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so let's bring out our next spoon [Applause] when I was 13 years old and I was lifting weights I had 95 pounds up over my head and my knees buckled I fell hit the floor and it snapped both of my arms pretty painful while I was in the hospital one of my mom's friends bought me some books on magic close up magic is definitely what I feel passionate about I just like the one-on-one or small group interaction where the magic is happening right in their hands I got to perform at the Presidential Inaugural ball for George W Bush so yeah I fooled them but the real challenge is gonna be fooling Ben and Teller able to see if I can pull that off thank you very much also would you mind joining me over here Penn & Teller would you mind joining me as well let's hear it for Allison and Penn & Teller [Applause] I'll give you a chance to win some money and you guys are gonna hear to keep me honest okay so a little bit of money 20 bucks it would have been more but I make my living doing card tricks dad let me tell you what's gonna happen here first they're all randomly mixed yeah if this trick doesn't work Alison you get the 20 bucks okay do they look okay sure okay here's what's gonna happen I'm gonna hand you the cards in a moment and you're going to deal them one at a time face up from the facedown deck whenever you decide to stop just stop dealing but when you do the very next card is going to be the ace of diamonds I know that's a bold statement right but that's exactly what's going to happen and it doesn't matter I know there's an ace sir but that's the heart I don't want to know where the ace of diamonds is I don't want you to know where it is so I'll mix them up and you guys can keep me honest - that look pretty thorough yeah do me a favor take the deck and you know what to do and you can stop whenever you want it's up to you but deal them face up off of the deck yes okay fantastic you look like you've done this before and it is up to you so I I'm not trying to get you to yeah you can go as long hey guys exciting I saw the ace of clubs the tension is mounting all right well that's game a little boring so stop that's where you're stopping yeah are you sure because I sure lambda Spencer I'm not gonna do anything you didn't see the ace of diamonds ago by did you and you didn't either okay I'm just gonna square him up a little bit are you sure that's where you want to stop because I don't want you later on saying man I wish I would have gone one more or two more or five more I won't say that cuz I know what's gonna happen so you're satisfied this is where you're stopping yeah okay the very next card I want to see it but just deal it facedown right there don't look at it yeah perfect and we all wanna see the rest of the cards too so continue dealing them face-up and in fact even do that yep you can just I'm just going to turn them all over yep cuz now it doesn't matter we can see them right continue dealing the face up one at a time and make sure there is no ace of diamonds that this scene and if you see one tell me will stop I'll give you the 20 bucks we'll call it a night and if you guys feel the Ace of Diamonds you can say something actually you can say something you can just sit there looking adorable and you do bring the adorable don't don't let's take that okay I did not see don't you didn't see it okay I'll let you square them up yep and you can turn them over so now they're all facing up or whatever the card was facing down okay I'm just gonna move them over here I won't do anything tricky so just to recap I stated at the beginning I was going to stop on the ace of diamonds so you dealt them all face-up then one face down the rest face up so you handled every card we saw every card in the deck except for one what card did I say diamond the ace of diamonds [Applause] [Music] [Music] yeah I'm gonna call it a night go I'm gonna trick him I'm gonna deal more than I think I should right and and I did and it still worked like I said they had money on it so how long did it take to master this it's really none of your business okay I'm kidding this trick I don't know I've been doing this trick for I don't know ten years maybe maybe longer all right it's nice to see a nice simple card trick isn't goes nice and slow and procedural and simple and there's nothing that it's just open prediction right at the top right through you say what you're gonna do and you do it right you're not relying a surprise or anything and I like that you called teller adorable you know he does tend to be fairly smooth and I could be a little bit rough they're gonna tell you that in this case which is our favorite tricks we didn't see anything we're doing this all by deduction it's all entirely deduction again we didn't see you know sometimes we'll see someone do something a little bit sloppy or catch a glimpse of something even on ones that fool us that occasionally happens everything was totally clean nothing but our knowledge of magic gave us help on this we loved it we think we got it in the hope I gave you a little something in there if you need more I can lay it on you I think you gave me enough okay good because I don't want to give away in the board we have some beautiful tricks thank you very much anything [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]
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