty right next to it's 32 1717 nope 29 nope 18 no and a 10 do we have a 10 on this book in this play area 10 no we got a 30 and a 40 so just the double diamond again let's see do we have big zeros no but we've got a $50 winner $50 more so that puts us at 125 dollars on the book 125 dollar profit 17 tickets 17 one of these next few tickets should be $100 winner on top of this 50 we just got so if there's a 50 in the roll a lot of times they'll be a hundred with it not always the case our last book we did it we only had a 50 in the book and that was the biggest winner so appreciate you all watching that video and there's more to come we're gonna be doing I think a book not as often but maybe once a week and then do individual tickets around the state in the tri-state area Ohio Kentucky Indiana in the new year so if you would hit the subscribe button in the bell you'll be notified if you don't hit the bell and just turn on you know minimal verify minimal alerts that's fine too just as long as you get some alerts when I do the giveaways and hit some big winners love you guys to be a part of it so not a winner on ticket 17 so let's see what's tickets a teens treasure holds what does the treasure of the ticket 18 hold let's see what can we uncover under this cheap latex so I'm thinking about commissioning a study myself on the ill effects of this scratch-off material on human skin guys are you kidding secret scratcher again another double diamond oh my gosh you're gonna call me the diamond King have so many diamonds out of this thing feel like I have my own personal diamond mind all right let's see what we got 23 can we get a manual went all for once no of course not we have a double diamond 27 no a 6 a 24-6 and a 24 20 and 14 20 and 14 just the double diamond alright blue man here we go big zeros no just a 20 all right $20 winner on that one so I think it puts us about a hundred and sixty-five or something like that on the boat all right let's see what we got under ticket 19 took it 19 took it 19 treasure to you old my little friend 3737 nope 1425 guys 25 Double Deuce Double Deuce we got a 32 in the house right there 35 35 in 234 got a 33 and that's it all right take it 19's a loser going to ticket 20 here we go it's a blast 30 right here take it to money I have yet to see any triple diamonds for it went off it's been a long time Lottery's very stingy with those I don't want you winning at all I want to keep you right where they keep you 16:16 my friends every six number but a 16-9 do we have a nine anybody see a nine nine nine on the nine seven we have a six and an eight a deuce do we have a deuce no because we have a three and a one need a 13 do we have an 11 all give us an 11 that's a 1 and last but not least number 32 32 where are you on the other ticket all right take it 21 what do we got here's the 32 we needed last ticket I need triple diamonds darn it give me some triple diamonds lottery I'd love to have this many double diamonds and have a triple diamond in the book as well that would be amazing that would be totally amazing totally amazing if we can hit triple diamonds with this many doubles in the book all right nothing have cymbals so 38 38 we got a 38 right there guys now let's just see you know two twenty dollars behind it 16 16 there's a 10 any other 16s hiden No six it's another winner all right 39:39 going right they're gonna have a manual one all for 12 for nope and an 8 we have an 8 right here another 20 and another 8 right here another 20 so 20 40 60 70 80 90 39 right here for 100 I've got another we got $100 winner on ticket 21 guys so that ups the profit level tremendously here's ticket 22 ticket 22 here we go let's see what we get yeah I told you since that 50 pop there was 100 right behind it didn't I even on a winning book you still get the 150 so all right 2424 nope no 24 a 6 no 6 37 nope a 5 no 17 and a savvy own no no winner on ticket 22 let's see ticket 23 got one more after this and we're done appreciate everybody watching commenting liking subscribing hit the bell because we got a lot more fun in store when we pop them bigger winners you know I like to pop them can we still find is it okay to be greedy at this point and say can we find another big winner in this book I'd love to hey guys look at that we've got an otter win of course we can get great of course we can ask for more winners Thank You louder got another winner awesome awesome awesome sauce 2020 yeah let's keep Jim to yo in our prayers he's had some health issues want to send a shout out to my man Jim - yo hope you get well buddy whatever it is or you're dealing with your we're all with you buddy so it goes for anyone in the secret scratcher family he's been a faithful supporter of my channel and I of his and he had to disappear for a little bit and we're wishing him nothing but well wishes and good luck and let's see what we got here 20 yeah we'll get a $20 winner on ticket 23 now the last ticket in the book 24 a lot of people would leave this ticket behind cuz a lot of people at the store are superstitious and don't want to buy the last ticket let's say we walked in we saw this hanging what would you what would you do what would you do all right I bought it let's just say we bought it we didn't leave it hanging okay we used our last twenty dollars of gas money to buy this ticket because we think that the last ticket hanging is just too weird to leave it there so we used our last twenty dollars we were gonna get gas and we thought you know what we'll do something stupid today we haven't messed up today and we'll buy a lottery ticket with our last twenty dollars so here we go did we make the right decision 24 24 nope 21 nope 14 nope 16 nope 31 31 no and last number 34 34 there it is it's a loser we can't we we don't have enough to buy gas now so we're hitchhiking well I'm secret scratcher this has been a book of the 300 million diamond Dazzler tickets from the Ohio Lottery entire book we had winners so we had 25 we had another 20 45 we had 25 so that's 70 wait up 50 for 120 another 20 so 140 we had another hundred so 240 another 20 to 60 and then of course the creme de la creme the double up on the 250 for 500 so that's over $265 profit so I believe well if not I just add it all up you can see you so that's what we got I appreciate everybody watching I'm secret scratcher please like comment subscribe happy holidays guys love you all peace I'm out
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