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I am zabrocki I guess it is true that I've always been a little bit different I don't know what people say about me and I really don't care really want anyone to expect anything from one of my performances because the artists job is to always deepen the mystery I don't know if I can convince Penn & Teller of anything I don't want to try I'll show them what I'm good at I want them to like me and in tell her if do you like me now with four randomly selected members of our audience here's the very specific zabrocki Hughes by being here now they'll be part of an event that you will never forget go ahead and take the caps off of these pens put them to the cardboard and draw me a picture you can draw anything that you like start drawing right now it could be something simple like a circle a square maybe a geometric shape maybe something more complex uh burning Christmas tree oh please finish up the work now very carefully put the caps on the pins and hand all the drawings down to your right to the female standing closest to the table on the far right over there please tell me when you have those four drawings in your hand you have the four drawings yeah good now make sure they're all facing down so they're facing the stage and once they are shuffle them up so you don't know where your drawing is with anyone elses just make sure they're all mixed up and they're all facing down that done place them face down onto the table I will collect the pens ladies and gentlemen among my skill sets I happen to be an expert in art analysis and I have a trained eye this one right here to read in between the lines of fine artwork in particular a pen and ink drawings so if I analyze this work properly I should be able to determine not one but two things I should be able to tell all of you people number one which artist created which picture and number two I shouldn't be able to reveal some personal information about each of my artists I'm going to judge you all especially you and see what we have for artists for drawings well I said draw anything this is certainly anything look at this a beautiful rendition a woman with a hat and long hair does kind of floating in space there can we see that I mean the work is compulsive it's concentrated yet it tells me everything that I tell about my artist start hearing little heart right there on the hat it tells me that the person that composed this picture likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain your work yes begone go come down see what we have next yeah of course look clearly the work of a sex maniac faceless stick figure peer subversion hmm your work be gone go to artists to pictures aren't you glad you volunteered oh my god oh my dear move this is your work isn't it yes just go Chris go he's feared we have one artist we have one picture you may take your seat back we're gonna do something a little bit different with you go on take your seat back yes you can go back you can applaud for her as she does feeling I'd like you to clear your mind of all of your thoughts and concentrate on the picture you drew a moment ago do you recall what you did compose yes good sure mind be free concentrate on the picture and send it to me and I will draw the first thing that comes into my mind you see you understand so take the picture from your brain and send it to me right here here we go I'm not saying this is what you can pose it's just the first thing that came into my mind hmm once again let your mind be free concentrate on the picture send it to me now oh yes something's happened that's it that's it I've composed something here as I have here I can't change my mind in a loud and clear voice would you mind telling everyone here tonight what you composed just a moment ago on your slip of cardboard yes a fish a fish here we take a look can we take it some would call this ate a fish very nicely drawn it's just like the one you sent me right here who are you no pie Allison Allison hi what a coincidence my sister's name is Laura Oh nice to meet you do you know there's this markers might be a little toxic and do some I'm a little worried about your hope parents yeah yeah okay your lovely cheekbones thank you yeah sorry okay okay um how did you draw the fish well the fish came to me you see right because she composed in it and it was sent to me you see just sort of flowed through the theatre here right what I mean honor I wouldn't have even if I was looking at it I wouldn't have been able to say oh that's a fish and copy it like you're really good that's why I'm here in you're over there yes can you tell what they're thinking I'm not sure which one is which me okay let's see if boys have it figured out good you know I got to tell you how many magicians trying to be funny have held pens in their hands and no one was smart enough to write on their face it's just the greatest thing and we were trying to think if there's ever been a Mentalist doing a Mentalist act that was sincerely funny and sincerely good you may be the first ever [Applause] as teller said it was Salvador Dali doing pseudo psychometry and you do have a trained eye and you were looking very carefully at those cards that worked very well I want to say this a little bit careful it because I don't want to give it away but I have been following you before your magic career oh yeah your lead singer and put out a few singles didn't you and what did they peek at in billboard in the 50s let's just say you Pete you peaked around the 50s yeah Matt when I was in my 20s when I peaked really this is all just sort of the afterlife well I think it was a great great great act and you did not fool us I think we we told you how ok alright are you satisfied that they know how you did your magic I'm satisfied [Applause] [Music]
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