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hey yeah sort of what do you mean sort of I'm really I'm doing it I have fun out there hello hello my name is Derrick Santos you seem a little bit nervous are you not at all haha Derrick what do you do for a living well I'm a security guard in recent charity guard yep and what is it you guard a empty parking lot so I imagine having that job at the parking lot you've got to be great with the ladies oh my car oh yeah you can't tell um do you have a girlfriend I do have a girlfriend she's here Oh No kidding yep somewhere out there and and and still looking for are you in a serious relationship yes uh well I like to think it is how many years have you been with her uh three years three whole years are you starting to think about perhaps proposing or I would like to I mean that's why I'm here I think I'd like to be able to propose to my girlfriend with more than just a onion ring right in other words you don't have money for a ring no so you're waiting chances of money now what about her parents are they disappointed in her decision today do very much so is it the job or is it your just your demeanor I'm yeah being a comedian I don't think they believe in it wouldn't it be great revenge if you could win the million dollar oh yeah and you're this funny guy and suddenly then the parents will be like oh yeah Derek's a great guy we always loved it wouldn't that be the fan yeah well then I wouldn't speak to him anymore right I love it revenge how I do it this is your big moment stage is yours good luck awesome all right here we go so my parents are really weird my mom dresses up like my dad and my dad dresses up like my mom they're trans Ferran oh yeah they're real drag so I've been wearing diapers recently you guys I usually only wear diapers for two reasons number one and number two I'm going bananas is what I tell my bananas before I leave the house I'm going bananas oh I'm glad you guys found that appealing I hate it when my friends ask me to do them a solid especially when I've been eating grapes all day all right guys I'm gonna leave you guys on a high note here all right Derrick we're gonna find out how the voting goes this should be interesting um you are a bit polarizing some people just are not gonna get you and I know that but I get you and I tell you you're the kind of guy that I will remember because you're different and I applaud different thank you so much and I'm gonna give you your first yes you're always tough on the comedians but I'm wondering what you thought of Darren I like Derek very much but for me it's not really like America's Got Talent 1 million dollar act so unfortunately today I'm gonna have to say no you know you remind me of me you really remind me you're a lower energy me and I can't tell you how much I love me what's your vote for me and say yes I'll let you have the final vote I think and I know you you've taught me this Howie he goes to me if you laughed once in those 90 seconds that means he's good to you I have to give you a yes here Howie Mandel's say I know that you remind him of himself that do it feels so great knowing how much he loves himself you're a heavens he must really like me absolutely I think this guy's gonna do well people gonna remember his appearance or not surprising is I'm really glad you put him through it's all yours when I see John walk out position today I will be feeling very proud hello how are you I'm very well what's your name John Clegg nice to meet you John how are you I'm 43 okay and where are you from I'm from Brighton who you here with today I'm here with my mum and dad now the act that you're gonna do for us today what got you into that my dad was a comedy impressionist when I was about sort of 11 or 12 started doing impressions with him and so I'm kind of following his footsteps funny enough he appeared on new faces right here in Birmingham about 30 years ago he won is he but unfortunately in the postal vote as it was then is your father here today he is yeah where are you I'm here whenever you're ready good luck yeah here we go here it all dear 25 848 m and the new celebrity housemates have arrived by Big Brother car ah did somebody mention car oh yeah oh well I Simon or can I call you daddy 8:49 a.m. the housemates are having doughnuts for breakfast and it's a midi mage a doughnut oh that's me is there anything they can't do you Marge Oh what are you talking about you're talking about doughnuts again homie hoppy hoppy we'll be back after the break other than an she said nothing it's harder to support vegetation 949 a.m. time to find out if he's got the X Factor you're left like a pop star you sound like a pastor but gara gara gara gara Oh God Shawn we need to find out the thoughts up one final judge Simon okay let me stop you there like you amazing okay right David what do you well I love that oh thank you you're a very funny man and you know you you ticked all the boxes the impressions were fantastic and you know your experience really shows through and thinking fantastic well genius thank you I'm completely delighted for you because it's a really large honor comedy and I hope your dad's proud what do you think Julian is really really great it was it was a great act half of me a lot rolling press that I love Marge Simpson that wasn't my favorite I what was great was when the audience got behind you you got more confident I could see that I think you did well John I totally agree with them I think you just got better and better as the act went on and I think you should get extra points for doing Simon because I think that makes you a very brave man we have to take a vote David yes homo John it's very easy yes oh absolutely yes yes and me yes for me standing ovation at the end let's not do that to tell all of you baby I did yeah yeah sounds nearly welling up therefore hold it together okay who put him so you're a success confirming like father like son Wow let's let's just see if you win the porcelain ball now I won oh yeah this was a fairy tale of love thank you this is the story about love when a guy meets a girl in a bar he sees the girl never only wants to say it's a great big hello she looked lovely the dress-up night she was wearing boys she wasn't looking at it so he showed her his best dance moves boom wanna drink what you want why fair enough the girl looks the guy in says I'm sorry I've got a little toilet don't go he says please don't go you I love this act the girl comes back hey when I come back to my place for coffee the guy says hey I got the guy got the girl and now they've been together for 45 years that is the fairy tale of love thank you John hello hello hi what's your name I'm told you and how old you boy and are you married is that a proposal no not married not to my knowledge and what is it that you're doing for us today ah stand up impressions brilliant well wish you the best yes thank you I love TV man anybody here remember blind date ladies and gentlemen it's flying today and here's your host Miss Allah black oh we've got three bonny lads behind that screen would let me do Scylla how are you good and is the gorgeous girl has got a meetin her name's Amanda come in Amanda you know I'd love to see the screen goes back she doesn't like a look at the guy she makes it clear dirt dirt dirt dirt pretty women why do you always come to the club with a friend that doesn't look as cute as you yes and guys just as you're about to get the cute ones number the friend comes along and messes it up completely yes let me set the scene Alicia hi you're kind of cute oh you're cute too here comes the friend who are you who are you who are you then they turn to their friend who is he who is he who is he turn back to you are you in that tub you look like an actor you act like an altar can you prove you're not on that up exactly awful you are a nutter if I'm not getting the man no one's getting a man haha Total Recall Predator commando action films I love them paper action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger yes cuz swats negger is always asking questions so far what the hell is going on I think I do wrong and he's always trying to explain his drama to other people that don't care all right some men just try to kill me I think it was spies or something heavy from work he was the boss I should block on my hands blood on my knife he tried to take my life the town I do like it I do like honey ah yes I don't know what to say that where you moved me are we aren't in debt thank you so much there's no one out there that I can think of right now is my car lovely to see you again nice to see you too okay remind everybody of your name my name is got disc on this do you know this is the only comedian I've ever found funny we'll look Gatos welcome back the stage is your good luck all of it yeah okay thank you Oh Janice so you know that now is after a few cold days it's getting warm outside and I like the warm weather because it makes me warmer that's my form of joke when my chicken has a birthday I don't tell him because he would not understand and say I have another animal joke a woof woof woof woof that that's a joke you can take home for your dog ha ha ha Simon have you got a dog three will you tell your dogs my joke yeah I was thinking about that when you said it yeah let me hear it woof woof woof woof I'm not not sure they're gonna understand can you try this my accent both the oh thank you for making me sound so sexy so does anybody like seeing couples kissing public no not work well I do and every time I do I always got to them and I stare directly at them and usually they stop and then then they ask me do you mind and I'm like I don't mind but my name is got this Candice and in case you want to follow me this is what they look like from behind Oh Gatiss Alicia you know I absolutely love you thank you your jokes are just ridiculous and I like how you deliver them which is just like you've accidentally found the stage you are actually like I said the only comedian that's really ever made me love your jokes are so stupid I find that funny Thank You gases you are a real original and anyone who doesn't get it is thick you know what you're kind of sexy as well we're gonna vote finally I'm gonna say yes it's yes from me yes from me four yeses Gatiss well done
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