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first up my flavor pack lamb with fry bread whether I'm cooking high-end dishes or rustic dishes trust me it all has to be impressive so this lamb dish proves that you have to spend a fortune to create delicious food first off for the panel this is a lamb steak and it's cut just above the leg just here because you see that delicious bone running through the center and that's full of marrow so that just gives the lamb a nice added sweet flavor just take your knife cut through each end this stops the lamb steak from buckling so therefore it cooks evenly and colors beautifully salt and pepper lamb needs quite a little help with the pepper so for generously the pepper I just Pat that down the pan is just under smoke on the outside now put the oil in get that pan really nice and hot because this is a cheap cut so I'm depending on the color of the lamb steaks are really sort of impart a lot of flavor the noise you want to hear you kind of hear that noise don't drop the steak in put a little bit of garlic in there not chop garlic this whole close the garlic lightly crushed don't even waste time peeling them in tongs lift up a bit of fat around the back that's for the top of the leg tilt the pan and let all that fat render rendering is a chef's term that means melting the fat it works brilliantly when you're cooking a ribeye as well coming over beautiful now it looks like an expensive cut and we got that nice even sear all over as it's cooking just tilt the pan and base I'm facing the LEM steak just means just sort of adding all that nice senses garlic olive oil back into the lamb people now have a lamb out let the lamb rest now for the perfect rustic crouton so this breads quite firm couple days old just slice it straight down the center dice it up put into a bowl season it beautifully from there and add some milk sounds strange adding milk to a crouton but it just gives it that nice rich creamy texture and just let that mill sort of absorb into the bread while that's soaking unlike the dressing go back to that initial garlic that was in the pan beautiful and for the best and water and chievous anchovies go brilliantly well with lamb on that nice salty vinegary flavor and a big kick some capers there little baby cats very sweet now just pound that to a nice paste the smell is incredible next some Dijon mustard a nice teaspoon and a half in open up red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons and then our extra virgin olive oil now it's got that heat in there got a nice roasted garlic a real hearty chunky vinaigrette that sort of seeps into that lamb some fresh parsley crunch up the parsley delicious flavor past the end nice now get your pan hot for the croutons olive oil in the pan grab the croutons and squeeze all that excess milk ow not too hard I don't them dry and in [Music] viola and the milk inside these croutons give it a nice spongy creamy delicious flavor that's the color what nice now take them out and lightly drain them put it kitchen roll onto the board out I'll plate them just take it's amazing the Negro and spread it bill there's croutons listen to them my little boulders hitting the plate the lamb sit down on next one on the rest the croutons on now use all those little bits and my chef in Paris would kill me right now if you saw me using those because they're they ugly scraps that customers should never see but but they're the best bits croutons on and then just drop that sauce and whiz little bits of the lamb and there is a perfect way of taking a cheap cut as the premier league of dishes [Music] we've got Parramatta clean lamb chops with char grill broccoli and boldly salad to cook the bulgur wheat just simmer until tender then drain to give the broccoli a chargrilled flavor simply cook with salt in a hot dry pan until smoky and tender for a quick and easy aromatic dressing mixed together harissa paste with either buttermilk or creme fraiche and add chopped mint simple as that to serve thoroughly dress your broccoli and bulgur wheat and finish with more fresh mint leaves dessert ready and salads done now for the aromatic grilled lamb chops how much do you love lamb holes a lot a lot on a scale of 1 to 10 okay these lamb chops are gonna be delicious first we're gonna marinate them I'll start putting the spices in first one coriander Commander good so teaspoon of coriander seeds in I don't touch off what's that to me well done cumin in one's daddy's favorite tumeric Jimmy a teaspoon of that in there now I will touch of salt and I want you to start grinding that down while I get the ginger and the garlic give that a nice little mix please for daddy that looks amazing after that get the garlic lay it flat and not it almost pure is the garlic so we got a nice paste only sorry about dirt in your nails I just love garlic nothing wrong with that the more you smell of garlic unless the boys are gonna date you so right now the ginger makes it sort of spicy on fruity now get the ginger and do exactly the same the ginger you grated like this it turns into the most amazing ginger puree off of your dying how old Holly put some muscle into it good yeah nice steal that there now I'm gonna drizzle some olive oil in there okay you bring that together as a pace for daddy there you go John nice good girl now that smells incredible that is a delicious pace so I'm your tip all that marinade on to the lamp I don't want you to rub it all in to those lamb chops then we go get your hands in there my girl come on holes so look you get them in there then you rub all that marinade the flavor inside these chops come on Holly come on your jump is fine just smell nice and the early you do this the better the turmeric you start to stain the lamb chops they're not even cooked yet yet they smell delicious yeah what do you like honestly my nails my nails delicious after marinating from 10 minutes to overnight but if you can't wait to get your hands on them you can grill the chops straight away gasps nice and high and grilling them it's gonna make them slightly healthier so lamb on first one in or slide that in alongside that so you sit more in the back that's right what I want to do is get those really nice grill marks on there [Music] now when I cook them please sides one side up flip it and then on the back to this bit here gonna grill it on there as well now if you could get the yogurt add the pretty please very nice some fresh mint want you to pick the mint please and give it a little chop and mix it in with the yogurt that's amazing doesn't it so yogurt in chop up the min please I have a look at the color of the lamp [Music] so nice of a place smell incredible grilling in this way they cook so much quicker okay it's a lot healthier smell is beautiful slices yeah I reckon Megan like this I hope so see what I'm doing I'm standing the chops up yeah we're not gonna dry out this way that's fine and then licks it into the other please darling how would you know when they're done nice and pink between a half or four minutes each sides medium six minutes well done eight or nine minutes how'd you like your lamb my darling medium-rare lamb cutlets at his best will be medium-rare off with the gas okay lovely lovely flavor okay look at that Wow I'm in heaven one of the secrets that the slow cooking is to be robust and really get stuck in big bold flavors work brilliantly well so don't you precious this is gutsy cooking at its absolute best these are lamb breasts are beautiful cheap cut and is sort of tucked alongside the rib they're being boned out the skin has been taken off I'm gonna roll them stuff them and braise them braising simply means cooking in liquid on a low heat making the meat divinely tender now open them up and give them a really good season season them both sides inside and out really important doesn't look like a real weighty dense cut of meat but once these beautifully slow-braised it's just like melting lamb it's incredible on a season of rests with some dried Oregon ax put it heat in there some chili flakes lemon zest just amazing salted anchovies in there now they almost melts inside of a lamb so the balance of flavors work beautifully now pull it down toward you and roll that nice and tightly so I'm looking for strength just need to tie them three times one at each end and one in the middle I fell in love with this dish years ago when I first started working in Paris because I had all the lamb in from the Pyrenees nice thing is they can be done the day before pan on olive oil in give that oil nice and hot lamb in really important to you it's a nice color on there whilst they're browning slice the onion but I was gonna be cooking four to nine hours so don't slice the onions too thinly otherwise they'll burn garlic and leave whole I've got a color on them that beautiful take them out onions in and garlic straight in love it that's a secret about slow braising you never change pans why all the goodness isn't that one pan through chili seeds in there are gana nice pinch you over there lemon in there and I do the onions what I did to the lamb next my capers fire them off get them exploding to bottom the pan they get nice and crisp in next my black olives now white wine you bring that up to the boil deglazing the pan as well rinsing the bottom of that pan and now the flavor in there it's just extraordinary now grab our tomatoes puncher those plum tomatoes then simply place the lamb breast back in the pot and remember to taste [Music] [Applause] that's nice lid on into the oven 172 two and a half hours and forget about it well beautiful all that was reduced down to his amazing nice tomato sauce and the lamb it's kept its color its braised beautifully very carefully a little bits there slice off pull off the little bits of string this is why I get really excited my secret is not to slice it too thinly and smell the lemon hard to believe when you slice through the center there but that is a very cheap cut of meat I'm salivating I love this I mean it's just incredible pick up its martyrs and the olives on the onions an amazing rich horse take your lamp sort of just sit it on it looks incredible that for me is why chefs get so excited with cheap cuts because the end results are incredible delicious breasts of lamb with lemon and trophy's chili and Ariana marinating the lamb first Cheers we'll use a mixture of red and green take off the tops and just slice in garlic don't worry about chopping these ultra fine just get it in there cooking for up to three hours everything sort of blends and almost sort of cures itself together the smoked paprika goes brilliantly well with the chilies two teaspoons in a touch of dried oregano some little cumin seeds the blend and the fragrance that they give out is extraordinary they release a little the oil as well helps to tenderize the lamb touch of salt pepper cinnamon that sort of sweetens up the lamb olive oil just a tablespoon and the olive oil helps to sort of stick all those wonderful spices to the lamb jump in just start really rubbing at this stage you can leave the lamb to marinate for anything from half an hour to overnight allowing the spices to really penetrate the meat giving amazing results when I'm delicious vegetables carrots and onions and that's it sliced secret slicing vegetables for braising is not getting too thin you slice the onions too thin they burn you've got that horrible char taste on that slow braised raising it's just a chef term that means cooking in liquid on a low heat making the meat incredibly moist and beautifully tender so the secret of braising is having a really nice thick durable pan get that nice and hot just a touch of olive oil lamb in hold the bone you can control them into the pan on that white fats to start rendering so it'll have more fat therefore making it a lot more flavor some as it braises chilies cinnamon in mix that up and don't be scared you're not burning this you're sort of searing the lamb shanks and this is the important part right at the very beginning we're gonna be color on the lamb which washes off as it braises in the oven so be generous for that color vegetables in Wow and then put the Bailey's so now you lift the lamb up and get the lamb sat on top of the vegetables now glaze the pan with red wine the glazing means that you'll do cleaning the bottom of the pan and you're getting that amazing flavor washed off and lift it up into that sauce it can really transform that dish always deglaze then bring to the boil and cook for about 10 minutes to reduce the wines reduce down by half now for the stock bring that stock back up to the ball and then into the oven now don't cover it when you cover it all the conversation comes off the lid your lamb becomes gray all this effort and that exciting spice gets washed away no lid and in the oven for three hours a slow cook on a low heat of a hundred and sixty degrees gives us Pisces time to work and transform the meat so it's mouth-wateringly tender now look at those out on to a plate you can just see that meat sliding down juicy and incredibly tender grab it by the the shank rolling around that rich the delicious sauce that sauce nice beautiful just it's a mint don't chop it just pick that fresh mint and let it snow and there you go a very spicy delicious melting in our mouth lamb shank amazing [Music] and on for Suffolk it's a saddle of lamb basically a sort of rolls-royce cut perfectly shaped and it suits stuffing to an absolute tea for the stuffing finely chop an onion garlic nice thin slices boil in onions and garlic in a salt and pepper make sure the stuffing is beautifully seasoned so it helps to season the inside of the lamp now we've got a color on those onions we're throwing some pine nuts that helps to give a bit of a texture here's where it starts getting really exciting spinach in and just lay the spinach over the pine nuts it looks like a lot of spinach that's gonna condense and disappear almost instantly so much more flavor spin is when you slow to it as opposed to steaming or boiling you gas off look at that now to bring that together no eggs no breadcrumbs crumbled feta over the spinach feta cheese adds a beauty salty sharp and creamy flavor what this does it brings that stuffing together now open up the lamb cute there's little Phyllis to the side that's the channel that we want to stuffed or just open that up a little bit there salt and pepper lightly and before we put our stuffing in we're season it with sumer sumac is a wonderful lemony spice that goes brittany with lamb and you can get it in most big supermarkets and it sort of cuts through that thick rich sweetness of the lamb open up that lamb there take a spoon if you're preparing this for the day ahead then let the stuffing cool down it's inevitable when you start rolling it and tying it something to squeeze out so load up the ends take these beauties these little Phillips and to support that stuffing and sort of increase that beautiful tunnel and then from there over there and bring that towards you and then roll like I said so my stuff is going to come out now but tight first off around the side and don't worry about some flash which is not just tire one in the middle you can get butcher string from your local butcher or cookware shops I got two ties go to tie it just forces all that stuffing out of the lamb when it's in the oven nice now we'll just season the top of it roll the joint to make sure all the skin gets seasoned now you think normally that just goes in the oven like that that's how my mum would do it but did you tray onto the gas oil in get it really nicely colored not that your stuffing is coming out of the sides really important look at that color beautiful does kick start a roasting process gas off into the oven cook for 45 to 55 minutes depending on how pink you want your lamb lick the lamb out of the fat to rest resting it raised up in the tin or stop it cooking but not cool it down to quickly it means you won't lose any of those lovely juices next I'm making a simple but sophisticated accompaniment for the lamb top and tail the cucumber peel it cut the cucumber into three and just core take it out all that it's just sort of water ECD and it spoils the flavor slice cucumber cucumber in a really nice way of making a cheap and cheerful cucumber look glamorous we're gonna dress that cucumber with a nice fresh yogurt with tablespoons next it's a fresh mint dressing touch a salt touch a pepper and then pomegranate molasses that just swings it up finish that with lemon mix that up laughs its rested carefully take off the string and then just gently pull them back straight edge edge knife that's going to cut through that crispy foul on the outside instantly I tied it purposely so I can get my portion control from the lines hold it nice and firmly look at your line where the string was and look this one is gonna be amazing lay and down just in those two slices there it proves that stuffing meats is for special occasions because that is a saddle of lamb and its absolute best stuffing meats and fish not only makes them look fantastic it also gives them an extra added flavor dimension to once you've mastered the technique you'll be able to turn out dishes that will guarantee you'll have an unforgettable feast
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