Penn & Teller FOOL US - Axel Hecklau vanishes Tellers driving license (604)

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we already saw a Penn & Teller get fooled once tonight well this next magician make it twice take a look I'm actually echo from Berlin in Germany fifteen years ago I created my own weekly magic show in Berlin it's called the salon of wonder it's a perfect place to polish my creations some people are great entertainers but they never come up with a whole new routine but I become known for my inventions around the globe the idea I am going to present tonight came to me about 10 years ago it's absolutely unique to me and I fooled so many magicians with it so maybe that can fool them to tell it as well and I think this will be fun [Applause] thank you thank you very much tell her would you like to join me on stage great thank you for helping me so tell her all you have to know about my act is at the end everything will be okay and if it's not okay it's not the end okay by any chance do you have your driver's license with you may I have it for a moment would be great because I call my act the tyranny of plastic because we have way too many of these in our wallets yeah but for today I just take four of them plus one makes five okay imagine this you like to leave home and you're 100% certain you're so sure you have put your driver's license into your wallet between all the other cults fair just hold your hand like this that's your wallet for a moment yeah and cover this with the other hand perfect it is always the most important card that is missing you know that you have the feeling hey this card has vanished into thin air yeah it happened again just lift your hand it's just my credit card my barbershop card my coffee shop member card right yeah and this is my seminar card yeah but you see the driver's license it's missing botella keeps cool of course because he knows the card hasn't vanished the card is just elsewhere but where is elsewhere the only thing you know for sure it's not here so the only option you have is to go the classic way to apply for a new one but don't worry I have prepared everything for you I have here my smoke the application form and if you did all that paperwork yeah run all through that effort and you go home then you realize wait a moment elsewhere is always closer than we think I know what you're thinking and it would be a miracle wouldn't it I'll show you it is I got mail by Express these Express services are so amazing these days this one claims we deliver before you place the order so let's see if they keep the promise inside we find a letter that's a letter it comes from the elsewhere lost-and-found office and it's addressed to tell her so please turn it around open it up see we have the letter address tutela attached to the letter we have driver's license not any driver's license teller is this yours [Applause] what's the most important thing to you imagine to amaze people so often entertainment is perceived as entertaining is if people laugh but I think if people are astonished and astonishment has no noise astonishment the silences you don't hear it so this is what I like to achieve so of course I like applause but if people are speechless and how did you choose this trick for them because it's totally original from me it's my idea it's it's my baby and also some magic methods are quite new so I thought if I try to fool them I have to come up with something quite different technically also all right well it's time to go to the guys and see if they figured out your trick yeah let's see you know the the nest of envelopes plot is a is a is a great plot in magic you have so many improvements I mean the final thing has to be open by the magician and you have the final thing opened by teller and the driver's license in place which is really beautiful and a huge improvement over that also my driver's license not only is it unique but also so valuable and such a pain in the ass to get replaced and magicians usually lie but you were telling 100% of the truth that application was really important to give him the driver's license back that's er that's a really important step in that so we love your improvement to the nest of envelopes love the way teller was able to handle it very very clever and a great use of the driver's license but we don't think you fooled us okay [Applause]
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