Paul Gertner Returns and Fools Penn & Teller…Twice! Only Magician to Appear 3 Times on FOOL US

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[Applause] and in the case of this next magician it might be a little more of a grudge match take a look I have to say I'm really honored to be the first magician to be invited back for the third time for the first time I did to trick code on shuffle kind of blew our minds not only did the trip for Penn & Teller but based on video views and so on it did fooled a lot of the magicians - the second time the cups and balls I thought I was going to pull the only problem was they knew that trick a little too well it's now a tie you got us last time we got you this time season 5 kicked our ass the thing I like the most about coming on fool us is it pushes me to take my magic to the next level so essentially they've given me a gift each time I have new routines thanks to being on the show this time I have a gift for them [Music] [Applause] five selected audience members is Paul Gartner [Applause] last year you said Paul season five kick our butts I'm gonna give it my best now I asked the producers to choose five totally random people from the audience to join me and I want to thank you for coming up and helping me out I'm not gonna ask your names because your names are going to determine the outcome of this trick but first a little story in the early 70s there was a study done in Las Vegas about winners and losers they studied people that won big jackpots and people that went home totally broke and there was a fascinating statistic in this study that said for some strange reason all of the winners in the study had an even number of letters in their name and all of the losers in the study had an odd number of letters in their name it became known in the gambling industry as the lucky study now the question is could your names determine your luck let's find out it right now I have a pack of cards right here 52 crow 54 I have the Joker's in the deck but we won't use the Joker's and I'd like everyone to do me a favor come forward and hold your hand out like that and you're gonna put your finger on the back of one card so all five come back or just hold your hand out like that put your finger on one card okay perfect now slide those cards out okay slide about take them back to your seat now I'm going to have all of you look at your cards just like this okay got it okay and now I'm gonna turn my back and when I turn my back I'm going to have you flip the card out to the audience just like that okay now go ahead you can turn it out to the audience all right and look at it now everyone in the audience remember one person and their card okay now flip the card back around towards yourself and we will now be ready to go now we're gonna place those five cards back in the deck one at a time all right first card but you're over here now normally a magician has to find one card but well I have to fopen and tell her so I'm gonna do fine now would you place yours here and let's get back to the story now has anyone ever heard of the name Thomas Preston probably not Thomas Preston was a gambler in the early 70s but he never really won much of anything he read about the lucky study and he decided to change his name because when he added up the number of letters in his name he discovered he had 13 letters in his name a very unlucky number for a gambler so Thomas Preston changed his name to Amarillo Slim oh this is true you can google it and once he changed his name to Amarillo Slim he actually became very lucky because Amarillo Slim had 12 letters in the name and he went on to win four World Championships of Poker the last one with a royal straight flush in spades not something you see normally in Las Vegas now the question is the changing his name change his luck we're gonna see right now with these five new friends I have here at the table here's what I want you to do I want you to add up the number of letters and your first and last name together okay now you can use your fingers to do this to be sure what L mean now I'm going to take and start over here but I'd like to know how many letters in your first and last name together there's 15 15 15 Wow we might be down to first names only here okay one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 you said 15 15 how many and yours eight eight and that's not your card by any chance is it okay one two three four five six seven and eight how many in yours 14 14 with first names only go to figure out how many letters in your first name 14 that's not your card okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 you said 14 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 how many of your first name 17 how many first name twelve plan first name do you have a nickname five okay and is that your card no okay one two three four and five and how many in yours 22 first name five five and that's not your card okay one two three four five let's see if this worked now there's no way I could have controlled anything but had five random cards selected shown to the audience and I doubt the number of letters in your name I had to use your nickname but we got there for the very first time let's see if you're as lucky as Amarillo Slim what was the name of your card do you remember it's for club four of clubs seven days seven of spades and your card eight of Spades and your card a Red King of Diamonds and your cards auto parts five of hearts to select out [Applause] Oh ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen it's possible Penn & Teller already know how that trick was done however I promise Penn to surprise you and remember I told you Amarillo Slim won his final World Championship poker hand was something you don't see too often in Las Vegas and if we look at the bottom part of each one of these packets if we're lucky we just might find amarilla Slim's royal straight flush in Spain [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what have you been doing since the last time we saw you oh there's been a lot I've been very busy and it actually as a result of being on Peninsula force I have my own show now in Boston you have even more riding on this this fool than than in previous maybe maybe because I spend about two and a half years on this trick you practice a lot I do practice a lot and this will retard that so is there such a thing as practicing too much I think I think there is yeah because in terms of hands oh if you practice so much hands cramp up a little bit because you're doing certain weird techniques and maneuvers and so on like that how many times did you practice this morning oh this I think I did the trick about 15 times this morning yeah 1520 boy when we see Paul Girton are we worried and this is an important one it's the tiebreaker that's true you fooled us once you didn't fool this the second time now it's the third time yep and this is uh Paul plays this game at a different plane than everybody else that comes out here because he did a trick that I am certain fooled just about everybody watching and yet you sat there smug knowing we were seeing you do every one of those five moves but you were okay with that because you're a rat bastard that's where you're okay with that you were saying well you know let him catch me at the other thing at the end okay now when you turned your back on us to it the audience that seems like always being so fair and so honest right but you turn your back we as magicians think he can do anything he wants with that deck he's there by himself with his back to us with a with the cards in his hand and then you said that you were going to add on a little trick of the end and we think you did add on and we think you added on something besides just a trick you added on something to accomplish the trick no we're talking about did you do something tricky when your back was turned I didn't do anything tricky when my back was turned but you didn't do it like that [Applause] we come [Applause] [Music] you
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