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hey everybody this is the Canadian wolf bringing you another Pro revenge story this one is entitled new boss mobs and then fires and min major systems go downhill and bosses in hot water let's get to it pack well this happened about a year ago I have a new job now still I made a throwaway account to protect people involved mostly I made it to protect me if my former boss burns and held you to this well I'm ok with that and at least he will be able to afford the heating bill so I worked for this multinational company for over a decade as a system administrator my responsibility was in the area of manufacturing mostly for central systems that work on data flow between the manufacturing system and the ERP system in near real-time even though the company had lots of cash for stupid projects IT budget was always too tight for those expensive customized data munching systems so shortly after starting to work at the company I started implementing my own I'm also an experienced software developer one of the reasons my original boss hired me I won't go into too much detail but it decided to make the stuff web-based for easier deployment of updates it worked great and over time more and more functions got ported into this easy to enhance easy to update system partly new stuff partly decades-old software that was in dire need of replacement after about a decade this system was rather central to the manufacturing process in many ways and yes there were hot standby servers multiple backups each day and so on due to the severe budget constraints I'm allowed to use open source software for my database I'm also allowed to use my own open source web system as the base for it all and keep an open source except for some small selected parts of our company specific I'm pleased about that because essentially the company is paying me to progress my open source project while getting a a friendly reliable system for me to use that we're I always had the support of my varying bosses over the years we changed middle management a lot in comes another new boss in the first ever talk we have he complains that the software is written in programming language because that's so outdated I tell him it's actively developed and used by a number of Fortune 500 companies for their back-end and/or front-end systems he's not happy he also asks me how I do all the paperwork for the project and how my former bosses managed the project I tell him I do everything by mail so everything is archived on the archived mail server as per law and my former bosses didn't do any management because the users and department leaders are happy about how I manage the project myself he is livid a few weeks later my boss accuses me the work as a separate company within our company and it has to stop and it doesn't matter if the whole company approves of my work and speaks highly of me I have to do much more completely useless paperwork get approval for every small change or bug fix from two people and is generally a duck of when it comes to my work he also loudly complains that I work alone on my projects and that I try to ruin the company by doing so I have it on file that I asked whoever was my boss at the time for 10 years every month to have someone as backup and got denied every time you have to understand I have Asperger's and I'm generally not good with dealing with this stuff but so far I always managed this day is the first ever I left early crying my eyes out in nearly 25 years of work more bullying follows and over the next year my boss starts taking away all of my duties one at a time this results in me not always making my 40 Plus work hours per week you can only read read it so much per day before you start going insane now after everything is over I realize that was his main tactic after all get me fired for not working as long as my coworkers but it just didn't click with me at the time because nothing like that had ever happened to me boss forces me to train up back up near the end of February I only get one day to train him he's very young and inexperienced and I complained to my boss that there's over a decade of software development knowledge about company rules and processes he also doesn't know the programming language the next day after having to attend to an expensive one-hour training course and then having lunch HR calls me in and tells me it's my last day of work I don't have the usual mani day period but it's my last day of being employed this is rather than unusual in my country and only legal if both parties agree I agree though since I get a nice severance package and unemployment benefit starting the next day I don't mention to HR that it was planning to quit the next month anyway because of the constant bullying I have one hour to clean out my desk and say goodbye to my co-workers the last thing I do is to have one my backup delete my accounts as per company policy while I watch this includes my admit account in my web system then I leave I go home cut all company access to my privately owned public source code management temporarily then I work through the weekend to basically fork my own project under a new name renaming all the classes and stuff and release it back on my SCM under the new name just so that the company will have a hard time implementing all the bug fixes and security updates I do in the future what I accidentally on purpose forget to mention in the heat of the moment is that all the system documentation for the web system is also stored on the system and is linked to the user account of whoever wrote it me for everything in this case on delete restrict is active so deleting a user account with active documentation is aloud but there is also an own safety in the software that prevents deleting and min accounts through the interface so my coworker happily types a required command into the database shell directly you know delete from users where username equals the Asperger admin cascade and it works normal procedures would have the person doing the work assign a different user to that stuff first but what the heck I was fired and it was the responsibility of the person doing the work not mine this was well documented in the documentation he has just deleted as well as in any email I sent out a couple of months earlier a week goes past and then the messages start flooding in we used a well-known messaging app for real-time communication and also started using it for private messaging as well since my group are still good friends parts of the system are doing their job and parts of the manufacturing process has grown to a halt in multiple production plants the documentation is nowhere to be found and they can't figure out what is wrong from what I gather after I left they realize that I had a second account on the system marked developer account don't change without talking to the Asperger admin first backup deleted it since I wasn't working at the company anymore this also deleted a number of rather critical maintenance tasks running under that developer system account and the system went belly-up chaos ensued emergency meetings were held the company always held meetings instead of working to fix the problem whenever something went wrong that is when they started contacting me you need to come in and fix the problem right away company central is already on the phone and they are going a pitched ad lots of details on the problem and also on what is happening in the company sorry bro I don't work for the company anymore what it's your system why is my system past tense I got fired last week remember I do not there anymore but we are in trouble first since I don't work there anymore you just violated company policy by telling me all that stuff could get you fired for that I'm not going to you're the somewhat innocent bystander in this secondly on the day I was fired HR told me that they wanted to get me out of the door right away because a disgruntled worker with my kind of system knowledge is a security nightmare but you're disgruntled are you no but there is no way for you or management to be sure are you willing to take full responsibility if you let me in and I hack your systems no boss isn't paying me that well you see and third if I help you in any way shape or form I might be in deep trouble well see the company can't do a lawsuit against their own employees if something goes wrong by accident suppliers have similar statements in their contracts and are also insured I'm neither of those and if I do something wrong or the company just states I did even if I do I'm suddenly in deep financial trouble I just can't take the risk what if we hire you as an external supplier contractor I'd have to open a company get insurance goes through negotiations with your purchasing department to get my company in your suppliers list then I'd have to write you an offer which you then have to get signed by names out for people which would take all in all two to four months after which I will have to wait for the money for another three to four months sorry I decline please help me and my boss same person as my now former boss are in very hot water what can we do sorry I can't help the company because it would be a risk to me and it would be against your own company policy to allow me to help pretty please tell you what call up company central yourself don't go through boss and tell them exactly what had happened tell them you broke the system by deleting those user accounts on your boss's order and tell them you didn't know what would happen because you didn't have enough training and experience you just relied on your boss's orders turns out backup actually did phone of the company central a few days later boss went through hell got fired and got himself on the never hire again anywhere in this company blacklist for another expensive stunt people which the company realized shortly after he was kicked out how do I know I still have lots of friends at that company and hear stuff through the grapevine back up still has his job and a new even more incompetent boss so backup is ready to find a new job yesterday he asked me about planning his company exit which reminded me that I wanted to write this post and here we are Wow can you believe the boss getting Opie fired mainly because boss didn't like that Opie was a self-sufficient IT department you would think a boss would be happy to have someone like Opie in there as it simplifies his responsibilities everything was going just fine but no boss wanted him out so quick that he picked a replacement and had him get very minimal training causing all these issues to arise with the system afterwards due to inexperience I'm glad the higher-ups realized though that boss was the one at fault here when backup went to them and revealed all the truth well everyone thank you very much for watching the video I hope you enjoyed this story if so make sure to hit that like button and go give the author an upvote on reddit don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on the notifications so you know when my next video comes out this is the Canadian wolf saying stay wild
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