Hey Steve: Do Men Like Women Who Are Mean To Them?

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so I'm currently single and I'm dating but there's one that I like like more than the rest but we have an issue I'm really mean to him like I'm really mean to him like i insult him all the time and he loves it which is fine it works but then cuz like the way that I think is is that if you are not if you don't put these guys on check they think you stupid and he ignores me when I'm nice to him but if I mean to him as he talks to me it's like I don't know what to do anybody ever asked you was you crazy [Applause] come on the fun ones are crazy everybody knows this so you're mean to a man and he likes it likes it let me tell you something about men we will tolerate crazy to get what we want see this crazy you pull it he taking it right now cuz he wants something you all haven't been in the physical relationship me and him ya know well after you are in the physical relationship this gonna be over okay okay oh listen to me see ain't no dude just gonna put up with this crazy unless he walsim you're mean to the guy he likes it no no no he don't he like what he think is gonna give him I disagree out of he I disagree because I think he's used to so many women just being nice to him and not telling him like to his face and I don't do that what are you looking for here do you want a relationship what's what's the question I mean I don't want a relationship I'm dating you're dating yeah you know you got it you got it no see no yes you do but like Megan Markel didn't get where she got just like four cuz she that we settled what do present a white god do it is it yeah see you just you got it you know you got a date you got to test the waters just you know what you're right what the hell I'm talking for you're absolutely right man like that well I can assure you what I know is real about men if you think this guy likes this you're sadly mistaken he likes what he think is gonna get him but soon as he get what he won't you finna find out something about him hey you made it to the end of this video I got a lot more that you're going to enjoy so just click to watch the next one and make sure you subscribe to always know what's happening
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Published: Sun Dec 16 2018
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