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so in a couple weeks I'll be moving to California I have a friend from high school enough yes so I have a friend from high school was kind enough to let me stay at his place rent-free excuse me this place hey that's a friend though you've been free free rent free okay yeah so I don't want to overstay my welcome I'm definitely a little bit worried about it but what if I do are there any fine if anything if I should look for yeah first of all let me explain something about guys where your friend only for one reason and one reason only because you have made it clear that this is all it is so what we do is we hang around on the perimeter circling waiting on a crack in the door as soon as we see a crack guess what need a place to stay in there late yesterday rent free I don't even think you have to worry yourself about overstaying your welcome but if you want to know if they're signs that is time to go well you know like if you're walking down the street and you see a homeless person they got your clothes on what the hell is he doing with my top on it he didn't get your stuff away hey listen to me yes you want to go to LA right okay then you're gonna go nothing I could say it's gonna stop you but just remember when you get out there man don't do anything for free nothing it's not how we met you're gonna any guy in this world man if they were honest would you let a girl stay with you for free sorry sorry no with the white hair would you let her go this is a gwaan hear what he said it doesn't work that way okay I'm just telling you this you've got your pretty girl don't just stay at the house you cool Chicago nice it's gonna be snowing in a minute [Applause]
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Published: Mon Jan 14 2013
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