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[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello everybody welcome back my name is Jason Parker and today we are reacting to Rebecca Herrera or is it Kevin this is season 6 episode 2 of Penn & Teller's fool us Rebecca has previously fooled Penn & Teller and won the trophy and she has come back for a second time to try to win another trophy as I understand it this is some kind of mentalism so let's go ahead and check out her performance I have a secrets I'd like to share with you when I came home full as the first time it wasn't easy on stage you're alone in a room full of strangers watching your whole life change seems like I should put my bad down and say that you are for this the impact was incredible I'm a headliner in London now doing magic and mentalism and we do a show called unfathomable my acting career took off I was in two productions this year as Perdita in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale daffodils that come before the swallow deaths and as a Welsh housewife a woman's place I don't see how that's a man's business Penn & Teller emoni better as a person and as a performer now I think that may make it harder for me but I've still got some tricks up my sleeve [Applause] the mysterious Rebecca Herrera Ferreira true story in 1968 researcher Charles Tarte created a random five digit number and placed it on a high shelf his subject a Miss Z claims she could divine this five digit code through what she calls out-of-body experiences essentially meaning her spirit self could leave her body and float around and see things which her human eyes could not sounds like a true story dr. tarts experiments have been controversial for over 50 years but after studying his work very carefully I think I can make a believer out of all of you last time I was here you mentioned that you weren't allowed to go all TSA on me and search me well now you can would you please come and join me on the stage [Applause] this is a metal detector you may take it they're kind used to search people for objects they shouldn't have on them in this case radio receivers or other ways to cheat at magic please test out you can test out in your cell first of all if you have any metal seems very familiar with that you satisfy yourself that there is nothing concealed on my body okay wonderful and you will be playing the role of dr. Charles Hart in I think you did that again real quick on his wristwatch is just to see if she had like an assistant offstage like remote controlling it to beep you know like when he brought in his watch so he did it again real fast just to see if it was real device and it was real device proceeding this experiment and creating a five digit number okay there are nine numbers to choose from one to nine represented on these blocks please place them in this rat in any order you'd like however before you do that I would come and sit over here so I can't see what numbers you choose and I'll close my eyes audience you can make sure that I'm not peeking okay hang please place five numbers into the rack now and let me know when you're done let's see what we got here one last one here right there please that rack and stick it on top of your shoulder Arne we're going to the rack and there it is wonderful work and if you haven't already can you please flip that so that the numbers are facing the ceiling does it bother anyone else that he did in to place it centered on the rack numbers facing the ceiling and then come and stand behind me and I will come and stand behind you I am doctor researcher the dramatic to this day it has never been proven exactly how this experiment was done but it might have gone a little bit like this now if I go into a trance I will lose control of my physical self so and if you wouldn't mind could you please put your hands on my shoulders to stop me from falling as it turns out she did go into a trance [Music] [Music] six one nine seven three and can you please turn the rack so the audience can see it six one that's a high roller all right so before they discuss it I'll give you my thoughts first thought is that I liked how she didn't use a blindfold it didn't seem necessary she can just face to the audience close her eyes everyone can see if her eyes are open or closed second off I was kind of thinking I wish she had used the metal detector on her shoes also because what if she had like some kind of a vibrating remote control device that an assistant could use us offstage to like vibrate the number you know that was in order like zit zit four three or something like that but assuming she didn't have any special devices on her then I mean the only thing she had available to her was sound her sense of hearing right maybe she could somehow hear the blocks when they're being put into the container but I was listening and they didn't really sound any special way to me mm-hmm or she really did go into a trance and had an out-of-body experience and just went around the stage looking everything it came right back that could be it too so if it wasn't any of those things then I guess I'm fooled because I'm not really sure sorry I don't have anything to offer you guys let's hear what Penn & Teller have to say so Penn & Teller last time you were here I did yes does it make you more nervous coming back or are you sort of more confident cuz you've been here once before I think it's a mixture I think there's some things where you're like oh I know what to expect and there's some things no you're like I know what to expect and do people recognize you from the show yes I was at a wedding and I was just sitting down and like the bride had walked down the aisle they were basically about to say I do and someone tapped me on the shoulder and I was like well let's see if you're out of body experience fooled Penn & Teller yes all right boys oh well here you are again Rebecca yeah once again finding a way to get information that you have no way of finding out you brought the wand up there I checked you all out I wanted to find one of Bambi's friends some were on you we thought maybe in your shoes I didn't check there enough last time you had something that gave you the information that no one else could experience you've got the information in a very personal individual way nobody anybody could have any idea what the information was that you got but this time you decided you'd go a whole different way and you decided to hide in plain sight because what you experienced to give you the information of what was up on that board everyone in this room and everyone watching at home experience we think everybody had the information only you could read it it's like calling you someone's name and in a crowded room only they hear it so we think it's possible that the first time you went personal and this time you went Universal and teller doesn't care if we're wrong on this because he loved the act but I think you didn't get us because I think it was right out there and I think you know we're talking about this time so maybe one fool is enough for you for now I think you do know what I'm talking about yeah [Applause] [Music] okay so well I thought that was a cool performance I liked her presentation about this out-of-body experience that made it kind of fun and give a justification for what's happening and to me she fooled me I didn't know how she did it until Penn is mentioning this idea about something that everyone could hear or see he mentioned the idea of calling someone's name out in a crowd and only that person can hear it so from what he is saying it sounds like it's some audible cue when he said that I did remember that as he was putting in the blocks there was some kind of funny sound I heard but I thought it was like some you know post filming like editing sound effects they added to make it more dramatic for the show but maybe that sound was actually happening in real time even for the audience there you know what let's just go ahead and play that back right now let's see what we got here [Applause] right there he's not gonna stick it on top of his shoulder army okay so I listened again and I heard that sound effect he was like a dong dong as he puts the blocks all the way in but they all sounded the same to me I couldn't hear any difference what about you comment below maybe I just missed something important her eyes were closed so we're talking about the sense of hearing I believe either that or someone was communicating to her by like some remote controlled vibration thing in her shoe but maybe that's just some far-fetched theory because I have no idea it's even more confusing when you think about the fact that pin could have put those blocks in any order you didn't even have to go from left to right so it seems like it would make it more difficult to know which spot in which number just using sound so yeah I don't have any other theories to offer and it was cool performance I enjoyed it and I was fooled what can I say I'm oh man please leave a comment below letting me know what you think I like to read your comments and maybe get a clue if you enjoyed this video be sure to smash liked click the subscribe button and I'll see you next time [Music]
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