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I'm so me and my boyfriend I've been dating for about three years now I used to fall asleep in his arms every night but lately he seems to be pulling away he says he's just uncomfortable but come on should I be worried no no look everybody has this problem we all cuddle in the beginning in the beginning yeah in the beginning is no longer the beginning you know most men don't like to cuddle so that laying on my arm lot of y'all's hands is a lot heavier than your admit to we can't tell you that but a lot of y'all's hands got some nice weight on it and then y'all don't come to bed looking like this you come to bed with bobby pins and big curlers and hunting rags tied on your head and you're laying there and it's cutting the blood off of the poor guy so he's trying to get his arm out so he can save it from being amputated the next day and especially if you've been active cuddling is hard after you've been active come on this is daytime TV I can't read between the lines ladies I'm trying to keep my job here we don't like to cuddle cuz we hi we're hot I've been giving it all I got I just had 18 heart attacks and you want to cuddle that's what it is so now you know that about me now you know that there's nothing wrong he's not cheating on you none of that okay thank you
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Published: Fri Feb 01 2013
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